Satyamev Jayate 4th episode reviews and reactions – “Does Healthcare Need Healing?”

It was time for the 4th episode of Satyamev Jayate and time for one more social issue. The earlier 3 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse and Marriages and dowry harassment. Hence as expected the 4th episode too was about serious issues that we are facing in our daily lives. The audience was eagerly waiting to know about this episode and it was about “Doctors and their intentions”.

The show started with Aamir Khan talking about health and how important it is for us. He had invited youngsters who want to become doctors. Most of them said that they want to serve the people who cannot get quality health care facilities in India. The show started with a shocking story of Venkatesh and Arvind and their story about how the treatment went wrong. Venkatesh lost his toe, more than Rs 2 lakh towards treatment & underwent severe trauma and Arvind developed a fear of doctors due to being misdiagnosed and forced to spend 1.4lac. How often do we hear this? I guess most of us might have heard it from friends or relatives who have gone through this. After hearing this it is obvious that you might ask this question “Has the noble profession of medicine lost its nobility?”

There was a shocking revelation that Doctors were asking for 40 to 50% commission to refer patients to path labs. And Aamir did also share a term called “Basin test”. In this the doctors refer patients for a blood test, even though it was not required and the blood given as sample was literary thrown in the basin. Yes Basin. There was also a story of Dr. Pichad who initially did resort to malpractices to run his lab, but he changed his stance later despite losses. Wait till you hear this “Dr. Pandit says big hospitals encouraged him to scare patients into opting for treatment” and he had to leave India because it was against his ethics to agree to what he was told. Shocking? Once again the audience in the studio was shocked to hear such stories. Are our doctor’s really becoming SICK?

Soon it was time to hit the nail on the head. Aamir had invited ProfK.K.Talwar who is the Chairman, Board of Governors of Medical Council of India. And it was time to ask tough questions and show the real world.

How many licences have been cancelled permanently for medical malpractices? The answer is Zero since 2008. And on the other hand almost 60-80 licences have been cancelled in England. So does this mean that Doctors in England are worst that the ones in India? There was one more issue that was raised “Capitation fees for medical colleges”. Do you think the high amount of capitation fees for medical colleges is responsible for this issue? No wonder Doctors end up trying to recover the money that was invested.

PS: Aamir did repeat many times that the idea is not to defame the doctors but to ensure that the doctors give justice to their profession.

Dr. Gulati says that more government hospitals need to be set up & medical care needs to be given top priority. And soon Aamir was ready with statistics about Medical Colleges in India. Guess What? In 2001 there were 31 Government Medical colleges in India and 106 Private Medical Colleges in India. Strange? 

Dr. Gulati says that 6% of GDP must be spent on health care for medical care to be given to all, like Belgium does. And India spends 1.4% on the GDP on Health Care. Dr. Devi Shetty was also invited to talk about the programs that they are currently running successfully. Dr.Devi Shetty’s Yashaswini scheme no doubt is a super example of coming together and support each other’s healthcare needs.

The show always talks about the problems and the evils of the issues that are being raised every week, but as always also talks about how we, we the people can discuss the issues and be a solution to our problems. No doubt being a Doctor is a very Nobel profession but now a days it’s a business and many are misleading their patients. Now it was time for the 4th song of this series with some amazing melody by Ram Sampath and Suresh Bhatia. I’m sure that the audience who watched the show on their television sets must have gone through some of these cases. Be it visiting the doctor, or buying expensive medicines or paying extra money as donation to the medical colleges. But it is in our hands to stay safe and be aware of the events around us.

Do let us know your views about this show and also do follow us on Twitter (@iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.

[TRP Talks] IPL is steady, Life Ok’s Mahadev is top gainer for the channel!

Television Shows TRP (This week) TRP (Last week)
Diya Aur Baati Hum (StarPlus) 4.9 4.7
Saath Nibhana Saathiya (StarPlus) 3.4 3.1
Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behena Hai (StarPlus) 3.9 4.2
Balika Vadhu (Colors) 4.2 4.1
Pavitra Rishta (Zee TV) 2.6 2.8
Iss Pyaar Ko Main Kyaa Naam Doon (Star Plus) 2.3 2.9
Parichay (Colors) 2.4 2.3
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai (Star Plus) 3.4 4.1
Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (Star Plus) 2.2 2.7
Sasural Simar Ka (Colors) 2.0 2.8
Uttaran (Colors) 2.5 2.6
Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Sab TV) 2.3 2.4
Punar Vivah (Zee TV) 2.9 2.9
Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum (Star Plus) 1.8 2.0
Bade Acche Laggte Hain (Sony TV) 2.6 2.6
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Colors) 1.6 1.5
Parvarrish – Kucch Khattee Kucchh Meethi (Sony TV) 2.0 1.9
Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada (Sony TV) 2.0 2.1
Phir Subah Hogi (Zee TV) 2.0 2.0

GRPs !!! Wk’20 2012

Television Channels GRP (This week) GRP (Last week)
Set Max 298 298
Star Plus 262 276
Sony TV 210 217
Zee TV 213.2 224
Colors 212.8 201
Sab TV 116 131
Life Ok 123 91
Sahara One 39 40
Star Gold 138 130
Movies Ok 69 60

Some other popular shows:

  • DID Lil Masters (Zee TV) Sun TVR: 4.0 (4.8), Sat TVR: 5.1 (4.0)
  • Satyamev Jayate (Star Plus) Avg TVR: 2.6 (3.0)
  • Satyamev Jayate(All 9 Channels) TVR: 3.3 (4.0)
  • Adaalat (Sony TV): 1.8 (1.9)
  • CID (Sony TV): Fri – 3.5 (3.5), Sat – 3.4 (3.6)
  • Crime Patrol (Sony TV): Fri – 3.5 (4.0), Sat – 4.2 (3.4)

Even though IPL matches were interesting and there was a lot of buzz about match fixing; it’s steady in terms of the ratings. Surprisingly Life Ok’s Mahadev has gone up immensely; from 1.1 to 2.3. That’s an awesome hike! It took Life Ok to another level altogether, and the difference is noticeable in its GRPs. Even Saubhagyavato Bhava rose to 1.4 from 1.1. Kudos to life Ok team!

Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon and Pratigya have dropped dramatically! Seems like, Mr. Barun Sobti’s MIA trick is not working in favor of Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon. And about Pratigya, well, there has to be less of drama and more of story to keep people hooked on.

Sony TV’s over all GRPs has decreased and there are only 2 shows with good ratings viz. Kya Huaa Tera Vaada and Bade Acche Laggte Hain. Rest all shows have low ratings and nothing exciting to look forward to in terms of the content.

GRP wise Star Plus is still at number 1 in GECs, followed by Zee TV, Colors and Sony TV respectively. Few weeks back, Sony was on number 2, then number 3 and now it’s on number 4.

Well, that’s it for today. Let’s see what surprise next week brings. Till then, keep watching your favorite shows and keep supporting your favorite IPL teams. As it’s the last week of IPL 5.

KKR fans are on a super high as the team has qualified for the finals!

Say, IPL ki Jai and next week Tata Bye-Bye..!!! 🙂

Satyamev Jayate 3rd episode reviews, reactions and Video (Marriages and dowry harassment )

It was time for the entire nation to find out about the 3rd social evil that our society is living with, you can also say that we are used to this issue. As always the suspense was kept till the last minute about last episode of Satyamev Jayate that aired yesterday. There was also a short promo that showed Aamir talking about about the passion of Indians. And then on Sunday he revealed the issue,  Indian marriages and the evils of dowry harassment.

Did you know that the earlier two episodes that dealt with social issues like female infanticide and child abuse, had marked a milestone with 90 million viewer ship, which is the highest ever for any Indian TV Show.

The 3rd eposide was about the custom of demanding dowry from a bride’s family when a wedding is fixed has been prevalent in India for several decades. You might say that is a well know fact and everyone knows that it happens almost everywhere in India. Well this event often takes an evil turn when the bride is tortured or killed just because her family is unable to meet  demands from the in-laws. As shown in the previous episodes there are laws in India about this but this social evil continues to flourish.

In this eposide there was a sense of keeping the shock value down, yet it managed to make an impact on the audience. As you might have noticed that there were a lot of young people in the audience in yesterday’s episode. May be Aamir and team were trying to send a message to the youth about this important issue. The show did focus on the ways to combat this evil and made a lot of emphasis that best way to do this is by empowering women. Also it was evident that Aamir did not want to hold anyone guilty nor did he mention about the Indian Laws unlike previous eposides. But he stronlgy feels that families and the members of each and every community must come together and take a stand against it.

As always the guests and the stories shown in the show are very shocking and one of the guest just kept asking one question “Is this the kind of society we live in?

Every Sunday there is a lot of activity in the world of twitter about the show and the topic. Following are some of the tweets related to yesterday’s topic :

Sagarika Ghose ‏@sagarikaghose

Satyamev Jayate was very good again today. The plight of abandoned NRI brides told sensitively. A true hero @aamir_khan

KABIR BEDI ‏@iKabirBedi

I have never taken, or given, #dowry. But a seismic change in old beliefs must happen for Indians to reject it @smjindia

Satyamev Jayate ‏@smjindia

#RaniTripathi says, she can do everything a man can & more, then why should she pay #dowry?

Satyamev Jayate ‏@smjindia

“No band, no baaja, no baraat”, a Tanzeem Khuddam-E-Millat initiative says marriages should be simple without #dowry

Do let us know your views about this Big Fat Indian Wedding and the ill effects of the same. Also let us know if you felt that the shock value was a bit limited in the 3rd episode compared to the 1st two episodes.

TRP Talks- IPL falls, Satyamev Jayate falls short of expectations?

Sr. No. Television Shows TRP (This week) TRP (Last week)
1. Diya Aur Baati Hum (StarPlus) 4.7 4.7
2. Saath Nibhana Saathiya (StarPlus) 3.1 3.0
3. Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behena Hai (StarPlus) 4.2 3.6
4. Balika Vadhu (Colors) 4.1 3.3
5. Pavitra Rishta (Zee TV) 2.8 3.1
6. Iss Pyaar Ko Main Kyaa Naam Doon (Star Plus) 2.9 2.8
7. Parichay (Colors) 2.3 2.5
8. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai (Star Plus) 4.1 3.5
9. Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya (Star Plus) 2.7 2.7
10. Sasural Simar Ka (Colors) 2.8 2.5
11. Uttaran (Colors) 2.6 2.5
12. Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma (Sab TV) 2.4 2.1
13. Punar Vivah (Zee TV) 2.9 2.6
14. Ek Dusre Se Karte Hain Pyaar Hum (Star Plus) 2.0 1.9
15. Bade Acche Laggte Hain (Sony TV) 2.6 2.4
16. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (Colors) 1.5 1.6
17. Parvarrish – Kucch Khattee Kucchh Meethi (Sony TV) 1.9 1.8
18. Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada (Sony TV) 2.1 2.4
19. Phir Subah Hogi (Zee TV) 2.0 2.1

GRPs !!! Wk’19 2012

Sr. No. Television Channels GRP (This week) GRP (Last week)
1. Set Max 298 314
2. Star Plus 276 261
3. Sony TV 217 219
4. Zee TV 224 239
5. Colors 201 195
6. Sab TV 131 104
7. Life Ok 91 85
8. Sahara One 40 41
9. Star Gold 130 136
10. Movies Ok 60
DID Lil Masters
Sunday TVR: 4.8 (6.2)
Saturday TVR: 4.0 (6.2)

Satyamev Jayate
(Star Plus) – Avg TVR: 3.0
(All 9 Channels) – TVR: 4.0Kahani Comedy Circus Ki (Sony)Sun – 2.3 (2.0)
Sat – 2.3 (2.3)

Adaalat  1.9 (1.9)
Fri – 3.5 (3.2)
Sat – 3.6 (3.4)
Crime Patrol
Fri – 4.0 (1.9)
Sat – 3.4 (3.3)
Well, well, well… More than 10 shows have shown a hike! Unbelievable! Ratings have kept fluctuating since 3 weeks now. Last to last week, IPL had fallen, then it rose and this time again it has fallen. Same is the case with a few shows. Once a particular track works, ratings increase, else, vice versa. Is it too difficult to judge Indian audience? The answer lies in the question itself! Nowadays, in this fast paced life, people do not have time plus they get bored very easily. They have ‘n’ number of options. It doesn’t take any time for them to switch the channel if they do not like a particular show or its track. It takes a lot, to get your TG hooked on to your show. Curiosity works the best. It’s a tried and tested formula. Hardly goes wrong. You create some curiosity and your audience is bound to come back and watch your show the next day!
Diya Aur Baati Hum still tops the charts followed by Ek Hazaron Mein, Yeh Rishta and Balika Vadhu. EHMMBH, YRKKH and BV have shown an awesome hike in ratings! Current tracks of all 3 shows are working completely in their favor. Kudos to the team!! Also, Balika Vadhu completed 1000 episodes last week! Another milestone in the history of Indian Television after “Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka” on Sony TV and “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” on Star Plus who respectively completed their 1000 episodes years back.
Zee TV’s Punar Vivah is going really well with the audience. This week it has also become the slot leader in 10.30 pm slot; followed by Pratigya, Bade Acche Laggte Hain and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha.
And the much awaited ratings of Satyamev Jayate are out! Great effort by the team and I wish and hope it does bring about a change!
Last week, DID Li’l Masters ka bahot halla tha, and this week it dipped! But the kids are adorable plus, you get to watch fine performances by them!
GRP wise Star Plus is still at number 1 in GECs, followed by Zee TV, Sony TV and Colors respectively.
Well, that’s it for today. Let’s see what surprise next week brings. Till then, keep watching your favorite shows and keep supporting your favorite IPL teams.
Say, TV serials ki Jai !!!!!!

Satyamev Jayate 2nd episode reviews, reactions and Video (Child sexual abuse)

Sunday’s will never be the same again! Yes we are talking about Satyamev Jayate. It was time for the second Episode and yet another Shock. The audiences were eagerly waiting to know about the second topic and as mention in our previous post “What to expect from upcoming second episode of Satyamev Jayate?”  This episode was indeed about “Child Sexual Abuse”.

The show started with Aamir Khan talking about Parents. He mentioned that our parents are always worried about their kids; they always ensure that we are safe. There was a moment when Aamir’s parents said “You will understand this when you become a parent” How often do we hear this!! I guess most of our parents might have said the same thing to us at some point in time. In the show they had invited Parents who had kids between 12-13 yrs. And soon there was a disclaimer made by Aamir Khan and stated that if parents feel that this show should not be watched by their kids, they must ensure that they are in a safe place. But soon he mentioned that they will hold a workshop for children towards the end of the episode.

As expected the show did move on to the Statistics about Child Sex Abuse.  Based on Indian Child Sexual Abuse report: 2007, 53% Indian children are victims of some form of Child sex abuse.  And soon the 1st story was based on the same topic, as Cindrella shared her shocking story. The reactions of the audience were just too scary. The audience could not believe what they were hearing this. But Cindrella   did show her fighting spirit but she was still so brave while describing the incident in front of whole world. It takes lot of courage to do that. Soon there were more shocking stats that were yet to come. Listen to this “53% of boys are sexually abused which is more than girls” Yes that is actually SHOCKING.Soon the second guest did share his side of the story. Harish suffered 11 years of Child sex abuse in silence. He was talking about the ugly side and also did mention that all he had to do was say NO. But at times it’s too hard to say your first NO.  Harish’s mother also made an appeal to parents to believe their children if they ever talk about Child sex abuse.

The stories did not end there; there were numerous incidents that were shared. Every story was more ugly than before, but the courage that was displayed by the guests made you feel that it takes a lot of guts to stand and share it with the world.  Dr Rajat Mitra did try to explain the mental state of the perpetrators and also made a very valid point that one should respect the behaviours of a person and not the age.   But as they say “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile”  There was also a small ray of hope for the children who are suffering this abuse.1098. Yes this is not a normal number. It’s a Helpline number for kids and as of now they have centres in 200 cities in India. It is a helpline that gets 25 lakh calls every year. So do keep this number in mind and spread the awareness.

As promised at the start of the show Aamir did invite the kids on the show and spoke to them. It was a great joy to watch the kids on the show and talk about their version of the word Safety. The workshop did tell them to ensure that they must try to save themselves and scream when such incidents occur. And when it comes to the 3 body parts they must share it with their parents.  And parents should conduct the workshop with their children every 6 months.

As expected the reactions on Social Media were also all over. Following are some of the tweets that were shared about this issue.

– What is the one thing that you as a parent can do to keep your child safe from Child sex abuse?

– Is it easy to forgive a Child sex abuse perpetrator?

– What is the one thing that you as a parent can do to keep your child safe from Child sex abuse?

Did we forget something…? Well yes, Sridevi was also on the show. As she was shared a testimony of Harish’s story and she was kind enough to come down to meet Harish personally. The show did end on a positive note and there was also a commitment made that Aamir Khan will send across a letter to the government and request them to pass the Law that is pending in Rajya Sabha.

So are you of the opinion that we should all support this cause? More importantly do you feel connected with the show? Do let us know.

What to expect from upcoming second episode of Satyamev Jayate?

Satyamev Jayate – Truth Alone Prevails” premiered on Star Plus last Sunday at the time slot of 11 AM. As Aamir Khan – ‘The Star’, thought it will be cool to have the show telecasted in the same slot as the epic Mahabharta or Ramayana. Well the show debuted and created strong ripple among the masses who watched the show in full anticipation as Aamir had created this whole mystery around the show with promos being aired on every Star Network’s channel and online. I am sure Amir Khan must be thanking his stars as he received massively encouraging feedback from all the sections of the society, media, celebrities and others on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, blogging websites etc.

Here is a short synopsis of first episode of Satyamev Jayate

The first episode was based on female foeticide, a inhuman act which is practiced in many parts of the country even as we speak. The show had some shocking revelations about female foeticide and that it is a bigger problem in urban educated sections of society. The show had 3 stories that were shocking but did hit the hearts, and that was evident by the reactions of the audience in the studios. You can read the rest here on one of our previous blogs: “Dil par lagegi to baat banegi” Satyamev Jayate 1st episode reviews and reactions

So what our audience can we expect from the next episode of Satyamev Jayate?

As the first episode spoke and discussed about one of the major evil social issues that our country and society is facing, so it is obvious to assume that the upcoming episode will have some or the other social issues as well. The first show and issue was really intriguing and kept the audience hooked with their tears in eyes. So as expected ‘The Perfectionist’ – Amir has already set the bar and the audience will look forward to more from the coming episodes. Well the show had everything you need to make it a success in today’s television scenario where every show (drama or reality) is fighting for TRPs. It has the reality of our life, strong emotional quotient, some really hard hitting facts (which left everyone bewildered) and obviously a pretty star face – Aamir Khan. Undoubtedly Aamir Khan did justice to a strong host and kept the show alive without any dull moments.

The next episodes might portray other really negative issues that our government has not been able to do anything about: “Child Sexual Abuse” or may be “The plight of women’s safety in India with alarmingly raising number of rape and molestation cases”. There is something else that might take the show maker’s attention; “Child Labor and its deadly impact on the upliftment of our country” or “The stark reality behind Indian farmers attempting suicide”.

Here is a tweet from one of iDubba fans that might confirm the next episode’s theme –

Whatever may be the next social issue to be addressed or as the social media is upbeat about Amir keeping the secret and excitement for next episode intact; one thing is sure that nobody can be certain of the effective action coming out via this show. It might force us to see the real state of our country and its people but the important thing is that it should be able to bring a change.

As Amir Khan says in one of the promos of the show: “Sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahi, meri koshish hai ki ye soorat badalni chahiye; meri seene me nahi to tere seene me sahi, ho kahi bhi aag lekin aag jalni chahiye“. So will we be able bring a change whether in female foeticide or any other issue that will be addressed in upcoming episodes?

Do you think that “Satyamev Jayate” can bring the change; the revolution?

Satyameva Jayate or Satya “Meva” Jayate? [why SMJ might not be revolutionary]

In a country where even after reaching the top people continue to do trash, Aamir has set an example. It’s the right line of thought and about time we had a show like this. Now if only, I could be as confident of the intentions behind the show. After all, it’s fashionable to be an activist. It’s so George Clooney…

And what was it about keeping the content a total secret before the launch? If I believe in my content, I want to tell people what’s it about and I expect people to watch the show. I DO NOT want to use the “let me use my star power to bring them to the episode and claim it to be a TRP success” trick. Did Aamir think that if he had revealed the nature of the content, lesser number of people would have watched the episode? I think it would have been the opposite actually.

So why did he hide it? Makes one think that getting a “Aamir Khan is a true star – only he can make a show like this” was higher on priority than a “what a brilliant show – hope more people make shows like this..And there creeps in the fear that Aamir’s Satyameva Jayate is a façade show.

It’s a new genre by itself…its “feel good activism” – activism that makes one feel good about oneself….oh I’m so good…I care.  And nothing wrong with it…it works big time for us Indians. But does that make a concept, an idea, a show historic? The show is full of good claims but falls short of delivering actual punch. Reminds me of the promises of another fine actor – Barrack Obama.

Of course its hugely better to have a show like Satyameva Jayate (Aamir’s self aggrandizing included) than the 8 years of inconsequential duplicates we all showcased and endured. So SMJ is definitely a step ahead…but is it a leap forward? Not so sure….

“Dil par lagegi to baat banegi” Satyamev Jayate 1st episode reviews and reactions

Sunday’s will never be the same again! Yes we are talking about Sunday and Television. As you are aware “Satyamev Jayate “marks the television debut of popular Indian Bollywood actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan. The promos were all over the print, media, television and Social Media. And finally that day had arrived when the Television Audience did manage to watch Aamir Khan’s show “Satyamev Jayate”. The 1st show was aired today, 6th May Sunday from 11:00am to 12:30pm. iDubba is on a journey to find out and understand from the viewers what did they feel about this show. Has this show hit the audience in their hearts!!! And will this show change the way we think about our very own “SOCIETY”??

Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate’s first episode was based on female foeticide, a inhuman act which is practiced in many parts of the country even as we speak. The show had some Shocking revelations about female foeticide and that it is a bigger problem in urban educated sections of society. The show had 3 stories that were shocking but did hit the hearts, and that was evident by the reactions of the audience in the studios. The tears were just flowing down when they heard the facts and the harsh reality about the victims. I’m sure that you too might have a similar reactions while watching it on your television sets. As the promos suggested, that “Jo Dil Pe Lage..To Hi Bat Banegi” which seems to be working.

We are not here to talk about the TRP’s or the GRP’s about this show. This post is to understand what our viewers think about this show, hence following are some of the tweets that were shared about the 1st episode. Also #Satyamevjayate was top trending topic on Twitter.

The show did present some shocking facts about the Current Sex Ratio in India, about the sting operation that was conducted in Rajasthan by two journalists and the kind of society that is encouraging such acts of human trafficking. There have been a number of News Channels that have been showing similar cases to the television audience. So what is different that this show will do! One great thing about this show is that it will be aired on Doordarshan, and the kind of reach this channel has, no channel can beat it. This show not only talks about the problems, but also talks about the solutions and the ways in which one can stop such cases that have been a kind of trend in our society. The Show is not just a Chat Show where people come and share their problems, but is also a platform that will encourage the youth to open their hearts and minds about such Sensitive topics. Some audiences might find this show a bit to real and violent with the kind of content and social issues that have been discussed. Well, it’s a mirror that we often Dont like to look at, a mirror that cannot be seen “Eye to Eye”.

The show was a mix of video’s and experts sharing their experiences, the kind of research that the team has done for this show, a story about how Julamajara one town in Nawanshahr district recorded birth of 1000 girls for 1000 boys in 2011 and about Mr.Kishan kumar in 2001 who helped Nawanshahr a district of Punjab state to raise its gender ratio by 71 points.  As you are aware there will be16 songs for the 16 episodes and the first episode did end with “O Ri Chiraiya” a heart wrenching and haunting melody by Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire.

Do let us know your views about this Show and also do follow us on Twitter (iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.

All you wanted to know about Satyamev Jayate & Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan on Television” we normally associate this phrase when we watch his movies on television or on some news channel. But this phrase will have a new meaning the moment his 1st Show on Television will be aired on 6th May at 11:00. Yes you read it right, it’s a Sunday. As mentioned in our previous post “Will “Satyamev Jayate” bring about change in the Indian Television scenario?” It was not difficult to understand that this Show will surely be a A win win situation for Channels and Audience.

iDubba tries to find out some of the reasons why “Satyamev Jayate” has the potential to change the Indian Television scenario:

  • Satyameva Jayate will be first Indian television show to be telecast simultaneously by a private entertainment television channel and Doordarshan—the national broadcaster. Yes it will be shown on DD. Apart from Star Plus; the show will also have simulcast on STAR Pravah, STAR Jalsha, STAR Utsav, Asianet and STAR Vijay within the STAR Network
  • The show is scheduled to telecast on Sundays at 11 A.M. Mr Khan wanted to telecast it on Sunday as this is considered as “family TV viewing” slot in Indian Television and also TV shows such as  Mahabharata and Ramayana were aired on Sunday mornings, and well, we all know how successful these shows were
  • The title sponsorship has been signed at around 16 – 20 crore, while associate sponsors have paid 6 – 7 crore. WOW… This is huge…Right?
  • There are reports that Aamir Khan is getting paid Rs 3 crore to anchor Satyamev Jayate. So is he the highest paid actor on Indian Television? Well here you go…Amitabh apparently got a fee of Rs 2 crore for his stint in Kaun Banega Crorepati 5, while Salman got reportedly around Rs 2 crore for lending his presence to Bigg Boss 5
  • Aamir Khan along with Ram Sampath, (music director of Delhi Belly) has created 16 songs for the 16 episodes. This too is a first of its kind

Well these are just some of the facts about this show that make it a unique show even before it’s 1st episode being aired. As we all know the Marketing King of Films would definitely have one of a kind plan for his 1st Television show. So here are a few that might impress you.

– The teasers of the show have been all over YouTube

– Makers of show has booked around 2,000 slots for the broadcaster’s promos in 27 hours for an amount of 6.25 crore

– The theme song of the show will be shown in 300 theaters across India after the national anthem. Yes in Movie Halls, Only Aamir Khan can come up with such amazing idea

So are you all excited to watch this one of a kind show? Do you think this will be a win win situation for Channels and Audience?

Happy Viewing 🙂

Will “Satyamev Jayate” bring about change in the Indian Television scenario?

No doubt there have been no dearth of Reality Shows on Indian Television, but is the Indian Audience ready for another Reality Show?  Well, let me rephrase the previous sentence. Is the Indian Television Audience ready for THE show “Satyamev Jayate”? Off lately you might have witnessed the promos of this new show on Star Plus. The show marking the television debut of Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan titled Satyamev Jayate. The show promises to be very different from anything that you have ever seen on India television. In the exclusive promotional trailer, Aamir talks about how he wants everyone to watch ‘Satyamev Jayate’ with their hearts and eyes open.

But the real question is – Will “Satyamev Jayate“, bring about change in the Indian Television scenario? Television now days have been really popular and unpopular for the kind of shows that are aired on various channels. Some have good content while some just have lot of noise around it. Daily Soaps have been somewhat replaced by a number of reality shows. But still you might feel that something is missing. That real connect with the audience is missing, those emotions, those feelings are missing.

There are ‘just’ shows and there are shows that have the ability to change the way to watch television. I am sure that both the generations can somewhat relate to these two shows on television, Ramayan (for the earlier generation) and KBC (for the recent generation). Well, we are not trying to compare both the shows, but the point is that these two shows did change the way we watched television. Both the shows did connect with the audience, and touched their hearts, got them to tears and also made them smile. This new show “Satyamev Jayate” does also promises to do the same, but in a different way. So what is this show all about?

Satyamev Jayate is a talk show, and not just another talk show. The guests on the show would talk about the most difficult times in their lives, and talk about issues, the Real Issues. The channel offering seems to be a breath of genuine fresh air, as the show sets out to reveal the India that lives in villages and only sometimes breaks out in the form of a headline. The Live TV audiences will be moved by the issues tackled on the show.

Truth alone triumphs; not falsehood.

Through truth the divine path is spread out by which

the sages whose desires have been completely fulfilled,

reach where that supreme treasure of Truth resides

Do send in your views and thoughts about this new show. Will “Satyamev Jayate“, bring about change in the Indian Television scenario?

Happy Viewing.