why ‘coke studio’, ‘unplugged’, ‘dewarists’ and other similar shows are instant hit with masses?

Last Sunday when I was frantically searching for my TV remote at 8’o clock, shortly came a remark from my dad, “Tune in fast as I want to see too what is there in this show called ‘The Dewarists’ that you go mad every time it is about to start”. I replied him with a big smile as he would know in exactly one hour my reason for getting crazy about this show. And this gave me a good enough reason to share my thoughts with iDubba readers.

All the above mentioned shows have one thing in common that they depict some amazing fusion of music. The show Dewarists has the tagline that proudly says “Because some things are just worth doing”. MTV Unplugged as the name suggests is, quite literally, unplugged. Eliminating all electronically engineered aspects of the music leaves you with a raw, soulful sound, and focus on vocals leaves you mesmerized. Coke Studio explores and celebrates the depth of musical diversity in India. All these shows are bringing some great artists and music together for the audience like us and they have definitely an edge over other normal music shows that go disregarded as well at times.

One of the biggest rationales that I see for the popularity of these shows is that it has a blend of different music genres. Some admired genres are electronic, modern folk, jazz, R&B, and rock that are being consistently followed in these shows. For example, if I am asked that I like Indian Classical music, my answer would be “I am sorry but it doesn’t interest me much” and I bet it would be identical for many of the same age group. So the simple fact that works is may be Indian classical alone doesn’t appeal to the audience but its fusion with some other popular genre does a great job.

Also these days the originality and creativity of Bollywood music is dying rapidly. There is no comparison of today’s bollywood music with the old music that we had by some greatest veteran artists like Kishore Kumar, R.D. Burman etc. I agree we do have some great musicians presently as well but most of the music is restricted to the so called typical “bollywood masala”.

There is another major reason of these shows becoming a hit with masses is because what they show is for real. Other shows of different genres that are on air are either staged with some rubbish jobless actors or filled with extreme melodrama and hysterical saas-bahu trash.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to tune in next time theses shows are on air.