West meets East – I Love My India

I Love My India 😉

Yes it’s the latest show on Sab TV and it’s set to knock on your television sets from 20th Feb. SAB TV is already well known for the comedy shows such as “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”  “R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya” “Lapataganj” “FIR” and Chidiya Ghar. But now they are planning to rope in a bit of International flavour ie when “West meets East” 😉

It’s a story of an NRI Punjabi family living in London.  You might wonder what happens when an NRI family that has been far away from Indian culture and India is suddenly forced to come back to India and adjust to the Indian Culture. You can very well imagine amount of chaos in this entire backdrop. 

The star cast of the show includes actress Dilnaz Irani, Anjali Mukhi and actor Rohan Tiwari. Dilnaz Irani will be playing the role of Imran Khan aka Ravindar’s wife, and Vinny Sethi who will be the elder daughter-in-law of the family. Her character will portray her background of being born and brought up in UK. Hence she will be unaware of the Indian culture. On the other hand, gracious actress Anjali Mukhi will be playing the role of younger daughter-in-law of Sethi family as Sinni Sethi. Her character in the serial will portray her side of behaving and talking like a foreigner.

You might agree that somehow all of us have some relatives or friends living abroad and who have to adjust to situation in India when they are here. These circumstances entertain us and we cherish the memories forever. The show is making an attempt to remind us of our cultural values in an amusing way.

So do you think this new show would be able make a special place amongst the existing comedy shows? Hope that I Love My India story will might touch the heart of every Indian family because the story makes proud every Indian. So, get ready for 20th February, 2012 to watch I Luv My India on SAB TV.

Happy Viewing


India vs Pakistan…Not a cricket match…. It’s time for “Foodistan”

For the first time in the history of television, the Chefs from India and Pakistan are going to fight for the title of “Foodistan“. Yes you read it right, it will not be fought on a Hockey field nor on a Cricket field; it will be fought in a Kitchen. Its a battle for culinary supremacy between India and Pakistan. FOODISTAN includes the 16 best chefs from the culturally flavored INDIA and PAKISTAN (8 each). The 26 part series will be hosted by IRA DUBEY and ALY KHAN. Show’s judges include VEER SANGHVI eminent food critic SONYA JEHAN bollywood actress of French Pakistani descent and MERRILEES PARKER popular British chef.

Some call it “The first ever cross-border cook-off between the best chefs from India and Pakistan” Foodistan format includes, team challenges and individual tasks, which are judged on a total of 10 points. The second episode features a team challenge in which the chefs are asked to cook a basic meal of curry, kebab, biryani and dessert. India and Pakistan are two nations who share a common passion for good food. So this show is all set to take the advantage of this, and take this show to a new level.

Following are the Chefs who are all set to face each-other in this unique competition:

Chefs from India:

Madhumita Mohanta –  India today, a leading magazine, named Madhumita as one of the kitchen queens of the country. Madhumita has worked in countries like Singapore, Bahrain and Kuwait before she joined the Claridges, Surajkund, India, where she is known to be a strict boss with a caring heart

Nimish Bhatia –  Nimish is always in search of new culinary styles, but truly believes that food tastes the best when it is in its original form. He has pioneered the concept of ‘Thande Kebabs’ a USP in his restaurants.

Girish Krishnan –   He was Awarded the “Chef of the year”, 2008 by FHRAI. He strongly believes that alternating a traditional dish makes it lose its authenticity and real flavour.

Mehraj Ul Haque –  Mehraj ’s story began in his hometown Lucknow, where he spent countless hours cooking alongside his father at their family catering business. He is the man behind the mouthwatering Kebabs of “The Great Kebab Factory”, Radisson.

Manish Mehrotra – He has now brought in his unique inventive vision in creating a path breaking menu at the Indian Accent, the fine dining restaurant at The Manor (New Delhi). The Manor has been celebrated by all food critics with the crowning story of it being ‘The Best Modern Indian Restaurant’.

Karan Suri –  Travelling all over India, because of his family’s army background, Karan Suri has learnt about cuisine from all over the country. Karan possesses abilities in a wide variety of international styles including classical and contemporary French, traditional and contemporary Indian, Chinese, Thai, Mediterranean, Japanese and molecular gastronomy.

Rajeev Arora –  He has led restaurants to win awards and is now busy overseeing the opening of two new food outlets at the Oakwood Premiere in Pune

Sunil Chauhan – He has opened a fast food restaurant called ‘Served Hot’ in Delhi. In the last 4 years, Chef Sunil Chauhan has been traveling extensively and researching home cooked Indian food as a healthier option to be introduced into the mainstream.

Chefs from Pakistan:

Poppy Agha –  She has been cooking for the last 17 years. Influenced and inspired by her grandmother, Poppy has in-depth knowledge of several cuisines, specializing in Pakistani, South Indian, French, Italian, and Thai

Akhtar Rehman –  Working with Marriott, Islamabad; he has many signature dishes like “Murgh Zandan”, “Gola Kebab with dry nuts” “Qazi Kebab” to his credit. 11 years since his first job, Akhtar has received many appreciation certificates from Marriott for his ability to cook traditional and classical Pakistani dishes and delicacies.

Amir Iqbal – With 9 years of industry experience, Amir is also a visiting faculty at many culinary institutes in Pakistan. He started his career as a trainee waiter and in such a short span has been able to carve a place for himself.

Mohammad Ikram –  A specialized dumpukht chef, he loves cooking Chinese delicacies as well. Dedicated, hard-working and committed, Md. Ikram is a soft-spoken person at work who has 12 years of cooking to his credit.

Mohammad Naeem –  Currently, at the position of the Executive Chef at Park Plaza, Lahore his vast experience and wisdom comes from managing, heading and assisting many restaurants in U.S.A., Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Mehmood Akhtar – His initial years were spent in “Mahmood Syeed Sakhery’s Palace” in Saudi Arabia where he was preparing scrumptious Arabian delicacies. He enjoys cooking variants of traditional mutton and chicken dishes. He is also an expert in Continental and Chinese cuisine

Noor Khan –  He is associated with ATV and is currently working on setting up a restaurant in Karachi. He has been in the industry for the past 12 years. He can also prepare mouthwatering dishes of any French, Italian or Thai menu.

Muhammad Saqib –  Muhammad Saqib, is the younget participant representing Pakistan on Foodistan. He is the only Pakistani chef based in New Delhi.
So get ready for a food fight between the best cooks from India and Pakistan on Foodistan. Launches on January 23rd, 2012, Monday to Wednesday 9:30 pm. Do let us know if this is yet another cooking show or is more than that. Your comments are always welcomed. Happy Viewing.

Film Promotions on Television : Is it a healthy trend??

Yes… off late this has been a common trend in Indian Television Industry. Every other week we see film promotions on various shows, be it Reality Shows, Dance or Musical shows. So where is this trend going? Sonam & Neel Nitin makes an appearance in (Bigg Boss season 4) recently to promote Players, Imran and Katrina seen in India’s Got Talent (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan), Shahid and Sonam seen cheering the contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs (Mausam) and many more… the list is endless. Every now and then film stars are seen dancing, singing and judging various reality shows.

Earlier these celebs use to make guest appearances in some of the reality shows stating it to be one of the special episodes and now the audience is wise enough to understand that this guest appearance is just to promote one of their flicks releasing on Friday. I often wonder why do these Big banners needs this kind of promotion, answer to this is attract the mass. TV and especially REALITY Show is one Medium which reaches out to every household in India. Adds and celeb interviews are common these days and it limits the viewers age group..I mean how many viewers above 40 would actually sit and watch celebs interview after all!! I am pretty sure every household follows one reality show at least or at least one daily soap so why not capture their attention and promote the movie to all age group. Television shows are huge hits in India and now it’s serving to be a gold mine for film promotions as well.

How does channel producer react to this new trend…well it’s a win-win situation for the both the parties, both get mileage out of this. Appearance of a movie star adds more color and spark to the show, increase their TRP too. It’s also a treat for the audience to have their favorite actor making appearance on various shows making them tune to a show which earlier they might not be following.

I personally feel that these promotions have gone overboard when the entire crew makes appearance on every possible show. There has to be a connect between the movie script and how it is presented in the reality show. The manner films are being promoted today kills the essence of promotion of films as well the show. We the audience feel cheated when we are forced to see a celebrity enter our favorite show every other week! Somehow the link of the television show is broken and the smooth flow is not seen. The focus shifts from finding the best Talent (Singer, dancer or any other talent) to the stars who go on and on about their films.

So viewers what’s your take on this?? Do you feel cheated as well or do you enjoy the weekly promotions of every possible movie!!………  Looking forward to your views on this topic……

Isn’t this amazing- Brazil’s no. 1 TV show is inspired by India

Caminho Das Indias

Caminho Das Indias

Caminho Das Indias (India’s Way), yes that’s the name of the show that has got all the Brazialians hooked up to TV! The theme- “Upper-caste girl meets Dalit boy. They fall in love. Girl’s evil family objects and tries to marry her off. Boy decides he must fight for his ladylove.” That’s very much Indian, right?

What’s more interesting is that they haven’t tried to mix their culture at all. Set at Rajasthan the show even uses some Hindi terms and also uses Bollywood style filming (where kissing scenes are cut just at the right time :-)). The show has made Brazilians understand Indian culture better and they are just loving it. Read full story here.

Just as Indians are looking elsewhere to get a clue about other countries’ culture and incorporate them in Indian shows, foreigners are seeking India. This is a very good process which can lead to cross-culturism in a new and effective way. As more and more common people get to about other countries they will start understanding thier rituals and religions and will eventually help make this World a better place. Yeah.. right I may be too optimistic, but what’s the harm!