Bhumi Trivedi didn’t lie to judges in Indian Idol 5

I was just going through the community site of Indian Idol, and i found that a guy called Aditya commented that

“Miss Bhoomi Trivedi told lie in auditions that she had mixed up a Gujarati Rap. Actually that song is from album Karmacy, named Blood brother. Check it out. I strictly hate lairs as an Idol. Don’t vote her for further journey in the same show, if you really want true Indian Idol. Thanks”.

It was then that i did a little bit of research from my side ,of course to validate the details as i have no personal grudges with Bhumi, and i found that the Gujarati Rap song  which she claimed to mix with a  song by Spice Girls was   in fact by  “Karmacy”  named BLOOD BROTHERS ,but she didn’t lie , because she said i mixed up a gujrati rap with spice girl (If u wanna be my lover) and she did it brilliantly.

So Aditya my friend, please go through the videos of Karmacy and the audition ,and think twice before u speak.