What inspires a Startup?

Before I answer this question, I should answer another question first- What inspired me to write this post? The other day I was having a discussion with my Father when I subconsciously asked him about ‘the type of Businessmen’ in this world. I had a doubt about Businesses and their motives when I asked him this- Why is that there are local businesses running well over 200-300 crores but are not very famous or well known? On the other hand why we have some Entrepreneurs who sold there businesses for some crores but are really well known and sought after (especially by Startups like us)? Well, his answer was simple but it fuelled a new thought in my mind. This is what he said to me-

There are 3 types of businessmen in this World-

  1. Those who are intellectually famous but financially not so affluent (not having a 200-300 crore business),
  • Those who are financially very affluent but are intellectually weak (not having an influential friend network) .. [Read full Post here.]
  • My Article on Economic Times on Startup tips

    My article on Startups was published by Economic Times (Delhi/Mumbai and Bangalore) Friday edition. Here are my 10 tips on starting up without QUITTING YOUR JOB”

    Do let me know your thoughts on this :). To read a detailed version of this article visit my Startup Lessons page.

    Startups are like “2012″!

    I don’t know how many of you have watched the Movie “2012”, but I watched it 2 times and found it an extremely interesting one! It’s not just about the story, the way a person can relate to Movie is also appreciative. But somehow I thought that the movie teaches many lessons, especially from an Entrepreneur’s point of View.

    There are many instances where a Startup can easily see it’s own picture on the Screen. When I watched the movie second time I could relate some dialogues with my own life. It was quite funny too. For instance there is a scene in 2nd half where they talk of selling shuttle seats for some billions of dollars to a Saudi Sheikh – They argue that it’s unfair – To this US Mayor yells “Do you think without billions of dollar aid from Private Investors this mammoth task was ever possible?”. Continue reading..