In Conversation with tomorrows Indian Idol

Shashi Suman with his friend Gaurav

Saurav : How do you  feel having given the platform like Indian Idol to prove youself?

Shashi:  Thats God’s  grace that he chose me to give me such a  talent through which i can make people happy. And on earth Indian Idol is like a God who gave me the chance to prove me and my hard work.

Saurav:Who do you sometimes feel that you are copying?

Shashi: Everyone has his or her own speciality and i never try to copy anybody,but i want to make my place in such a way that new singers and people should follow me.

Saurav: What is your Ultimate dream?

Shashi: I am not a God,i am just an ordinary person  who has a dream like anybody else.I want to prove myself since i left my home at the age of 13 to pursue music and started to earn just to learn music ,when other guys were playing and enjoying their teenage.I also want to prove my friends ,family,guruji and God too ,that i am fulfilling my responsibility as a singer,a work which was allotted to me.

Saurav: What is the best thing that you like about Indian Idol?

Shashi: The very thing that it gives a chance to new talents in India ,to exhibit their skills not only in India but other countries too.People should see that there are other people in store too,who are ready to work hard or are equally prepared to entertain people.Such is the platform that Indian Idol provides.

Saurav: If by any chance, you don’t make it big in Indian Idol,what other options as a career do you think that you have?

Shashi: If i wouldn’t be the Indian Idol,even then my practice and hard work remains with me.Hard work never goes in vain.Unfortunately if it ever happens,then i would even work harder.

Saurav: Who is your favourite singer?

Shahsi: I love classical, thumre.I love my ‘Guruji’ Ustad Gulshan Ji a lot.I am a die hard fan  of Nusrat ji,Kishore ji,Rafi Sahab,Sonu Nigam they all are milestones.

Saurav: Do you fear any contestant in Indian Idol?

Shashi: Frankly speaking ,if its anybody that i fear, it should be me.

Saurav: Are you happy with the way you are performing in this journey(Indian Idol)?

Shashi:Not exactly, i am happy that i can sing much better.Lets see what does the future hold for me?

Saurav: What is your greatest fear with respect to singing?

Shashi: I just fear that while singing i may sound unmelodious which can hurt my guruji as well as my hard work.

Saurav: There have been so many similar competitions around, don’t you think it hampers the overall quality of such competitions?.

Shashi: No i don’t think so, there are ‘n’ numbers of flowers in the market, but each of them have their own aroma.Same holds true for each of these competitions.

Saurav: By Indian Idol..what is the first thought that comes in your mind?

Shashi: Second word, its  the second word that  comes in my mind.I want to beacome an Idol.

Saurav: Earlier winners of such contests arent seen much in Indian Bollywood/Pop.What do you think is the problem?

Shashi:I think that there is no problem .They all are doing well in life.Moreover it depends on one’s destiny dear.Let see what happens, maybe i’ll bust this myth .

Saurav :You left your home when you were a teen.Had been to Banaras , Lucknow and MadhyaPradesh.So who was your friend cum family during this journey?

Shashi: Gaurav Naithani is my friend cum family to me.I knew him since i was in Lucknow.But then i moved to Mumbai as i got selected for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa(2009).Fortunately Gaurav  came to Mumbai too, to pursue his sound engineering.We live as roommates.We shared lots of happy and sad moments together.

Saurav: What do you want to say to your fans ?

Shashi: I just want to say thanks, and lots of love to them.Hey people do support and vote for me, for you are the one who can transform “Aam Aadmi to Khaas  Aadmi”.

Bhumi Trivedi didn’t lie to judges in Indian Idol 5

I was just going through the community site of Indian Idol, and i found that a guy called Aditya commented that

“Miss Bhoomi Trivedi told lie in auditions that she had mixed up a Gujarati Rap. Actually that song is from album Karmacy, named Blood brother. Check it out. I strictly hate lairs as an Idol. Don’t vote her for further journey in the same show, if you really want true Indian Idol. Thanks”.

It was then that i did a little bit of research from my side ,of course to validate the details as i have no personal grudges with Bhumi, and i found that the Gujarati Rap song  which she claimed to mix with a  song by Spice Girls was   in fact by  “Karmacy”  named BLOOD BROTHERS ,but she didn’t lie , because she said i mixed up a gujrati rap with spice girl (If u wanna be my lover) and she did it brilliantly.

So Aditya my friend, please go through the videos of Karmacy and the audition ,and think twice before u speak.