Have you tuned into Sony MIX yet?

There has been one more addition to the Music Channels that we watch and this time it’s Sony that has entered this market. Every year, India sees close to 2,000 films launched, and not to forget their music releases. It’s a fact that films have a large dependency on the success of their music. After all what’s Hindi Cinema without Music!

As of now following are some of the Music channels that are making the audience dance on its tunes:

– 9XM 

9XM is a Bollywood Music Channel that airs the latest and best Bollywood Music songs along with rib-tickling jokes by a gang of super cool animated characters, namely Bade Chote, Bheegi Billi, Badshah Bhai, Silly Chicken and The Betel Nuts.

– B4U Music

B4U Music is a music-themed digital TV channel available on more than 8 different satellites, in more than 100 countries.

– MTV :

MTV is more an entertainment based channel now as the focus has shifted from music a lot. Do read out our earlier post about MTV over here –  MTV: Music or Masala Television

– Bindass

Bindass (also known as UTV Bindass) is a Hindi entertainment channel in India targeted at Indian youth.

– Zoom

Zoom is an Indian glamour and entertainment television channel primarily covering Bollywood

– Channel V

The bloody cool world of Channel [v] for the latest Bollywood gossip, the hottest TV shows and the coolest campus fashion.

– VH1

VH1 entertains you with your favourite tv shows, music videos, celebrity news, photos, live performances and special events.


ETC is considered as the most credible Bollywood trade channel. It is a Music and movie channel in Hindi and Punjabi.

So getting back to the this new channel, Sony has positioned its new channel as a pure film music channel, MIX is a destination dedicated to music and all that belongs to it. Coming from a family that has prided itself on providing fresh breakthrough programming, MIX too promises an exciting and expansive library of Hindi film songs spanning all eras. Served through a theme based music play out suiting the need of the hour, these songs set up MIX as a channel where everyone will find their favourites every day. Moving into the gap created by erstwhile music channels claim themselves as ‘youth channels’ and other music channels dishing out non-music content and reality shows. 

There are some reports that the music genre on TV has shrunk over time. Data tells us that it is due to lack of stickiness essentially because all music channels target youth. Everyone plays the same numbers too. Sony Mix has managed to tap listeners from both the age groups 14 -24 and 25 – 40 years. And the best part is that they don’t have video jockeys, no animated characters, but do have only one three-minute movie trailer in an hour. So do you think this new change will keep the audience tuned on Sony MIX?

So have you tuned into Sony Mix? Do let us know your views on the this latest Music Channel.

Happy Listening 😉


MTV: Music or Masala Television

You might scratch your head and start thinking why am I referring MTV as Masala Television. Well the following post is about finding out the real truth. After reading this you may also come to a conclusion whether MTV is a Music Channel or it has turned out to be Masala Television over years.

It was not long ago say some 9-10 yrs back when viewers used to wait to see what’s new in the list..New Album, hot album, Best songs… in a way they wanted to see the latest Music Labels, their reviews and responses. Top most Singers had their music launch aired in MTV, there were shows explicitly telecasting interviews with the Singers and rappers. TV was geared more towards music and music appreciation, The concept of VJ’s was made popular by MTV as this channel was about MUSIC 24/7!!  The VJ’s of early 90’s had good knowledge of music, a unique style of their own and undoubtedly a great  sense of humor too.I am sure that none of you must have forgotten VJ’s like Malaika Arora, Maria Goretti , Shenaz Treasurywala, Mini Mathur and a few others. No doubt that Cyrus Broacha and Nikhil Chinnappa are still holding the fort but the charm that the previous VJ’s had, is not present there anymore. . MTV is now being hosted as a television show with VJs who have very little to do with knowledge in music and music videos.

You might have this question..Does MTV has series of reality shows!!! You might be surprised, but the answer is YES. The biggest ammunition that MTV has is “Roadies”. It was started way back in 2003, and currently 8 seasons are over. No doubt that Roadies is very popular and has many ardent followers, but the channel is trying to replicate this success in every other show. Every second show is now a Reality show. They are trying to get the youth hooked on to its channel by shows like MTV Stuntmania a biking stunt show hosted by famous stunts director Allan Amin and MTV Splitsvilla A dating reality show.

This channel which once used to be solely a music channel has turned in endless race of reality shows, In 1998, we had about 19 hours of music programming. 2008 saw an average of just three hours of music videos per day on MTV, with the rest of the day devoted to reality shows. . Is this a conscious effort made by MTV or has it lost its audience??? Is this the reason for MTV to drop “Music Television” from its corporate logo too in 2010?

If i ask you, which is the channel you prefer for watching Songs,  MTV will certainly not be your 1st choice. Some might say, 9XM , B4U Music, and the latest one Sony PIX. You might say that I have missed on one more important Music Channel, ie Channel V. Well, they too are slowly but steadily moving on the path of MTV. Only time will say if MTV was right moving its focus on Reality Shows and slowly taking Music off their menu. What are you views on this topic?

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Review of season finale of ‘The Dewarists’ – Masti ki Basti

Here is another review by iDubba on the season finale of a very popular show “The Dewarists” – Masti ki Basti

‘Masti ki Basti’ was the season finale of this wonderful show that collaborated ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ and Rewben Mashangva. The location chosen for the season finale was perfect – “the abode of the clouds” – Shillong.

Raghu dixit learned classical karnatic music and started playing guitar at the age of nineteen. The Raghu Dixit Project was formed in 2005 and in 2006 they got their first break by Vishal and Shekhar and as per Raghu ‘the rest is history’. He has made folk music as popular as any other chartbusters. The awesome feel to make people happy by what he sings on stage is what keeps him going and doing the same stuff again and again.

One cant believe that this simple lungi clad guy with ghoongroos on feet can make you rock the floor like mad. I personally witnessed it when ‘The Dewarists’ were in Delhi and heard ‘The Raghu Dixit Project’ for the first time in my life and fell in love with the band.



The last episodes that I saw on “The Dewarists”, amazing new series of Star World, titled “Kya Khayaal hai” and “Maaya” got me goose bumps full of soulful emotions.

The beautiful show says “It is a journey that takes us into the lives of musicians from different walks of life and brings them together to create music. These musicians are Dewarists. They have immense passion for what they do. They inspire others to follow their dreams and this is why their stories deserve to be heard.”

Every episode has a theme and features a different place every time with inspiring musicians who are led by passion, they come together to create a song. The theme is the title of the song that is created and performed by the end of episode. The show is shot as a documentary showing some amazing locales of the place.

It starts with host Monika Dogra, a contemporary artist, who talks about the musicians/bands who will collaborate in the episode to create the soulful music. These great musicians start by telling their stories how they started and finally achieved what they wanted by following their passion and how they made their dreams come true.

On the first day they get together and work on the idea. Sometimes the collaboration is between those who might have heard of each other but never met before or sometimes with friends who never thought of getting together. The next day onwards they start working on the idea and song in the studio. The whole preparation of the final song is done in a period of 3-4 days. They connect, discuss, give ideas, write lyrics, complete the song and most importantly make MUSIC.

You feel after watching this show that sometimes all you need is that one perfect note on which a song goes from great to classic. They show experience, tradition, talent and a shared love for the magnus of music. It is incredible to discover who the musicians are behind the music and it feels so nice when they happen to be incredible people as well. These magicians inspire you that if you are passionate about something then you don’t take it as a risk. I personally think the two artists/bands/musicians that collaborate on the show, they don’t just collaborate, they create this fusion of ultimate music called “Life”.

Whether its bollywood, contemporary, or Indian classic, they have covered it all. So far some great musicians/bands like Vishal-Shekhar, Imogean Heap, Indian Ocean, Mohit Chauhan, Zeb and Haniya, Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire have featured on the show.

The Dewarists takes you to another world. Experience yourself when you tune in to the show next time!