Bigg Boss Season 5: It’s all about fights and more fights this season

If you have seen recent episodes of Bigg Boss Season 5, you can’t less agree with me that this show shouldn’t come with “Parental Guidance” as a word of caution but “Adult Content” warning. If you ask me to rate this show, then the word is “awful”. I believe, in fact, I am sure that contestants in this season are not 18 years and above. They are worse than 10 year olds. They pick fights on reasons that seem to be completely bizarre.

Before I sight examples of the fights and the reasons behind them, I would definitely like to draw your attention towards the season 1 of this controversial show, where we saw few normal verbal altercations between house inmates that you see happening around you in your regular life as well. However after 5 years it is clearly evident that the show and channel’s producers are so desperate to gain TRPs by hook or crook. So at the end it doesn’t even matter if they are hurting not Indian but “Human” sensibilities foremost.

The last Tuesday’s episode was horrifying to a limit where I just couldn’t hold back my jaw in shock and disgust both. Mahek Chahal was seen poking and irritating Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky and the next moment what I witnessed was far more controversial than expected. Sky just lost his mental control and hurled way too demeaning accusations on Mahek’s character. What followed was obviously Mahek’s retaliation to the comments by passing further degraded remarks on Sky’s character. And since that there has been nothing but characters assassination by those who were involved in the fight and obviously those who weren’t.

These inmates pick fights on getting less or not sharing enough food among each other. They have lost the basic common sense that exists in normal human beings. However I have my complete doubt that they are normal anymore. Agreed it is all scripted and they just do it for the sake of votes, but to this level of insanity!! Those who even try to get in between or sort out the arguments or fights get muddled up in the shit with everyone else.

Sadly the show has completely lost its original touch and concept which initially made it such a popular show.

So next time you tune in to the show, we have our warning sign below for you