“Breaking News”- Is it really BREAKING?

BREAKING NEWS!!! What comes to your mind when you hear these two words? These are not just words but Powerful Words because the moment we hear them our eyes, ears & mind are all focused towards “What is it NOW”.  Just like a coin has two sides, these two words also have inverse effect. Thanks to our Indian Television News Channels that managed to completely change the sense of these words. Today every other news is a BREAKING NEWS. Be it a “Mika kissing Rakhi Sawant” or Train accident – Both are shown on same platform and with equal importance. So friends, the so called latest BREAKING NEWS is Actor Saif Ali Khan arrested for assault. Even your favorite English Channel is airing it under BREAKING NEWS section.

It was so surprising to see almost all news channels showing this as Breaking News. Reporters were asking the camera man to show the fans who had been waiting to see the star at the police station. The irony was that in current scenario when we have a burning issue about NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) where at least 13 chief ministers voicing concerns over, don’t this powerful media need to focus on the REAL news. Don’t worry, we will not be getting into any political debate, but the point is should Media be selling “What is just another entertainment “or news on burning issues “Which is actually a BREAKING NEWS”.

“Some of you might say that News Channels are doing their Job and just covering the event. Well no one is stopping the media to do their job, but I guess they are smart enough to make a differentiation between a Breaking News and News. Labeling news like this (Actor Saif Ali Khan incident) one as Breaking New- is NOT justified. Won’t you agree that the media is giving too much of footage to such events? No doubt there are loads of News Channels that are covering Serious News and are actually showing the viewers the truth but also there are actually loads of such examples that might make you wonder if they deserve to be titled as Breaking News. Just a Food for thought, there are loads of Entertainment Channels that can telecast this so called Breaking News like ZOOM or UTV Bindas (after all they are full time Bollywood devoted channels).”

This is not the first case where a celebrity has been caught in a legal battle. Who can forget the chain of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan Cases that’s been the benchmark of celebrities being caught up on the wrong foot? But the surprising aspect is that such news over powers the real news that is important to the nation.  Do you think the news channels should be wise while flashing the word “Breaking News” in their respective channels?? Or do you think they should have the liberty to sell anything and everything as news?

Remember- “Media is one the strongest tool India has which can change Lives which has the power to change Nation”.

As Spiderman once said “With great power comes great responsibility”. Hope the media also understands their responsibility while using their power.

As they say – No publicity is bad publicity

BREAKING NEWS: All is fine between Farah Khan ,Shirish Kunder  and Shah Rukh Khan. It’s now confirmed that Farah and Kunder met Mrs. & Mr. Khan at Mannat and solved their differences. Sajid Khan, Farah’s brother was instrumental in bringing both the parties together. Mr. Kunder tweeted: “Shahrukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all our misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good.”  So, finally the Publicity stunt is over. Are you wondering what has this tussle to do with publicity and why was it required at all? The audience is well aware of the fact that now a days BAD Publicity benefits more than the GOOD Publicity in this industry.

Take for example, the latest publicity stunt by  Miss Poonam Pandey. Last year she tried the tantrum of cheering the Indian cricket team in World Cup Finale by promising to Strip if they won the Cup. While Dhoni’s men fulfilled their mission, she did not live upto her promise. This time, she has aimed for the high corridors of power welcoming the freshest on Twitter – the official PMO India account for the Prime Minister’s Office. You must have had a hearty laugh when you came across this…. as BREAKING NEWS 😉

And who can forget the recent tabloid news “Missing actress Veena Malik has been found” . This is totally hilarious and was blown out of proportion by the media. It seems that the Pakistani actor had gone missing from Aarey Milk Colony road while shooting for the film Mumbai 135kms for the last 15 days. Though the most eye catching publicity stunt was by Pop singer (Mika Singh) and item girl ( Rakhi Sawant) & the famous kiss. It still tops the chart amongst the “Comedy Circus” artists 😉 .  How can I miss the most blizzard publicity of Mr. Amir Khan and his Dog named “Shahrukh” . But soon, he clarifies that he bought a house and the dog came with it and the dog was named Shahrukh by its caretakers. “Shahrukh is smelling too much, I think he needs a bath.” Was there a need to make such statements? You might say, well it’s Showbiz and everything is fair in this industry, especially the war. But to what extent? 

Some might say that this is not Cheap Publicity, it’s an event that has occurred and they have full right to share it with the media. Some might argue that Stars too are humans and have emotions hence they react as any other normal person would. Some might also say that Stars have to do this in order to be in limelight. ‘No publicity is bad publicity’ is what defines the Showbiz industry, proved well over the time.

What are your views on this topic? Are you bored and tired of this cheap publicity war in the industry?

Juhi Parmar wins Bigg Boss season 5 (Salman and Sanju entertains)

So finally after two and a half hours long finale Juhi Parmar was declared Bigg Boss Season 5 winner.

The episode was full of all expected surprises and fun. Imran Khan and Karan Johar were present to promote their upcoming film “Ek Main aur Ek Tu”. There were dance performances by Sunny Leone, Pooja Misrra, Malaika Arora Khan, Rakhi Sawant and a final one by all the ex-housemates.

The whole eviction process started with calling that housemate out who got the least votes from audience and the first one to come out was definitely shocking. Sanjay Dutt called Amar out and we could see the shock on everybody’s face.

Dolly Bindra also came who was a participant in the last season. There was another obvious promotion of the new show which is going to air from Monday at 10:30 replacing Bigg Boss. The show Na Bole Tum…Na Maine Kuch Kaha characters gave a brief appearance. Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan performed too.

The third one to come out was Siddharth who was evidently not happy at all and his little smile on the face was enough to prove it. Finally Sanjay and Salman went into the house and got Juhi and Mahek, the top 2 finalists out to declare the winner. Before declaring the winner one things happened and that certainly took me by surprise and that was Mahek’s boyfriends’ proposal for marriage. I wonder sometimes how easy it becomes for non-tv artists to show to do something like this that requires a lot of guts in front of national television.

Finally the moment came and Juhi Parmar (as predicted by many) was announced as the winner of Bigg Boss Season 5. She was congratulated by all the ex-housemates and she was ecstatic and emotional as soon as her was announced.

The pursuit of Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant-4

All right! We accept it. This blog is crazy about Rakhi Sawant and can’t help but write about her inanities and overtures ( btw, who doesn’t? ;)).With her swayamver coming to a ceremonial end, and the rejected string of suitors, packing their bags and leaving (with  their respective barats in toe), we really can’t wait to know whats up Rakhi’s bejeweled sleeve next.Apart from the humongous public response, her swayamver set a record of sorts.  It has breached all previously set records of feigned affection (and other related plastic emotions) on national television,  so much for the much –touted  “reality” of it. The way a bunch of people came together and made up for the apparent absence of rakhi’s family was indeed laughable (personally I laughed my heart out at ram’s (the muhbola bhaiyya, who stood by Rakhi through all her stupidities and was an inspirational source for half of them) portrayal. What was even more amusing was the way well educated, phoren bred grooms queued up and jostled for space to court the elusive Rakhi, leave alone the bhangra and grooming sessions for the shutterbugs. How desperate could one get??

Jokes apart, Rakhi has  given Indian television a new style of programming to play with. Who else could pull off a show like that? Rakhi has monopolized this style, which for a while will remain restricted  to herself .The TRPs (which went through the roof on the D day) stand testimony to the fact that love or it loath it, we all watch it (yes intellectuals, pseudo intellectuals n wannabes included). N boi, does it sell !

[Note: Rakhi Ka Swayamvar was watched by 15.8 Million users on D-Day. Source- aMap]