Will Dhoom 3 make a Dhoom at Box Office?

Dhoom series is back.… And this time it’s time for Dhoom 3 🙂  It is produced by Yash Raj Films’ Aditya Chopra (son of Yash Chopra) and was released in 2004. Earning over Rs. 42 crore ($9 million USD), and the film became one of the top-grossing Indian films of 2004 and Dhoom 2 grossed over 150 crore (US$29.93 million). This movie has brought in a new genre of movies akin to the fast paced motorcycle-robbery dramas and its sequel, Dhoom 2, was released in 2006. The movie had a significant cultural impact among urban Indian youth. It was blamed for an increase in incidents of street racing; bike-borne theft and stunting on public roads. 

So will Dhoom 3 make Dhoom at the Box office? What is so special about Dhoom 3 and why is there such a hype about it? Well, guess what? Mr Perfectionist is about to enter the Dhoom Series. Yes the film will feature Aamir Khan playing a negative character while both Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will continue in their now iconic roles of Jai Dixit and Ali . So what about the leading ladies? Reports are that Katrina Kaif wil be a part of the film.

Following are some of the facts that might interest you:

– Dhoom 2 was filmed in Mumbai (India), Namibia, Durban (South Africa), and Rio de Janeiro, (Brazil), making it the first Bollywood film to be filmed in Brazil!

– After the release of Dhoom Series, Robbery increased in cities where people after taking their money from ATMs or from banks were robbed at gunpoint and the robbers escaping on bikes

– Reportedly,the producer of the film, Aditya Chopra wanted to make the film in 3d format, but actor Aamir Khan is not convinced as he thinks ‘making a 3D film needs more expertise. Let’s wait and watch who will win 😉

– Our very own Copy Cat, oops Mr Original Pritam, will return once again to compose the music of the third installment

– Dhoom 2 was nominated for several awards that year, but only picked up a few of the major ones. At the Filmfare Awards, Hrithik Roshan won the Filmfare Award for Best Actor, out of five total nominations for the film

– Dhoom 3 starts shooting in May 2012

So are you excited to see Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3? Do you think it will be a blockbuster and beat its previous 2 versions? Do let us know your views about Dhoom 3. Also looking forward to know which was your favourite movie.. Dhoom or Dhoom 2?

Happy Dhooming… Happy Viewing 🙂

Sequel Mania – Is it a healthy trend !!!

Bollywood is following the sequel trend that is already a rage in Hollywood. Box-Office will witness a series of sequels in the coming months. Will they be huge hits as their predecessor movies or will they crash? Only time, movie and audience reaction will tell us that 😉 . Sajid Khan’s- Housefull 2, Kunal Deshmukh’s- Jannat 2, Ramesh Taurani’s – Race 2, Sachin Yardi’s – Kya Super Cool Hai Hum, Vikram Bhatt’s –Raaz 3 and 1920-The Evil Returns, Milan Luthria’s – Once Upon A Time in Mumbai 2 are few sequels much awaited this year.

So do you think the trend of doing sequels is healthy for Indian Film Industry? Well, the success of Munnabhai and Golmaal will certainly help us find answer this question. You might come up saying there have been some sequels which were not as popular as rest but isn’t the number is limited. Bollywood has witnessed a successful run of sequels to films like Dhoom, Munnabhai, Golmaal, Hera Pheri and Murderto name a few. And many more such sequels are all set to hit the movie theaters soon.

Some of you might question that why the film-makers are not coming up with New/original ideas, why some of them are just in search of a classic movie to just break it into pieces and they making a sequel. Going by the current trend, even before a film releases, filmmakers start planning its sequel going by its trade buzz. But while planning a Sequel, Dear Film-makers please also note that the Audience is always in a search of something new in the sequel and hence it’s important to portray something new & bring a new flavour. You must have noticed one interesting trend in Indian films, which is although most of these sequels repeats the characters but sometimes the story is completely different as compared to the predecessor film.

It takes you to a different world of story as if there was never a previous version of the movie. Also since the audiences are able to connect well with the movie and the characters and it become easier for the movie-makers to lure the audience to theatre. But at the end of the day, there is also a gamble in making a sequel, one had to live up to the expectations of the audience based on the first film. A badly made sequel can destroy the soul of the first film. And that’s the worst thing you can do. (Darna Zaroori Hai) 

Do let us know your views on this topic.  Which is your favourite Sequel Movie?

Happy viewing.