What’s wrong with Indian entertainment and why Rs 100 Cr Bollywood club is not cool?

We recently interviewed Abhigyan Jha Founder & CEO of Undercover Productions Ltd (the man behind JayHind TV and hits like Movers and Shakers). We asked him what he thought about the Rs 100 Cr club which Movie makers feel proud of and what challenges Indian entertainment industry is facing. The answers he gave are very candid, fascinating and revealing. Read them with your eyes wide open ūüôā


Why do u think 100 Crore Bollywood club is not cool?


We have 121 crore people in this country so accordingly it doesn‚Äôt make sense. If a movie is making 100 crores business that means it’s collecting less than Rs 1 per capita which is extremely low. If we take example of US which has 310 million people, and movies there make upto 3-4 dollars per capita, we can see a huge difference. The simple reason for this huge disparity is that most Indians are not watching Bollywood movies and it proves that the content of our movies is getting pathetic. These figures about how much a movie has collected from the success at box office are misleading for a country like India. 3 idiots was the only movie that came close to selling 3 crore tickets in last 30 years. The top 3 Bollywood films by Box Office Gross ever are Mughal-e-Azam, Ganga Jamuna & Sholay and 3 Idiots is at a lousy 36th spot. (as per Box Office Bollywood Gold Standard). Shahrukh Khan‚Äôs movies are not even in the top 40. Mr. Bachchan has only 2 movies in top 50 – Sholay and Amar Akbar Anthony and he was not the solo actor in both. Mr. Dilip Kumar comes out as the biggest hero. Most of his films are in the top 20 grossing films. What went wrong was that after 1980 our filmmakers started making really bad movies.

When you call movies like Sholay and Mughal-e-azam, Superhits with collections close to or higher than Rs.1000 Crores, in the same breadth you cannot call movies like Housefull, a hit by any standard. We should not be told how much money, the movie made but instead how many people are actually watching the movie: How many tickets were actually sold. Movies, Television shows and Music in our country are not serving the right content but everybody is in denial mode that nothing is wrong. We are being told numbers which mean nothing: no one can get a sense out of TRP and Box Office Gross that very few people are actually watching even the so called HITS! Nobody will be able to tell you how many viewers are watching a “2.5 TRP rated show” ! Not even the channel people would know except for the strategy and marketing team. The Hindi Speaking market in India is at least 50 crore people out of which only 70 lakhs would be watching a show whose TRPs are 2 or more. In 1992-93, on a Hit series like say Dekh Bhai Dekh: each episode was made between 5.5 or 6 lakhs and unbelievably, the amount spent per episode of a show is the same today as well. After 20 years of inflation & Rupee Devaluation.


So you think the content as whole is degrading? Not just movies?


We all remember Altaf Raja? He sold 27 lakh cassettes of his non-movie album near the end of 1990s and today an artist cannot sell even 2 lakhs. People are paying to get Airtel’s own jingle as ringtone but not Hindi Bollywood music. What can you do when everybody is in denial?

The recent show Satyameva Jayate had received a TRP of 3.0. Apparently Amir Khan has spent 30 crores on marketing and 7 crore per episode. They were trying to reach around 12 million people of India by telecasting the show on Doordarshan apart from Star Network. But this is not enough if they got 3 ratings for the show. It is a complete waste.

Let’s take another brilliant example- UK has a population of 60 million people and its number one show is the Music reality show done by ‚ÄėSimon Cowell‚Äô which has around 9-10 million viewers. That’s a whopping 17-18% of the population.


Why these days no “real” blockbuster Movie is coming out of industry?


They have forgotten how to make a blockbuster and they have given up. It is like ‚ÄėBaniya‚Äô game. Just like a small merchant would not like to make it big, similarly the Indian filmmakers never think of scale. They put 20 crores in a film and getting back 100 crores and this is sufficient for them. Nobody has been able to scale as they are satisfied. The filmmakers are looking at small number of people and at a much smaller universe. We don‚Äôt have the reach or the ambition to scale. Nobody is attempting to make it big. We don‚Äôt want to grow and we look at everything from the wrong side. A question to the filmmakers – Why do u make a film? Is it because you want to make money or you want people to watch your movie by showing them an amazing story and screenplay? If it is just the money then these filmmakers should have chosen the job of bankers, merchants or something else.

Can we even think of putting Yashraj Productions in comparison to Walt Disney? Can we compare what SRK does in terms of movies in comparison to Tom Cruise?

This year, IPL connected around 20 crore people in one or the other way. IPL alone is more than half of our Bollywood industry in terms of theatrical revenues. This proves that Bollywood is failing massively at attracting audiences to watch it’s movies.


Has Hollywood movies doing extremely good in India affected Bollywood?


No they are not doing extremely good but they have started doing well now. It started from the first Spiderman in India which had made the highest collection by a Hollywood film at the time.


Do you think Hollywood will surpass Bollywood in India in upcoming times? If yes, what lessons Bollywood needs to learn?


Yes, it can. Distribution system of Bollywood is to be blamed primarily. These are family based distribution systems that need to be changed.


Is there a hope that this pathetic content being delivered continuously can change?


Content can change and it is possible. It might change tomorrow or day after tomorrow. It doesn’t take much time/effort to change.

Vicky Donor was a recent good example. If an average film is like Vicky Donor, in quality then it’s a good sign. Paan Singh Tomar is another example of a movie which was not marketed properly but if it had been marketed like Kahani then it could have done better than Kahani.

So here we are throwing some really open questions to our Movie and TV show makers. What do you think of Indians as an audience?

Doordarshan is back with Season 2 of Bharat Ki Shaan!

Yes, you read it right ūüôā Doordarshan does have its own¬†singing Reality Show. And it‚Äôs called as ‚ÄúBharat Ki Shaan‚Ä̬†and this time its back with Season 2. I know at times we do end up ignoring DD and its shows. Do read our previous blog about Doordarshan, which might take you back in time of the golden days of Doordarshan;¬†“Once upon a time…Nation’s favorite channel “Doordarshan”. Well now things have changed a lot, thanks to¬†Satellite channels that have taken over our television experience. So do you think this show will make an impact in this fierce competition of Reality shows? Well only time will tell what happens. Till then let‚Äôs find out a little background about this new singing reality show.

The show was started by¬†Gajendrra Siingh’s Saibaba Telefilms as it was¬†his first time working with¬†Doordarshan, and it started in 2009. Bappi Lahiri¬†and Kavita Krishnamurthi were the judges¬†while¬†Abhas Joshi¬†of Star Voice of India fame and¬†Deepali Kishore¬†of Indian Idol fame were the hosts for the show. Sumit Khatri was the winner of the 1st season. And now in 2012 they are back with season 2. ¬†Let’s not forget that Gajendrra Siingh was the creator of shows such as¬†Antakshari, Voice of India, Chotte Ustaad and Music ka Maha Muqabala. So what is special about this show?

  • Well¬†there is no channel like DD that covers the length and breadth of our nation and hence a competition between the metros and non-metros would be something that audiences would look forward to
  • Yes,¬†it will be¬†a¬†musical war between metros and non-metros, as the show aims to focus more on talent rather than looks
  • The¬†show will have singer Usha Uthup and music director Ismail Darbar playing mentors as well as judges and Manoj Tiwari will host it
  • A pan-India search will be made across 20 cities which will result in the first set of contestants who will fight for the title
  • It will have 52-episodes, which has already begun on April 23, and¬†will be aired every Monday and Tuesday

So would you give it a try, and manage to pick your Tv remote and watch this show?¬†Well, remember, Doordarshan was one your favourite channel.. Once upon a time ūüėČ Do let us know your views on this unique concept of competition between the talents from Metros and Non – Metros.

Happy Viewing

All you wanted to know about Satyamev Jayate & Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan on Television” we normally associate this phrase when we watch his movies on television or on some news channel. But this phrase will have a new meaning the moment his 1st Show on Television will be aired on 6th May at 11:00. Yes you read it right, it’s a Sunday. As mentioned in our previous post “Will ‚ÄúSatyamev Jayate‚ÄĚ bring about change in the Indian Television scenario?”¬†It was not difficult to understand that this Show will surely be a A win win situation for Channels and Audience.

iDubba tries to find out some of the reasons why¬†“Satyamev Jayate” has the potential to change the Indian Television scenario:

  • Satyameva Jayate¬†will be first Indian television show to be telecast simultaneously by a private entertainment television channel and Doordarshan‚ÄĒthe national broadcaster.¬†Yes it will be shown on DD. Apart from Star Plus; the show will also have simulcast on STAR Pravah, STAR Jalsha, STAR Utsav, Asianet and STAR Vijay within the STAR Network
  • The show is scheduled to¬†telecast on Sundays at 11 A.M. Mr Khan wanted to telecast it on Sunday as this is considered as “family TV viewing” slot in Indian Television and also¬†TV shows such as ¬†Mahabharata and Ramayana were aired on Sunday mornings,¬†and well, we all¬†know¬†how successful these shows were
  • The title sponsorship has been signed at around 16 – 20 crore, while associate sponsors have paid 6 – 7 crore. WOW… This is huge…Right?
  • There are reports that Aamir Khan is getting paid Rs 3 crore to anchor¬†Satyamev Jayate. So is he the highest paid actor on Indian Television? Well¬†here you go…Amitabh apparently got a fee of Rs 2 crore for his stint in Kaun Banega Crorepati 5, while Salman got reportedly around Rs 2 crore for lending his presence to Bigg Boss 5
  • Aamir Khan¬†along with Ram Sampath, (music director of Delhi Belly) has¬†created 16 songs for the 16 episodes. This too is a first of its kind

Well these are just some of the facts about this show that make it a unique show even before it’s 1st episode being aired. As we all know the Marketing King of Films would definitely have one of a kind plan for his 1st Television show. So here are a few that¬†might¬†impress you.

– The teasers of the show have been all over YouTube

РMakers of show has booked around 2,000 slots for the broadcaster’s promos in 27 hours for an amount of 6.25 crore

РThe theme song of the show will be shown in 300 theaters across India after the national anthem. Yes in Movie Halls, Only Aamir Khan can come up with such amazing idea

So are you all excited to watch this one of a kind show? Do you think this will be a win win situation for Channels and Audience?

Happy Viewing ūüôā

Animation Channels in India – A real treat for kids

The moment you think of Cartoons you go back in your “Childhood days”. Before the army of¬†Satellite¬†channels were introduced only Doordarshan was available and it was ever so famous as they used to telecast cartoon and animated shows for the Indian audience. It was full dhamaal for the Kids. I still remember the days when we used to wait for¬†Duck Tales,¬†Talespin,¬†Jungle Book,¬†Chip and Dale¬†, Tenali raman,¬†Flash gordon,¬†Denice the menace¬†and many other cartoon shows. The list is¬†endless and the fun too¬†was unlimited. Doordarshan was the only channel till 1995 that had managed to put a big smile on the faces of kids.

But soon things were about to change, in fact about to get more interesting. Cartoon Network started broadcast in India as the dual-channel TNT & Cartoon Network in 1995 with Cartoon Network initially operating from 5:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m, with Turner Classic Movies (formerly TNT) taking up the remainder of the daily schedule. Later the time slice of Cartoon Network was increased up to 9 p.m and as the popularity raised, on 1st July 2001, Cartoon Network India became a separate 24-hour channel. This meant more shows for kids, more variety of cartoon characters.

Following are some of the popular shows on Cartoon Network:

–¬†¬†Ed, Edd n’ Eddy

–¬†Dexter’s Laboratory

–¬†Tom and Jerry

–¬†Johnny Bravo

–¬†Looney Tunes

–¬†Powerpuff Girls

 Swat Kats

–¬†Scooby Doo

–¬†Jonny Quest

Courage the Cowardly Dog

So we are done with 2 channels who have managed to entertain the kids, so let‚Äôs find out more such channels. Next in line is Disney Channel India.¬†Disney Channel began broadcasting in India in 2004.¬†The Channel is very popular among Children between 5‚Äď17 years of age. Disney Shows are available in¬†English,¬†Hindi, and sometimes¬†Telegu. And on top of that¬†Disney Channel India airs movies at¬†11am¬†IST¬†and¬†7pm¬†IST¬†on weekends.


Following are some of the popular shows aired on Disney Channel:

–¬†Hannah Montana Forever

–¬†Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo


–¬†Mickey Mouse Club


Now its time for a channel whose name itself might make you smile ūüėČ Yes you guessed it right “POGO‚ÄĚ. It was¬†launched on 1 January 2004,primarily shows¬†animated¬†programming and some live-action shows.¬†Annually, it also showcases¬†Pogo Amazing Kids Awards¬†which are held in parts of India and children with nurtured talent are nominated for many categories.¬†All shows are available in¬†English¬†and¬†Hindi. Some shows are also available in¬†Tamil.

 Following are some of the popular shows aired on POGO :-

–¬†Chota Bheem

–¬†Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

–¬†The Pink Panther Show

–¬†Time Squad

–¬†Anpanman Breadman

–¬†The Smurf

Hang on, there is more, let‚Äôs check out¬†Nickelodeon India. It¬†is a Television Channel devoted to children in¬†India. It was first started in 1999 by¬†Viacom International¬†and currently¬†Viacom 18. Nickelodeon India is an¬†English¬†Pay TV channel, with the option of a¬†Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.¬†Nick India contains a lot of cartoon programmes that appeal to children such as¬†SpongeBob SquarePants¬†and Ninja Hattori-kun. Besides that, educational shows for toddlers, like¬†Dora The Explorer, are featured in Nick India’s pre-school block.

Some more,¬†Dont¬†worry just sit back a enjoy the shows ūüôā Next on the list we have Hungama TV.¬†The only local kids’ 17 hours¬†Hindi¬†Entertainment channel in¬†India, Hungama TV has been on high heels since its inception and now it has reached the second position in kids channel genre.¬†It hosts two of the most popular shows of Japan,¬†Doraemon¬†and¬†Shinchan, which is, probably, the key to its popularity. It has also introduced language feeds in¬†Telugu¬†and¬†Tamil.

Next on the list we have Animax India. This is a Japanese anime broadcasting television channel in India and currently airs in English 24 hours a day. This channel is a part of Japanese media and Sony. It is also the first animation channel to be targeting from age 13-35 and the only channel to show a lot of anime programmings. Animax began operations across India and the rest of South Asia from 5 April 2004.

And finally we have¬†Toon Disney. It¬†was an¬†American¬†cable television¬†channel¬†owned by¬†The Walt Disney Company. A spinoff of¬†Disney Channel, it mostly aired¬†children’s¬†animated series¬†and some live action programming. Its format had similarities to those of¬†Cartoon Network¬†and¬†Nicktoons. The channel’s target audience was children between 2‚Äď12, and 7-14 during its nighttime block called¬†Jetix.

Looking at the long list of channels for kids, i am sure you too might want to be kids again. There is a lot of variety of channels and shows for kids of different age groups. So which is your favorite cartoon character? Is it from the Doordarshan days, or the latest ones?

Happy Viewing.

TV channels at your Comfort and Convenienc‚Äče – 515 Channels in India!!

Surprised? So was I when I came to know that there are currently 515 over-the-air and satellite television channels available in India. You read it right,its 515 Channels ūüôā¬†Most of us have grown up watching Doordarshan and few other DD channels as the only entertainment and news source. But as Television started getting popular and became a household necessity, the number of channels have increased drastically. These days its no more just televisi on, it’s satellite TV. Shows at your fingertips as they call it.

So do you think we really need 500+ channels? If there so many, roughly how many channels do we end up watching or for that matter even surfing on a daily basis? Tough question to answer.. Right?

The point that we are trying to make is the more the number of channels you have, the more variety you might end up watching. On the other hand some might say that the more are the number of channels, more option the audience get which leads to more confusion. It’s a key line “If you can’t convince someone Confuse them :).”

For example Doordarshan has show dedicated to Music (Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Ek Se Badkar Ek and Superhit Muqabla ) and mythological dramas such as Ramayan  and Mahabharat. Now a days there are Channels completely dedicated to Music and Drama serials. We have channels separately for children which airs Cartoon shows 24/7. We have educational channel, travel channel, Channel which airs food show. So now if you have to watch music, you have a long list of options to watch out for. Times have really changed to the extent that now you can sit in your home and order movies (Latest). Thanks to Movies on Demand concept. Not only this, regional channels form a big part of this 515 channels. There are channels practically in every language Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and lot more…

Let us try to find out some of the stats that might help you to understand this unique phenomenon

– Did you know that hindi television channels have the highest market share and are available throughout the country

– Presently, Doordarshan operates 21 channels ‚Äď two All India channels – DD National and DD News, 11 Regional language Satellite Channels (RLSC), four State Networks (SN), an International channel, a Sports Channel DD Sports and two channels Rajya Sabha TV & DD-Lok Sabha for live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings

– There are 13 sports channels that are currently active on Indian Television. Sony Six being the latest entry into this category

– 31 News Channels (Hindi and English) and 18 Regional news… The huge ūüėČ

Р12 Music Channels. Sony Mix being the latest entrant in this category

– 12 Movie Channels

– 12 Channels dedicated to Kids

Well the list of categories is endless and would be difficult to accommodate all of them. From Traditional Antennae to Cable box to Dish TV to now Satellite direct (watch TV from your PC) Television has come a long way. Keeping hectic schedule in mind and also variety of choice of channels in Single family technology is coming up with ways to satisfy one and for all. Now all of us love watching television through the comfort and convenience. How do you love watching television On time shows?? Recorded Shows?? On PC via Satellite or on iDubba ūüôā Do share your viewing mode.

(Source for list of channels:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_television_stations_in_India)

What does Television mean to you?

For some of you this must be a very ‚ÄúEasy to answer‚ÄĚ question while for some others it might be difficult. Fortunately or unfortunately no one has ever asked me this question. I often wonder, if someone came up with such a question -what my answer will be! At the very first instance you might end up saying that a TV is a TV (an idiot box is what it is also referred to). You switch it on; you switch it off, surf channels and then watch your favourite shows or movies. Some get glued to the News Channels, kids to their cartoon shows and some to the latest music channels. In short it‚Äôs an entertainment tool that helps you to pass on time.
What does Television mean to you??
Well, to answer this question, I will have to take you back in time when there used to be just 1 or 2 television sets in our entire building. I mean just imagine just 1-2 TV set and we all used to try our best to get a glimpse of it. There was only one channel ‚ÄúDoordarshan‚ÄĚ. Trend¬† that time was that people used to finish their work well in advance just to ensure that they don’t miss their favourite show (the culture of repeat telecast was not present in those days). Especially on Sundays the entire family and the neighboring kids used to just spend their mornings in front of the television. Somehow I feel that there was a sense of emotional attachment towards television. It was a proud moment for the families who used to buy a television and specially if it‚Äôs a color TV then one was considered super cool ;). And people would actually visit once to see what it looks like. It was more like a family member than just being an idiot box (as it is considered today).
Television in those days was a medium to bring the entire family under one roof and have a gala time (My personal opinion)
Today, things are totally different, television is a common thing in every household. You can also see an army of Dishes on the terrace and balcony’s, as Cable Television / Satellite has completely changed the viewing experience. Now at the touch of a button, you can order a Movie on your screen, watch news 24/7, enjoy your favourite shows with repeats. Some how I feel that the importance and the value of television is lost as there are so many options available in terms of content. Now you will not find that excitement and emotional quotient towards television. Also you might find that families and kids like to watch television in their separate rooms. The culture of watching it together is somehow lost. Well as times have changed, we too have to move on with it.
What are your views on this, what does television mean to you…. Looking forward to your wonderful and golden memories that you had for television in those days, or for that matter in the present times too.
 Happy Viewing.

Who is your favorite Indian News Anchor!!!

Breaking News !! Breaking News !! Breaking News!!

If i would have asked who is your favorite actor, actress, sportsperson, director, sports etc etc, well most of you will have a ready answer. As these are very popular categories in their respective fields. But what if I ask you about your favorite News Anchor !! Tuff one… right. Well let me help you with the options, I guess that might make it easy (difficult) for you all.

Let me start with a background about this amazing field, this amazing profession. A news anchor is a person who presents a news bulletin. Many anchors are also involved in writing and/or editing the news for their programs. A News Anchor examine, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources.There are a lot news anchors that are doing a fabulous job and have brought a new face of journalism. These faces not only bring out the facts and figures but today they have become the voice of a common man and debate for the societal issues. Most of you might go back to the Doordarshan days, when the New Anchors were handful, and also there were no 24/7 news channels. Now things have changed drastically, and now not matter what time it is, you can be in touch with the world of news at your finger tips, with a click of a button.

So, lets get down to the News Anchors who have made India Proud, and have taken Journalism to a whole new level.

Prannoy Roy:¬†Who can forget Mr. Prannoy Roy, he rose to fame with the program “The World This Week” on Doordarshan. and used to also cover elections and analyse the results. He is founder and the president of New Delhi Television (NDTV) and is one of the pioneers of Indian television journalism.

Arnab Goswami:¬†Those who have seen “The News Hour” on Times Now, might not need any introduction about him. But let me still take this opportunity to write a few words about him. Arnab is the Editor in Chief and News anchor of Times Now. Arnab started his career with The Telegraph in Kolkatta. Goswami began his career in TV news broadcast with NDTV 24×7 in 1995. PS: Don’t watch this show “The News Hour” once, this might help you to make a decision ;).

Barkha Dutt:¬†The moment we hear her name, all we can think of his her reporting of the Kargil conflict in 1999. Since then she has since covered conflicts in Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. She has won many national and international awards, including the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honour. Currently, she is Group Editor-English News, NDTV, and the host of “We the People”, a weekly discussion show on current events.

Rajdeep Sardesai: He is a journalist, political commentator and news presenter. Rajdeep Sardesai is the Editor-in-Chief of IBN18 Network, that includes CNN-IBN, IBN-7 and IBN-Lokmat. He entered television journalism in 1994 as Political Editor, New Delhi Television (NDTV). He was particularly recognized for his coverage of the Gujarat riots.

Rajat Sharma:¬†Aap ki Adalat is all that comes to our minds when we think of Rajat Sharma. He is the founder of the Indian Hindi news channel India TV. He is, unarguably, the best known face on Indian news television. He has grilled over 500 personalities with a trademark smile in the longest running television show in India’s Television History.

Shereen Bhan: Shereen Bhan is the Executive-Editor CNBC-TV18. She has interviewed some of the biggest names in business and politics. She anchors and produces Young Turks, one of the longest running shows on CNBC-TV18 and the winner of the Best Business Talk show award at the News Television awards for two years consecutively. She won the FICCI woman of the year award for her contribution to the media in 2005.

Karan Thapar: Karan Thapar is the only Indian television professional who has worked for ten years in television outside India. Trained as a correspondent, producer, editor and presenter with London Weekend Television in the United Kingdom. Presently he is head of Infotainment Television (ITV), a television production house, making programmes for BBC, Channel NewsAsia, CNBC-TV18, CNN-IBN and Doordarshan. In January 2006 Karan Thapar hosted Devil’s Advocate, a primetime Sunday night one-to-one current affairs interview on CNN-IBN. The series began with a double bill with the President of Pakistan, General Musharraf, which made front page headlines both in India and Pakistan.

Its a long illustriousness list of some wonderful, hard-hitting news Anchors that Indian Television has seen. Looking forward to hear from you about your favorite Indian News Anchors. So, are you ready with your answer !! Happy Viewing… oopsss Happy News Viewing….