I luv my india- viewpoint of Nausheen RAJA [viewer’s section]

Viewer’s Section: iDubba is glad to announce that we are introducing “Viewer’s Section” from today where anybody can participate and submit their views about any show on tv. We may even approach you over Twitter and ask for various viewpoints before publishing your thoughts here. Enjoy today’s view-point from Nausheen Raja.

I Luv My India was created by DJ’s A Creative’s Unit, surprising or not it’s the same Production House as Parvarrish which airs on Sony TV. Some may wonder why I Luv My India didn’t do as well as Parvarrish is doing. Anyway, that’s another topic for another time.  Unfortunately, the show only lasted about two months (60 episodes only)!

I Luv My India was a family comedy show based on an Indian family, The Sethis. The focus of the show was on Indian family values in a light-hearted manner. The show starred Premnath (Arun Bali) and Deep Sethi (Himani Shivpuri). They had been living in London for many years and kept dreaming of the day they will go back home with their family to Punjab, India. They were a family of three generations who lived under one roof. The first generation was very patriotic, the head of the family Premnath (Arun Bali) and his wife Deep Sethi (Himani Shivpuri). The second generation their children Ravinder (Imran Khan) married to Vinny (Dilnaz Irani), Rajinder (Indresh Malik) married to Simran aka Simmi (Anjali Mukhi) and Surinder aka Sam (Rohan Tiwari). The third generation was their grandchildren Ravinder and Vinny’s son Prem (Ayaz Khan). Rajinder and Simmi’s children were Jazzy and Dimple. The children and grandchildren as they were born and raised in London (except for Ravinder who was born in Punjab) they all have adapted to the English ways of doing everything and stay well away from anything and everything desi. They even addressed their grandparents as ‘grand-mom’ and ‘grand-pa’. The show revolves around the family and their ways of living.

The first episode was very grand with all that happens when a Punjabi celebration takes place. Deep Sethi dreams of her entire family living in Punjab. She wants her family to be who they are; that is Punjabi but that doesn’t look like it will ever happen. They try to convince their children to go to India but as they were London born children so they were not willing to leave. Suddenly, circumstances changed and they all had to leave for India.

The initial episodes were beautifully shot. The typical Punjabi things like the bhangra, dhol, food and so on were all present. The viewers especially those abroad would have loved to see the celebration taking place as it would have brought back a reminder of their motherland. To top it all, the patriotic song (Pagri sambhal jatta) played was like the icing on the cake. In the beginning, the first few episodes were great to watch. It showed the love for India within the lead characters which came across very well. The idea of this show was brilliant but it didn’t work long enough.

Why didn’t it last?

The main reason the story wasn’t able to follow through was as a result, the TRPs which had been falling from the beginning and not once did it reach even TRP of 1. The concept of the show was contemporary and very close to real life. Sadly, the ratings did not match up to what the show was or could have been. The show was battling with the likes of Star PlusIss Pyar ko kya naam doon and ColorsBalika Vadhu which have higher ratings. However, if the show had a different time slot it probably would have gained better ratings. 
Anyway, I loved watching it, including all the nonsense that happened in it. The characters as individuals brought a new vibe to television. This was an attempt to entertain viewers which I’m sure it did. Well I can say that it did entertain me. I myself can relate to this show very much as I was also born and raised in London but have always been very close to my roots, Kashmir. Being born in London or anywhere else doesn’t automatically mean you’re only where you were born or live but it’s a choice people make. This show has visualised how London born children of a family, did not value their true roots of India but when they went there they learned the true meaning of being an Indian. I Luv My India has ended positively by showing the grandparents dream coming true of the family living together happily in India.

On a final note, I wish the cast and crew all the very best for the future and their next project(s) be entertaining and a success.

[Note: This post was written by our TV viewer Nausheen Raja and was edited by Mehak]

West meets East – I Love My India

I Love My India 😉

Yes it’s the latest show on Sab TV and it’s set to knock on your television sets from 20th Feb. SAB TV is already well known for the comedy shows such as “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”  “R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya” “Lapataganj” “FIR” and Chidiya Ghar. But now they are planning to rope in a bit of International flavour ie when “West meets East” 😉

It’s a story of an NRI Punjabi family living in London.  You might wonder what happens when an NRI family that has been far away from Indian culture and India is suddenly forced to come back to India and adjust to the Indian Culture. You can very well imagine amount of chaos in this entire backdrop. 

The star cast of the show includes actress Dilnaz Irani, Anjali Mukhi and actor Rohan Tiwari. Dilnaz Irani will be playing the role of Imran Khan aka Ravindar’s wife, and Vinny Sethi who will be the elder daughter-in-law of the family. Her character will portray her background of being born and brought up in UK. Hence she will be unaware of the Indian culture. On the other hand, gracious actress Anjali Mukhi will be playing the role of younger daughter-in-law of Sethi family as Sinni Sethi. Her character in the serial will portray her side of behaving and talking like a foreigner.

You might agree that somehow all of us have some relatives or friends living abroad and who have to adjust to situation in India when they are here. These circumstances entertain us and we cherish the memories forever. The show is making an attempt to remind us of our cultural values in an amusing way.

So do you think this new show would be able make a special place amongst the existing comedy shows? Hope that I Love My India story will might touch the heart of every Indian family because the story makes proud every Indian. So, get ready for 20th February, 2012 to watch I Luv My India on SAB TV.

Happy Viewing