Which one is your favourite Indian Soap in prime time slot?

Our today’s blog is short and simple guide for you if you are a fan/addict of Indian soaps that air on prime time. I got this idea from regular fights with my mom over what to watch between 9 and 10 pm daily (weekdays) as that is my favourite time too like many others to hook to television along with dinner. Here is a quick synopsis of 4 top prime time channels that airs some of the best soap series in the same slot.

Let’s take a look at all these shows and what they have to offer its viewers:

Star Plus

Starting from my personal favourite, Star Plus has “Diya aur Baati Hum” that airs at 9pm Monday to Friday. This is one of the new shows that the channel has added to its brigade of some really good shows. It is about ‘Sandhya’ and her husband ‘Sooraj’. Sandhya belongs to a well educated family and she always dreamt of becoming an IPS officer but under strained circumstances after her marriage she lands up in a family where education is banned, especially for the “bahus” of the family. ‘Sooraj’ on the other hand is 10th standard pass out and owns a sweet shop. This story is about Sandhya’s struggle to fulfill her dream and a journey where she finds help from the most unlikely quarter – her husband who can make it possible.

The second show that airs at 9:30pm from Monday to Friday on Star Plus is “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”. The concept is very simple yet excites you to watch a heartwarming story of a young couple who discovers love after marriage. The show is about ‘Akshara’ and ‘Naitik’ and their effort as individuals to fit into the marriage and accept each other’s families as their own. This one is something that you can relate easily to your own life.


Phulwa”, a new show on Colors airs at 9pm from Monday to Friday. The show has started recently but has gained good viewership as it entails a story of a young and sweet girl who loses her innocence at the tender age of 11 in order to fight the injustice created by Thakurs of her village. It is a saga of lost innocence, of shattered dreams and unfulfilled promises all seen through the eyes of spirited eleven year old, who was forced to grow up much faster than her age due to the societal pressure levied on her.

Colors’ 9:30 pm slot has taken over the viewership of all the major channels with “Parichay” that was introduced few months ago. We also featured this show in one of our previous blogs as it has gained a lot of popularity not just among the regular soap fans but with the males and females of age group 25 and above. This show is a massive hit with masses mainly because of the role portrayed by male lead Samir Soni as “Kunal Chopra”, who has lost his interest in life due to his failures and continues to lead an indifferent life.

Sony TV

Sony TV has added two brand new shows in its prime time slot. However instead of usual 9 to 9:30 the first show starts at 8:45pm. The show “Dekha Ek Khwab” is about the lead character Muniya (Priyal Gor), a simple down to earth girl who wishes for her own princess story. Muniya’s dream of turning into a princess has come true, thanks to Rajmata Mrinalini Devi and Maharaj Brijraj Singh. But will her luck stick around for long?

Parvarrish” which airs at 9:30pm from Monday to Friday is a family drama about two sisters – Sweety Ahluwalia and Pinky Ahuja. They compete as rivals to become better parents. Both families have different sets of beliefs and approach to raise their kids. Pinky believes in becoming friend with her children while Sweety believes in becoming a disciplinary mother. The concept of Parvarrish is simple yet attention-grabbing. The positive point is that this show caters to a lager section of audience in respect to age.

Zee TV

Zee TV has not added any new show to this particular prime slot. “Pavitra Rishta” at 9pm is one of the oldest and popular soap series of Zee. This show is about ‘Archana’ and ‘Manav’ and their continuous and what seems to be endless battle to be accepted by their families. The show doesn’t give a kick to a point when all we can see is that almost every character is trying to put Archana and Manav down with constant conspiracies against them including Manav’s own mother.

The 9:30 pm slot has another oldie “Ram Milaye Jodi” which is about ‘Mona’ and ‘Anukalp’ who fell in love and got married in spite of the inevitable and huge cultural differences between their families. It is an interesting bittersweet tale of coming together of two culturally divergent families – both fiercely protective and assertive about their cultural identities. On a larger canvas, the story represents the dire need for tolerance and co-existence in our society as well.

So pick your favourite and tune in every night!!