“Breaking News”- Is it really BREAKING?

BREAKING NEWS!!! What comes to your mind when you hear these two words? These are not just words but Powerful Words because the moment we hear them our eyes, ears & mind are all focused towards “What is it NOW”.  Just like a coin has two sides, these two words also have inverse effect. Thanks to our Indian Television News Channels that managed to completely change the sense of these words. Today every other news is a BREAKING NEWS. Be it a “Mika kissing Rakhi Sawant” or Train accident – Both are shown on same platform and with equal importance. So friends, the so called latest BREAKING NEWS is Actor Saif Ali Khan arrested for assault. Even your favorite English Channel is airing it under BREAKING NEWS section.

It was so surprising to see almost all news channels showing this as Breaking News. Reporters were asking the camera man to show the fans who had been waiting to see the star at the police station. The irony was that in current scenario when we have a burning issue about NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) where at least 13 chief ministers voicing concerns over, don’t this powerful media need to focus on the REAL news. Don’t worry, we will not be getting into any political debate, but the point is should Media be selling “What is just another entertainment “or news on burning issues “Which is actually a BREAKING NEWS”.

“Some of you might say that News Channels are doing their Job and just covering the event. Well no one is stopping the media to do their job, but I guess they are smart enough to make a differentiation between a Breaking News and News. Labeling news like this (Actor Saif Ali Khan incident) one as Breaking New- is NOT justified. Won’t you agree that the media is giving too much of footage to such events? No doubt there are loads of News Channels that are covering Serious News and are actually showing the viewers the truth but also there are actually loads of such examples that might make you wonder if they deserve to be titled as Breaking News. Just a Food for thought, there are loads of Entertainment Channels that can telecast this so called Breaking News like ZOOM or UTV Bindas (after all they are full time Bollywood devoted channels).”

This is not the first case where a celebrity has been caught in a legal battle. Who can forget the chain of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan Cases that’s been the benchmark of celebrities being caught up on the wrong foot? But the surprising aspect is that such news over powers the real news that is important to the nation.  Do you think the news channels should be wise while flashing the word “Breaking News” in their respective channels?? Or do you think they should have the liberty to sell anything and everything as news?

Remember- “Media is one the strongest tool India has which can change Lives which has the power to change Nation”.

As Spiderman once said “With great power comes great responsibility”. Hope the media also understands their responsibility while using their power.


Role of Media in Global Warming reduction

Recent spurt in Global Warming related news across media has put it in the limelight! Now everyone in household has started talking about it, and that too in a serious tone. In my opinion this is a very important development, as fight against Global warming can’t succeed unless common people understand the ill effects of same.

For past 12 years (since Kyoto protocol in 1997) Governments from all over the world are trying to blame each other rather than taking any major step to reduce emissions. The choice is difficult- Growth or Climate?

Since for any Government it’s very important to keep the economy stable in short term (5-10 years), it’s not an easy thing to choose climate over growth. No one has understood this yet, and now we are again going to have Copenhagen Summit, which will probably lead to similar results as of Kyoto.

So what’s the solution? Should our Government just sit and watch what’s happening? Well, they still are doing nothing different! My point is Government should take a secondary role here. Primary role has to be taken up by media. There is only one way Global warming can be reduced- by making common people well aware of the situation and taking individual steps to slowly reduce this effect. I know it’s difficult but it seems to be the only logical solution. Because for a Govt to confidently back any major carbon reduction solution, it would need support from its voters.

Recently many news channels have taken up this topic very enthusiastically for various reasons, but results are visible. I met one Industrialist who even wanted to have one windmill setup, as he saw some great future for green energy in India. From India TV (which has large fan base in rural India) to CNN-IBN (best urban news channel) every channel is proactively broadcasting shows which make user aware of Global warming. But I’m yet to find any show which can teach common people how to individually contribute in reducing carbon footprint. Last week’s “Brunch” from HT mentioned some entrepreneurs and talked about their individual efforts and ways to reduce global warming. One of the methods can be to buy Carbon credits and make your small events carbon free.

Other show which is very timely showcased is Discovery’s “Project Earth”. This show describes some of the Geo Engineering methods which can become the ultimate solution to all Global Warming woes. But they can also be hazardous to environment, since they can bring serious environmental changes on a large scale.

Media has started doing its bit to reduce Global warming, let’s hope that this war continues till we see a solution coming or till Carbon burns the whole planet! Choice is ours.

Creative Marketing and innovative service offering: What more is there from DoCoMo?

The viral which generated quite a fuzz has put brand “DoCoMo” right at front on consumer’s mind. In fact, the brand awareness is so strong that you will find people speaking of DoCoMo without even knowing what exactly it is. DoCoMo is a GSM service from Tata’s stable and has applied innovative ideas both in media marketing and it’s service offerings. It currently operates in 8 circles across country and that may be the reason why people are still unaware of the real product. But still, the brand image of DoCoMo raises a lot of expectations in term of its innovative services.


The first offering which is unique is “pay-per-second” for call charges and “pay-per-text” for sms charges. Even though “pay-per-second” service can’t be termed as a new service (as it was launched way back in 2003 by BPL Mobile), the way it’s marketed by DoCoMo is very impressive. But there are other small and really effective services which are on offer-

  • Very cheap “pre pay” GPRS packs, which provide GPRS services for as low as Rs 15 for 20 MB download limit for 3 days and a Rs 95 pack for 100 MB download for 30 days. Very cheap as compared to my current idea plan (Rs 150 monthly for 30 MB download L).
  • A “Timed SMS” service which can send SMS to recipients at desired date and time.
  • Not charging users for first 30 seconds when they are listening from a list of “ring tones” before actually downloading any. Very good indeed, as initial IVR just takes keypad information to get us to the right track list and shouldn’t be charged, ethically.
  • They are launching various customer experience zones like “Dive In”, where user can compare Mobile handsets from various vendors and choose the right one as per the need. We already have stores like MobileNXT and the MobileStore in India and what experience “Dive in” will offer is something yet to be seen.
  • They have also launched a service “Geo Fencing” which can track people and aware concerned persons if the route of any vehicle carrying the person is diverted. This may be really effective for School children when they are travelling.
  • DoCoMo has really done well to create a good first impression and with all these services coming up, their offering looks promising. Digital advertisement has also been very impressive (2000 facebook fans and twitter followers). Do you think they can stand such media hype in the time to come?

    Niche Radio Stations- An idea for creative programming

    While driving and listening to the Radio (just as millions of others do) , a thought buzzed me. There is a time when you are actually bored with all the Channels, listening to the same song again and again, time over! The only differentiator being their RJs blabbering the same stuff over and over again. For a niche music buff like me who doesn’t want to listen to any c*#p but just good Music (be it of any kind- Western, Classical whatever), there exists no solution.

    To read my complete idea and how we can go about it. Please Read the full story.