D3 Commando Force

D3 Commando Force is a new reality TV Show on Bindass TV. D3 Commando Force on UTV Bindass is a courageous reality TV Show in the sequel of Dadagiri series. Bindass D3 Commando Force Dadagiri Against Terrorism starts from 8th May, 2010 at 7 PM in India.

D3 Commando Force is anchored by Vivan Bhatena. He has been seen in the special recruitment episode of D3 Commando Force on UTV Bindass .

Bindass D3 Commando Force Auditions:

UTV Bindass has called the youth of the country to participate in the D3 Commando Force auditions. Bindass D3 Commando Force had given an online registration form also to participate in the Show.

Bindass D3 Commando Force Dadagiri Against Terrorism audition was held in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Show had announced an audition date also. Auditions of D3 Commando Force were announced by an advertisement.
Participants had to carry a photo ID and age proof. They had to participate with the comfortable sports shoes and sports wear.
Currently, Bindass D3 Commando Force auditions are over. The Show starts with the auditions episode on Bindass TV.
Bindass D3 Commando Force Recruitment Officers are:
Capt. Kshitij Sharma

Capt. Dharamveer Singh

Capt. Albert Louis

Dadagiri specialist – Vishal Dada also participates in the team of recruitment officers in Bindass D3 Commando Force – Dadagiri Against Terrorism TV Show.

iDubba Recommends- ‘Movie Plex’!

This week we have handpicked some movies from different Channels which should be of your interest. These movies are from Various genres but are highly recommended by audience over iDubba. Have a look-
Seven pounds

1. Seven Pounds:  IMDb Rating 7.5/10, Genre: Drama

Awards: 2 wins and 5 nominations.

Personal Recommendation: Will Smith has always been an interesting actor for me. I watch  everything he does because I’m a huge fan. This film blew me away. The acting was superb, the story  was heart wrenching.The crash scene re-enactment was really quite  stunningly done.

Watch this on Thursday, 22nd April @6:00PM.

2. Kung Fu Panda: IMDb Rating 7.7/10, Genre: Animation | Action |Comedy

Kung Fu Panda

Awards: Nominated for Oscar.Another 12 wins & 20 nominations.

Personal Recommendation: It is the perfect blend of comedy, heart, and

action,all necessary elements in a successful and great animation film.In short,

if you enjoyed

Madagascar, Shrek, Surf’s Up or Happy Feet, you will love Kung Fu Panda

Watch it on, Sunday, April 25th @9:00 AM

Star Movies

1. The Silence of the lamb: IMDb rating 8.7/10, Genre:  Crime | Thriller

Awards: Won 5 Oscars. Another 39 wins & 27 nominations

Personal Recommendation: I think there is not much to say, all who like thrillers know this one.It is the Best Thriller movie of 1991 which never gets old.

Watch it on Sunday, Apr 25th  2:35 PM

Zee Studio

1. Bad Company: IMDb Rating 5.3/10, Genre: Action |Adventure|Comedy

Personal Recommendation: This movie is worth watching if you

are in the mood for a funny  movie with an action filled plot.

Watch it on friday April 23rd @8:20 PM .

Burrp is acquired– does burrp tv and blah a part?

Recent news of burrp being acquired by infomedia 18 created quite a buzz. Haresh Chawla, CEO of Network 18 Group had already invested in burrp, but its sudden aquisition raises some questions. Though it has positive inferences too, I wonder what infomedia gains other than some foot hold in local search market. Lets try to understand some of these points and also what burrp TV can provide if its a part of acquisition–

1. Infomedia 18 has acquired or developed some of the coolest websites. But most of their portfolio consist of sites whch are direct money makers. Be it moneycontrol.com, homeshop18.com, bookmyshow.com, ibnlive.com etc. Lets see how they really turn Burrp into a money spinner!

2. Burrp basically consists of a local business site, a TV Guide site and Burrp Blah (blogs). Burrp local is a money creator for burrp as it gets direct commisions from locally posted business but TV Guide and blah mainly gets its revenue from Ads. It’d be interesting to see TV 18’s agenda for Burrp TV and blah… currently I dont have any idea about that!

3. Burrp’s recent stats shows a high traffic driven by its sub site tv.burrp.com. Can infomedia help convert this traffic into a viable money making traffic? Its a thing to watch out for..

4. TV Broadcasting in India can never be out of fashion, no matter how hard online media tries. People still look for TV related information and hence the proof that online marketing in India has still a long way to go.

Pitch in with you views…