Manav Gohil of “K” fame talks about Indian TV industry and much more [iDubba exclusive]

You’ve known him as a popular Indian TV actor, but there’s lot more to him. A little boy from Gujarat came to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams and managed to create a niche for himself. Read to find out what he thinks of Indian TV today!

Interesting Conversation with Manav Gohil

Ruchi: What do you think about the TV content today? How has Indian TV evolved since a decade?

Manav: TV content has degenerated. It has been catering to the masses. Reality shows made their own way and they offered fresh content, so it worked. While, for soaps, I’d say that TV has evolved over the years; of course for the good. It has become more street smart. Special ‘Salaam’ to CID and its team, it takes a lot to keep a show on-air for more than a decade. It is truly commendable.

RS: Any abroad season you’d want to see on Indian Television in an Indian version? Why?

Manav: 24. According to me, it is a spectacular show. It’s a blend of good concept, suave acting, superb writing and smart editing. International shows have great budgets and are well written, edited smartly and that’s why they work so well, even with Indian audiences. People tend to get addicted to it. When I watched 24, for the first time, I was totally hooked on to it. So, I feel, if 24 is made in an Indian version, I hope that it lives up to its expectation otherwise it will be just another run-of-the-mill show. It has to overcome lot of limitations of Indian Television; execution matters the most! But I’d love to watch it in an Indian version.

RS: Well, Manav, you’re in for major entertainment here, as there is a buzz that famous Bollywood/Hollywood actor Mr. Anil Kapoor will be producing 24 for Indian audience.

RS: Your upcoming projects?

Manav: I’m in talks with a few production houses as well as writer friends of mine. Good things are yet to come and I’m waiting for it. I’m coming across lot of fresh content and genuinely good scripts and I’m sure to make a comeback on Indian TV with some different and exciting show for my audience.

RS: How was your experience shooting for Travel and Living channel?

Manav: Oh it was fantastic! It was more like a holiday or a second honeymoon. And the best part to do those kind of shows where you have to travel a lot; you meet a lot of people, plus the Government of that particular country takes special care. Meaning, they’ll treat you in such a luxurious way which might not be affordable if you’re just on a normal holiday. For me and my wife Shweta, it was a wonderful experience on the COSTA CRUISE travelling through the Mediterranean Sea. Over all, it was awesome.

RS: Would you be in for an educative or informative show?

Manav: Definitely, why not? I’d always like to be a part of something different and smarter; as long as it allows me to do other shows as well.

RS: TV producers and Channel are in a race of TRPs? And you think that is why the content is deteriorating?

Manav: Yes for the first half. And I don’t fully agree with the second half. See, Producers are making the shows for entertainment but we should not be impractical and neglect that it’s their money-making job! And I do not think content has fully deteriorated. It still has room for betterment. And I’m sure; there will be some path-breaking shows which will change the present scenario.

RS: You liked times back ‘then’ or ‘now’ in TV?

Manav: And comes an impromptu answer; ‘that good old times’ when there was nothing dirty about the TV when there was fruitful content in terms of shows like Rishtey, Gubbare, etc. In those times, people were also better. I’ve made such good friends and I’m thankful to God as I’m still blessed with them. In those days, everyone would work as a team ‘more’ for the show and nowadays I see/hear they all work more for themselves. It is really sad to know this. But this is the way it is! Few days back I was just talking to my friend Amit Sarin, and he said “we never realized we were so big.” Agree, that time also, competition prevailed but it wasn’t cut-throat like it is today.TV times back then were really pure and nowadays they are indifferent. Even 0.1 increase or decrease in ratings has an immense effect. I’d really want those ‘good old times’ to be back.

RS: One thing you like to change about Indian TV industry as a whole?

Manav: Content majorly. Once you’ve content without any loophole, rest all things will fall in place accordingly. But you need to have a strong script for any show to be a hit. Or, if you have a bad script and you have phenomenal actors, they’ll definitely make something watchable out of it. I have watched just few scenes of Bade Acche Laggte Hain; Ram and Sakshi are very good friends and I’m happy to know that show is doing well as it has fresh content to offer to audience. But even if the script would have been bad and if you’ve Ram and Sakshi; I’m sure they’d act so nicely that it’d become good. “karwa karwa ke bhi, Ram aur Sakshi se kitna kachra karwa lete” LOL! All the best to the team and I hope they keep the freshness alive in the show.

RS: What do you think of

Manav: I think it’s a great initiative and I had a fabulous interview. To be very honest, I’ve never given such an interesting interview. I’d like to call; it was more of an interesting chat. 🙂 You guys are making a lot of effort to make a difference and to impart TV knowledge which is fascinating; and make TV watching easy. Let’s promote together.

RS: Thanks a lot Manav, for this wonderful ‘chat’ as you’d call it. And it is definitely good to know your view and I agree that content needs to be changed for the betterment obviously. Last but not the least, we all wish you and Shweta all the best as we know you’re soon going to be proud parents. 🙂

Cheers !!!

[TRP Talks] 18 April IPL ka Jhatka Laga re Laga..!!!!

Television shows TRP (this week) TRP (last week)
Diya aur Baati hum (Star Plus) 4.5 4.6
Saath Nibhana Saathiya (Star Plus) 3.6 3.7
Ek Hazaro Mein Meri Behna Hai (Star Plus) 3.3 3.4
Balika Vadhu (Colors) 3.1 3.6
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) 2.8 3.4
Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (Star Plus) 2.8 3.3
Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon(Star Plus)

Pavitra Rishta (Zee TV)





Parichay (Colors) 2.9 3.1
Sasural Simar Ka (Colors) 2.7 3.1
Uttaran (Colors) 2.6 2.9
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma(Sab TV)

Punar Vivah (Zee TV)





Bade Acche Laggte Hai (Sony TV) 2.0 2.4
Sasural Genda Phool (Star Plus) 2.2 2.1
Na bole Na Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Colors) 1.9 2.0
Parvaarish- Kuchh Khatte Kuchh Meethi (Sony TV) 1.7 1.7
Veer Shivaji (Colors) 1.5 1.7
Chal Sheh Aur Maat (Colors) 1.5 1.5

Sony Max GRPs are 341 (259). This is an Uber cool hike!


  1. DLF IPL- MI/RR Mumbai Match: 5.26 (RANK 1)
  2. DLF IPL- DC/MI Visakhapatnam Match: 5.20 (RANK 2)
  3. DLF IPL- CSK/PWI Pune Match: 5.14 (RANK 3)
  4. DLF IPL- CSK/DD Delhi Match: 4.55 (RANK 4)
  5. DLF IPL- PWI/KP Pune Match: 4.35 (RANK 5)

All thanks to IPL 5, numbers ko aur gira diya..!!! Yeh toh shuruat hai bhaiyyaa… aage aage dekho hota hai kyaa..??? Set Max has gone up with 82 points in GRPs. It is THE number 1 channel currently. 2 weeks down the IPL and Set Max has risen. I wonder what will happen when the quarter finals, semi-finals and finals will be aired!

Diya Aur Baati Hum rules the TRP chart this week also, followed by Saathiya and Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behena Hai. As IPL ratings have been higher this week, it has clearly reflected the decline in GEC’s ratings. All shows have gone down. A few of them have negligible increase of 0.1 like Dekha Ek Khwab, Sasural Genda Phool and Adaalat. But this hardly makes any difference as they are not in top 5 shows. On Sony TV, all shows have maintained their last week’s ratings except Bade Acche Laggte Hain. It has declined from 2.4 to 2.0. In 10.30 pm slot, all shows have declined. It is definitely the IPL asar. Because 10.30-11.00 pm is the last pick time for IPL matches! Yeh toh hona he tha. And, Set max is airing BALH promos between IPL matches, still it’s ratings are not improving!

On the other hand, CID and Crime Patrol have also declined. All thanks to IPL.

CIDFri – 3.0 (3.4), Sat – 3.2 (4.4)

Crime PatrolFri – 2.4 (3.1), Sat – 3.1 (4.1)

Adaalat: 1.9 (1.8)

Writers and Production houses are striving to increase/maintain their ratings. But it seems it’s just not working in their favor. I hope, they do not lose hope; and show something really interesting to keep the audiences glued to their channels.

In GECs, Star Plus still rules at number 1 position followed by Sony TV, Zee TV and Colors. There is a tough competition for the second position. Every week it keeps on shuffling. But this week, Sony has managed its number 2 position same as last week.

That’s it for this week! Next week let’s see what jumbling these numbers do! Till then, keep watching your favorite shows and keep supporting your favorite teams at IPL. Stay tuned for more on, Say Om Cricketay Namah.

[Note: We have not yet received TRPs of individual IPL matches. Will update the blog if we receive it.]

Down the Memory Lane : Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

I’m sure those of you who have seen Sarabhai vs Sarabhai would surely remember all the unique & out-of-the-box characters of the show. For those who have missed this amazing show, here is a brief background about it. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was aired in 2005 on STAR One channel. The story involved an upper class family based in Mumbai. The show revolved around the life of a fictional Gujarati family, the Sarabhais. They were portrayed as a typical family belonging to the class of elite socialites of Mumbai. They did live in a luxurious apartment in Sarabhai mansion located in the upmarket Cuffe Parade area of South Mumbai. Their family consisted of Indravadan Sarabhai and his wife Maya, who used to live in an apartment with their younger son Rosesh. And their eldest son Sahil and his wife Manisha Sarabhai used to live in the flat opposite theirs.

‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ went off the air long back, but the re-runs of the popular show have been on-air eversince with a huge viewership . But now that Star One is revamped, all we can do is watch the show on YouTube. Buzz was that a sequel to the show was being planned but nothing was heard about it later. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai had an amazing cast with every character having a special place in the hearts of the audience. Who can forget the sweet fights between Maya and Manisha. Oops.. It’s Monisha. 😉  Actually Maya had changed her name to Monisha before marriage as she thought it was a middle class name.  And the great Indravadan and his two sons, Roshesh and Sahil. You would also recollect those cute moments when Indravadhan would make fun of Roshesh, left right and center ;). And how can we forget  Sahil and Monisha’s non stop arguments.

There were also other characters who have made this show memorable. Those include Dushyant (played by the director Deven Bhojani). He was Maya’s son-in-law, married to her daughter Sonya. When the rest of the family was busy discussing some serious matters, he would create a lot of chaos by quoting facts about gadgets and their technical details. He always used Roshesh as a live example during this stage. Do you remember Madhusudan kaka aka Madhu who would refuse to use a hearing aid and this would add a new flamour of humour. Indravadan did really have a tough time explaining Madhu Bhai about the incidents that occurred in the family via enacting them.

Did I forget something.. I Know I Know, you are eagerly waiting for Rosesh’s wonderful Kavita’s. This was one of the major attractions of the show and I am sure that the audience still remember some of his poems.  So let me take this opportunity to take you back to those Mind-blowing poems. Here is one of those masterpieces..

Asman mein uud raha hai kabutar ….
Aasman mein uud raha hai kabutar ….

Hawa mein hain khushi ki aroma
jeet gayi momma, jeet gayi momma
say hi to happiness n tata to trauma
jeet gayi momma, jeet gayi momma

Lagul lagul lagul lagul
laal laal lagul lagul JELLY
jelly ke cabre dancer jaise shareer mein chhupi hai
anjaani ankahee paheli

Jelly hai moma ka mann
narm mulayam meetha
pasand hai ise har koi
sangeeta rita mita aneeta

Khatar khun khatar khun khatar khun
Sun mere dil ki dhun
Tere pyaar ki oiling mil gayi isey
Toh khatar khun ka ho jaayega gun gun

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is one of the best and the most sophisticated comedy show you will ever see. So let us know if you would like to have it back on Television with new eposides. Do share your favorite Roshesh Poems 😉

Can Mona Singh make it back on the top (Kya Huaa Tera Vaada)

You might say that that Mona Singh was always present and was seen on Television. Well, you are right, she had never left Television. But what about serials!!!!…. I am sure that no one will forget her performance in “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin “.

But that was way back in 2003, and had a successful run till 2006. What after that… she was not to be seen in any other serials. Well, In March 2007, she signed an exclusive contract with Sony Entertainment Television to be the brand ambassador for the channel for 13 months. And then came Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa in 2006, which again got her back in limelight and all over Television and she won the 1st season of  Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. She also hosted the season 2 of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and there was no looking back. Soon she was the host of all the 4 seasons of Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega. And then back to host Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa season 4.

You might ask, what about the serials… has she stopped working in serials…? Well, you will soon see her back in action. Balaji Telefilms is all set to launch her back in a new Serial “Kya Huaa Tera Vaada“. So what is this serial all about? Let’s get to the details.

It’s a story about a couple Pradeep Singh and Mona, who are living independently in Mumbai. The couple had been married for 10years and have dealt with several situations together in the past.  As the episodes move forward, that too will be reveled.  Pradeep (played by Pawan Shankar) has stepped out of his father’s business and house and wants to carve his own niche. Mona (played by Mona Singh) has stood by him in this endeavor. In-spite of that Pradeep and Mona’s love life is taking a new turn and also their life is revolved around their 3 kids and their work. Oh yes, they have 3 kids, Bulbul,Rano and Rajbir. Mona whose only priority was her husband today has her 3 children asking for her attention and at times even demanding it. Hers is the classic case of a woman who ceases to play any other role except that of a mom.

Interesting right… well, I guess many young couples out there might end up saying … “Hey that’s my story”… “I too have gone through this phase”….and so on. So will this new serial take Mona Singh back to the top of television , as her 1st serial did…. ??? Well only time will tell. So are you excited to watch this serial… are you ready to witness your life (at least some of you) on television. Your wait will be over on 30th Jan . As always looking forward to your views, review, and comments about this serial. Happy Viewing.

What does Television mean to you?

For some of you this must be a very “Easy to answer” question while for some others it might be difficult. Fortunately or unfortunately no one has ever asked me this question. I often wonder, if someone came up with such a question -what my answer will be! At the very first instance you might end up saying that a TV is a TV (an idiot box is what it is also referred to). You switch it on; you switch it off, surf channels and then watch your favourite shows or movies. Some get glued to the News Channels, kids to their cartoon shows and some to the latest music channels. In short it’s an entertainment tool that helps you to pass on time.
What does Television mean to you??
Well, to answer this question, I will have to take you back in time when there used to be just 1 or 2 television sets in our entire building. I mean just imagine just 1-2 TV set and we all used to try our best to get a glimpse of it. There was only one channel “Doordarshan”. Trend  that time was that people used to finish their work well in advance just to ensure that they don’t miss their favourite show (the culture of repeat telecast was not present in those days). Especially on Sundays the entire family and the neighboring kids used to just spend their mornings in front of the television. Somehow I feel that there was a sense of emotional attachment towards television. It was a proud moment for the families who used to buy a television and specially if it’s a color TV then one was considered super cool ;). And people would actually visit once to see what it looks like. It was more like a family member than just being an idiot box (as it is considered today).
Television in those days was a medium to bring the entire family under one roof and have a gala time (My personal opinion)
Today, things are totally different, television is a common thing in every household. You can also see an army of Dishes on the terrace and balcony’s, as Cable Television / Satellite has completely changed the viewing experience. Now at the touch of a button, you can order a Movie on your screen, watch news 24/7, enjoy your favourite shows with repeats. Some how I feel that the importance and the value of television is lost as there are so many options available in terms of content. Now you will not find that excitement and emotional quotient towards television. Also you might find that families and kids like to watch television in their separate rooms. The culture of watching it together is somehow lost. Well as times have changed, we too have to move on with it.
What are your views on this, what does television mean to you…. Looking forward to your wonderful and golden memories that you had for television in those days, or for that matter in the present times too.
 Happy Viewing.

Why TV Channels need to engage with their audience in a better way?

Very recently Star World came up with a “Viewer Partner Programme” on it’s Facebook page with 2,96,000+ fans. The whole idea is to get feedback from target audience so as to serve them with better content.

Star World has created a tab on it’s Facebook page with name “Viewer Partner Programme” which is basically an online form you need to fill to take part in the programme. It asks you for all kind of details like demographic info, choice of shows, educational qualification and occupation.

Based on the forms sent, Star World will get back to users it deems suitable as per their demographic requirement. It will send them emails of surveys which might help them get valuable insights on the channel and response on advertisements or promos. The programme will also invite its participants to take part in “Focussed Group Discussion” which will provide the opportunity to post and exchange information, reviews, ideas, opinions and views (“Postings”) with a view to evoke response(s) for the purpose of product testing, promo assessment and gauging popularity of a particular show on the Channel.

While this is brilliant step, I still am interested in knowing the real number of users who have signed up for this programme. But this is more about technicalities than the fact that it is probably one of it’s kind initiative taken by any TV Channel around the world.

Here are my views on why is this an important step?

  • It indicates a change in mindset of channels whose major target audience is youth.
  • Using digital media to gain insights about user’s choices is first step towards crowd-sourced television content.
  • Social media increases the reach by many folds and its right time when advertisers should also track social reactions to find out programs which are popular among youth.
  • This will encourage other channels and producers to take user feedback from online sources and create better programs.

What more should be done?

  • Real time reactions about programs can give more information about users likes/dislikes.
  • Competitive viewpoint is very important. So every channel should get information not only about it’s own shows but also about it’s competitive programs.
  • There should be more openness- Openness in the way data is collected and sold. Every party should be able to get all details related to viewership data. This will put pressure on channels to serve better and relevant content, give advertisers more freedom and will help producers gauge their investments in a better way.

There is a need of more such initiatives from Television channels and production houses. Social media and open platforms can really help the whole ecosystem, where TV channels could make viewers happy with better content and advertisers could clearly know how and where to advertise their stuff.

Do you agree?

From Surabhi to Swayamvar- TV viewing has seen a paradigm shift


In this guest post, I have penned down the cutural change which has happened in India and has brought a radical change to our mindset. Today in this technologically advanced world, we are running too far too quick. We want things to be personlised and we don’t like people forcing their choices upon us. Be it our friends or our family members, we have started enjoying things alone. iPods, Onlines Games and Internet they all promote individuality and personlization. Where are those family charmer shows like Surabhi or Ramayana? Today we are bugged by shows which definitely create interest but we can’t enjoy them with family. The whole purpose of TV has changed. I’d like to know your thoughts on this.