Cricket is the favourite sport of India ,so we entitled it as the ‘The Religion Of India’,similarly Football can be entitled as ‘The Religion Of The World’.Though the demographic trends in viewer ships with respect to Football in India is not quite impressive , but it is not bad even,states like Delhi,Maharashtra ,Karnataka and Tamil Nadu  are very excited about this game.Moreover  there is always an upsurge throughout the country in its viewer ships  during its mega event like “FIFA WORLD CUP”.FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 is already creating a buzz in India.

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Bollywood  is also very excited about this event .John Abraham is a football fan and is all set to watch

the FIFA world cup 2010 live in South Africa, he would be cheering for the Spaniards.He also went to Berlin last time to see the world cup final between France and Italy,His favourite players  are Lionel Messi (Argentina) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Bollywood Music Industry is also ready to take advantage of this event.Salim-Sulaiman duo are going to compose a song for FIFA WORLD CUP.They have been approached by a corporate body associated with FIFA .The corporate body is mostly  made up of Indians, so they wanted them to compose a sports anthem for the world cup ,on the lines of Chakde India.However they agreed ,but on making a song on Africa rather than football,as they wanted the song to last longer than the duration of the World Cup.Salim Merchant said that since the song titled ‘Africa’ is in English,the duo got the rock band Tough On Tobacco’s frontman and a well known independent musician Sidd Coutto to sing on it.Incedently the song ‘Africa’ was penned down by Merchant’s wife Jeanne Merchant,who is a musician herself.

Recently the FIFA organisation heard the song and loved it..And now there are plans to take the song even further.The composer duo is now planning  to get iconic  Senegalese singer and Grammy Award winner ,Youssou N’Dour,on board to sing the song.

Another Bollywood singer Kailash Kher has been signed to sing three songs fo an album to be associated with FIFA WORLD CUP 2010.

All thanks to them,India is being represented well at the mega sports event.