Why do channels end up changing shows time slot? iDubba tries to answer it

One fine day you come from office, all set to watch your favourite serial and you come to know that it has moved to a new Time Slot! Must be frustrating at times…Right? Well Indian Television does have caught up on this trend. You might wonder why did the Channel change it? What made them do it? Was the serial not generating enough TRP’s? Don’t worry 🙂 iDubba is on a small journey to find out answers for some of these questions.

Not long ago you had heard that Kuch Toh Log Kahenge might see a time slot change because of Shubh Vivah and soon the show was shifted to 11 pm starting February 27. Wonder why? Incidentally, the late night slot of the show 11 pm, which aired the repeats fetched the channel more TRPs than its original slot.  Interesting, Right?

Based on the above example you might think that Change in Time slots might happen only to those serials which are not doing well. The next example might force you to change your mind. As heard, Jhilmil Sitaaron Ka Aangan Hoga on Sahara One will get the 9pm slot thereby making Niyati (currently featuring in that slot) being pushed to 9.30pm. The reason being that they getting good response and hence in order to get the best results, the channel are heading towards a time slot change. So does this sound more interesting?

Well iDubba has recently managed to get the 3rd example as well, that might get you more confused. As you are aware that Movers and Shakers had made its comeback after a long time, and this time on SAB TV. And the slot that was decided was 10.30 pm. Meanwhile, the channel’s existing 10.30 pm show, FIR was shifted to the 11 pm slot and Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (repeat telecast) was shifted to 11.30 pm. Well in this case the ideal reason would be that SAB TV wanted to promote Movers and Shakers and get in maximum TRP’s. But what about the already popular show FIR? Sounds strange, right? Well now listen to this…since 16th April 2012 Movers and Shakers is aired at 11pm and FIR is back at 10:30pm slot…Googly! I guess you might have been bowled by now going through the above 3 examples.

Hence as you can see that Channels at times do end up changing the Time Slots of not so popular serials. Also some at times they end up shifting their shows in order to promote the news shows. TRP’s does provide some vital data to the channels and help them decide to play around with the Time Slots of some of your favourite shows! Do let us know if this trend is a turn off or you don’t mind this trend 😉

Happy Viewing.

West meets East – I Love My India

I Love My India 😉

Yes it’s the latest show on Sab TV and it’s set to knock on your television sets from 20th Feb. SAB TV is already well known for the comedy shows such as “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”  “R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya” “Lapataganj” “FIR” and Chidiya Ghar. But now they are planning to rope in a bit of International flavour ie when “West meets East” 😉

It’s a story of an NRI Punjabi family living in London.  You might wonder what happens when an NRI family that has been far away from Indian culture and India is suddenly forced to come back to India and adjust to the Indian Culture. You can very well imagine amount of chaos in this entire backdrop. 

The star cast of the show includes actress Dilnaz Irani, Anjali Mukhi and actor Rohan Tiwari. Dilnaz Irani will be playing the role of Imran Khan aka Ravindar’s wife, and Vinny Sethi who will be the elder daughter-in-law of the family. Her character will portray her background of being born and brought up in UK. Hence she will be unaware of the Indian culture. On the other hand, gracious actress Anjali Mukhi will be playing the role of younger daughter-in-law of Sethi family as Sinni Sethi. Her character in the serial will portray her side of behaving and talking like a foreigner.

You might agree that somehow all of us have some relatives or friends living abroad and who have to adjust to situation in India when they are here. These circumstances entertain us and we cherish the memories forever. The show is making an attempt to remind us of our cultural values in an amusing way.

So do you think this new show would be able make a special place amongst the existing comedy shows? Hope that I Love My India story will might touch the heart of every Indian family because the story makes proud every Indian. So, get ready for 20th February, 2012 to watch I Luv My India on SAB TV.

Happy Viewing

What makes Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah a special show !!!

Gokuldham Society….. any bells ringing…….. I am sure that most of you might relate this society to Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Did you know that In August 2010, it beat Balika Vadhu to become the most watched TV show in India. And is by far the longest-running daily comedy show on Indian television. So what makes this show special…..? Is it the story or the characters!!! Don’t worry, we will soon find the answer to this question.

Let’s start with what this show is all about. The Gokuldham society is where all the action happens. It is a society with Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamilian, Bengali, Parsi families staying together. They just don’t stay together, but also share their joys and sorrows. Every festival is being celebrated with the same vigor as any other festivals. Every family participates in the events organised by the society members.

The Show is been anchored by Mr Taarak Metha, who is a writer by profession and Jetha Bhai’s best friend. He is accompanied by his wife Anjali Mehta, who is always worried about his husbands diet and ends up offering him some amazing dishes 😉 Taarak Metha can also be described as the life saver of Jetha Lal. Talking about the main characters of the show, Dilip Joshi ie Jethalal Champaklal Gada and Disha Vakani ie Daya Jethalal. The show revolves around their family. It also includes Tipendra Jethalal Gada (a.k.a. Tapu), Champaklal Jayantilal Gada ie Dadaji and one and only one brother of Daya Bhabi, Sundar (a.k.a. Sundarlal). You will notice that in almost every eposide, Jethalal is surrounded with problems and issues. There are some amazing moments in the show when Daya Ben and Sundar get together and then Jethalal’s expressions are worth watching. And to top it all Daya Bhabi’s Garba, it is a icing on the cake.

Mr Bhide ie Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide who is a teacher by profession, is accompanied by his wife Madhavi Bhide, and their daughter Sonu Bhide. Madhavi is famous for her “achaar” and “papad”. Mr Bhide is Jethalal’s best friend…. Hang on hang on …. You know what I meant by best friend. 😉  He never leaves a chance to complain about the mischiefs of Tapu and Tapu sena….. I know you are waiting to hear about Mr Krishnan Iyer and his wife Babita. Jethalal always tries to impress Babita ji and ends up flirting with her and who can ignore the cold war between Iyer and Jethalal.  Now let’s meet the Sher of Gokuldham Society, Roshan Singh Sodhi and his wife Mrs Roshan. He is a happy-go-lucky person and always super charged to take on any problems that arise in the society. His son Gogi too is full of fun and an important part of Tapu Sena. Meet Mr Hansraj Hathi, and his wife Komal Hathi, who is worried about the eating habbits about her husband and their son Goli.

I am sure that ladies watching the show look forward to the Kitty Parties and the gossip that happen on regular basis and the gents that gather at Abdul’s Shop to have Soda almost every night. Am I missing something…. Well, you right, who can miss Toofan Express ie Patrakar Popatlal, who is in search of his dream girl and his famous lines  “cancel kardo” and “duniya hila doonga.” Hang on there are a few more interesting characters that end up troubling Jethalal ie Nattu Kaka and his nephew Bhaga. They end up creating problems for Jetha Bhai at his Shop (unknowingly)

Well these are some of the few reasons that make this show what it is right now.. Super Hit. I am sure that you might have more of such reasons from your end. Also you might have your favourite moments from the show. Do let us know about it. Looking forward to hear from you. Happy Viewing………

Top 10 shows on TV during 2011

We are just two days away from 2012. So in this special blog post iDubba brings you the 10 most popular shows/events of 2011. The ranking and popularity has been taken in consideration on the basis of activities done for these shows on iDubba in 2011.

  1. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: There is definitely no surprise to see this event on top because 2011 as year is the biggest for India as we witnessed Indian team winning World Cup after 28 long years. Sports channels had the highest TRPS ever.
  2. MTV Roadies (Season 8): The longest running reality show with eight seasons in its kitty it is already in news for its ninth season starting next week. There has been a lot of speculation about the show being scripted but it still remains one of the most watched and favourite among the younger lot.
  3. Indian Premier League 2011: Another cricket event. So that makes the score 2 in total and that is definitely not astonishing in our country where second God is cricket despite being hockey as the national game.
  4. Splitsvilla (Season 4): Another reality show of MTV channel that targets youngsters. This reality show based on dating certainly knows how to turn heads. Bunch of hot girls and boys put together in a house to woo each other. What will you expect? 😉
  5. Koffee with Karan (Season 3): This chat show is my personal favourite and the only chat show that I can sit and watch without getting impatient. This one undoubtedly has a fresh and witty appeal to it. The show began to air in 2004 and has been a huge success since then.
  6. Bade Achhe Laggte Hain: Produced under Ekta Kapoor’s banner of Balaji Telefilms, who is undoubtedly the queen of Indian soap operas, “Bade Ache Lagte hai” which was launched in second half of the year, has Saakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor in the main lead. This show has millions of viewers across the country glued to the shows.
  7. Bigg Boss (Season 5): Another controversial reality show that is in news always for wrong reasons but manages to gain one of the highest TRPs. It is full of masala and entertainment.
  8. Man vs. Wild (Season 3): Finally a documentary cum travel based show in the list :). Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild is hugely popular especially because of its daring presenter Bear Grylls who is seen at ease at the worst places possible in the world.
  9. Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma: This sitcom is based  on the column ‘Duniya Ne Undha Chasma’ (which loosely translates into “Seeing the world through upside-down glasses”) written by Indian columnist and journalist Taarak Mehta for the Gujarati weekly magazine Chitralekha. In August2010, it beat one of the top shows to become the most watched TV show in India.
  10. Kaun Banega Crorepati (Season 5): This game show has been a massive success since it was first launched on Star Plus in 2000. However Sony TV bought its rights from third season onwards and the recent season 5 that had its first ever contestant winning the prize money of 5 crore rupees.

Keep watching your favourite shows! 🙂