Wait and watch as we unveil better and improved version of iDubba’s Viral

Hello Fans!

Thanks for an overwhelming response to iDubba’s first version. We are really overjoyed with the kind of response we received even during this content promotion.

Our main motive was to let you know about the concept we are working on and take your feedbacks to improve our product. We are incorporating those changes and we’ll present you a better and improved version of our Viral in a day or two. This will be a public launch for viral and we are hoping to get good number of dedicated users.

Thanks for all your support. Keep spreading the word for iDubba as we go on launching a next generation website for TV buffs.

iDubba now Blogs for Indian Startups too!


Here is a great news for all iDubba fans- iDubba will also Blog for Indian Startups from now onwards!

After analyzing the traffic, major portion of which was coming through sites related to startups we thought of jumping into this category too!

Since we ourselves are a startup and our team includes only first generation entrepreneurs, we thought of this addition as a logical step.

We will put here a combination of: Startup reviews,Startup updates, investment news and other resources, links and updates which will help startup enthusiasts in taking that crucial leap, forward.

So all startup enthusiasts and founders of startups, you can subscribe our newsletter to get these latest updates!

Your feedback is also important. Please use the comment section freely to let us know your views about iDubba’s Blog.


iDubba Team.