Face the Reality!!

Today’s blog is not about Bigg Boss, Roadies or any other reality tv show in India. It is about the level to which show makers and promoters can stoop to, so as to gain TRPs (Television Rating Points) and see their shows’ gaining top position. Today’s front page news of Hindustan Times’ supplement paper “HT City” took me by shock when I read-

A contestant was raped on a reality show by another contestant while she was apparently asleep and this was shown on live television. The night cameras of the show Big Brother (Brazilian version) covered the entire episode where Model Daniel Echaniz forced himself on Monique Amin who had passed out after having alcohol in a party. When Amin was asked next day about the incident she had almost no clue what happened.

Back home in India all reality show makers have condemned this act and have given statements like “the rules are much stricter on our show”, “we don’t allow alcohol on our show to avoid any such happening” and many other. But the question is still the same. How far can these reality shows go to gain so called ‘TRPs”. Bigg Boss Season 5 that recently ended depicted a lot of violence between the contestants even though it was not in physical form too much. Other shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla on MTV are ill-famous that the contestants who are aggressive, violent or abusive are given a chance above other contestants who want to participate in the show.

The problem with today’s reality shows is that it is ok for the producers to show anything until you get under the knife of censor board or other active bodies that control the content show on television. We can easily see loud and violent behavior, nudity, crime and many other negative aspects of our society on television mostly through these reality shows.

Also are we as audience getting too easy as to what our younger generation especially kids watch on television? Can we let them watch a male hurling demeaning accusation on a female’s character? Can you let your kids watch violence to the most inappropriate level? Is there a shortage of freely available porn on internet that we need to see a female getting raped on live television?

Let me ask you a bigger question instead- Do you think even in Indian reality shows incidents like this might have happened but producers might not have guts to telecast them yet? Do you think this incident will make TV producers bolder?

D3 Commando Force

D3 Commando Force is a new reality TV Show on Bindass TV. D3 Commando Force on UTV Bindass is a courageous reality TV Show in the sequel of Dadagiri series. Bindass D3 Commando Force Dadagiri Against Terrorism starts from 8th May, 2010 at 7 PM in India.

D3 Commando Force is anchored by Vivan Bhatena. He has been seen in the special recruitment episode of D3 Commando Force on UTV Bindass .

Bindass D3 Commando Force Auditions:

UTV Bindass has called the youth of the country to participate in the D3 Commando Force auditions. Bindass D3 Commando Force had given an online registration form also to participate in the Show.

Bindass D3 Commando Force Dadagiri Against Terrorism audition was held in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai. The Show had announced an audition date also. Auditions of D3 Commando Force were announced by an advertisement.
Participants had to carry a photo ID and age proof. They had to participate with the comfortable sports shoes and sports wear.
Currently, Bindass D3 Commando Force auditions are over. The Show starts with the auditions episode on Bindass TV.
Bindass D3 Commando Force Recruitment Officers are:
Capt. Kshitij Sharma

Capt. Dharamveer Singh

Capt. Albert Louis

Dadagiri specialist – Vishal Dada also participates in the team of recruitment officers in Bindass D3 Commando Force – Dadagiri Against Terrorism TV Show.

Star One’s reality India’s Magical Star!!

According to sources ,Star One is coming up with a brand new reality show India’s Magical Talent.In other words Star One gave a chance to budding talents in india.This is the first time that such a reality show, a competition between magicians, will be launched sometime in  June.Though the registrations was upto 5th April this year.The production house has got a set of great talented magicians who will be seen competing with one another by performing all kinds of magical acts.

The show will have two senior magicians as judges along with a bollywood celebrity ,though they have not been finalised yet.The format will most probably be the two magicians will be mentors cum judges in the show.It is said that the India’s Magical Show has a foreign crew from IMA(International Magician Association) helping in  designing the magic arts.