The Morpheus- important piece to solve Indian Startup puzzle!

What stops you from starting up? Is it the lack of courage or the guidance or the seed capital or the combination of all? Indian startup ecosystem is seeing quite a lot of activities in various fronts- All top colleges run entrepreneurial seminars, B-Plan competitions, e-summits to allow potential startups connect to right startups/investors/mentors, there are websites with loads of free resources and also many groups like Headstart, Proto and Startup Saturdays. But after a particular stage (even after getting recognized in these events) startups get stuck! The main issue remains that of taking the risk, and that usually doesn’t happen because many of the VCs and Investors don’t show enough confidence in these startups. Investors have their own limitations but startups start thinking that their idea is not worthy enough and they quit without giving their 100% to their dream.

This is where The Morpheus is trying to come into picture. They have a 4 months intense Business Accelerator Program (BAP) where they guide startups and also invest a small but critical amount of 5 lacs per startup. Every year they call for applications from potential new companies and then choose the portfolio based on their business insights and startup’s abilities.

We have personally worked with them as friends of Morpheus and have received some real good help. Be it getting connected to right people, or asking them to review our website/services or getting help in other things like office setup, project management, social media marketing etc. They have been on their toes to help startups like us. And their enthusiasm and support keeps us going on this tough and mystic path.

If you think you’re a startup facing the issues described above, you can apply to be in “The Morpheus” portfolio here.