Satyamev Jayate’s TRPs falling flat; Aamir Khan not bothered!

While Amir Khan discusses global topics with the audience …we will like to discuss him and his show Satyamev Jayate with our audience. Satyamev Jayate means Truth always triumphs but sadly TRPS are not telling the same story.

While Star reports a historic reach of 37.4 crore people over the first 4 episodes aired in India. This when extrapolated to All India Universe, as per industry conversions, means that the show has reached out to 37.4 crore Indians since its launch – that is 1 in every 3 Indians have watched Satyamev Jayate.

But then why is the show stepping down the ladder of Television Rating Points (TRP)? Airing on nine channels (Star Plus, Star Pravah, Star Jalsha, Star World, Star Utsav, Star Vijay, Asianet, ETV Telegu and Doordarshan) the shows depreciates. The Channel and Advertisers are disappointed with the gradual degradation as they expected Aamir’s TV debut to give a tough fight to Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati and mint a whole lot of money.

Aamir though is not taken aback with such responses. In an interview with a leading daily, Aamir said:

“I am very clear that our viewer ship is the highest ever. I don’t know what the advertisers do but I will tell you one thing. The reason I am not bothered about TRPs is because TRP number is given by just 7,000 boxes. And how 7000 boxes going to tell me what India is watching. TRP is very different from viewership. And I am bothered about viewer ship; I am concerned about it, not the TRPs.”

Mr. Perfectionist said that he is happy with people’s reactions and the show’s response is like dream come true. He said:

The show aims at awakening commoners and to change their thoughts. In fact, in a large number of issues… what is required is a change in attitude. For example, all of us are surrounded by this patriarchal kind of thinking. Now politicians can hardly change that. The feeling that people have… of not wanting a girl child… that is a feeling. So we are looking to provoke people to look inward, rather than outward.”

He wanted people to discuss debate and have an insight of what is happening around them; and shall we say the Show’s host is having his say as the show itself is one of the very few individual events (media or otherwise) to trend on Twitter every weekend with such high levels of conversation both in India and globally. The show has reached over 50 crore impressions in the online space. Satyamev Jayate crossed a million fans on Facebook, making it the fastest online fan community build up for a show on Indian Television.

Yes, it is different from an average reality show but not in terms of Drama. There has been a controversy that voices the positives and the negatives of the show. On one hand the doctors opposed the question that was raised towards their profession during the medical malpractice episode. On the other hand the Facebook fans are dishing out support messages for the show and their hero Aamir Khan. In fact the promotional activities keeps the drama quotient high as all through the week an Advert by Aamir himself hints about the next episode but does not disclose it till Sunday maintaining the suspense and excitement. Don’t forget the ice breaking music session at the end of every episode. So, the show lacks no Drama what so ever and it gives your goose bumps a trigger because it shows reality out and out but somehow the TRPs aren’t doing the same for the advertisers.

So, what should the Channel tell Sataymev Jayate’s team to bring in for TRPs?

Satyamev Jayate 8th episode video, reviews and reactions – “Toxic Food — Poison On Our Plate?”

Some people die to eat, some eat to die. Why do you eat? This was the promo of the latest episode. Interesting, right? Aamir Khan and his TV show “Satyamev Jayate” have undoubtedly created a lot of buzz and recently Aamir Khan and the Parliamentary panel met over to discuss core issues related to the medical fraternity including FDI in pharmaceuticals. And also parliament has recently passed a bill on stringent action to be taken against those guilty of child sex abuse. The earlier 7 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse , Marriages and dowry harassment , Does Healthcare Need Healing? “Where is the love?”   “Persons with Disabilities”  and Domestic Violence.

So are you ready to find out why we eat?

This time when the show started Aamir said that there are housewives, husbands and some students working in catering institutes. The question raised was how important is nutrition. The discussion was started with the example of pesticides. Research proves that children consume toxins from birth through their mothers’ milk. Dr Rashmi Sanghi’s study found that there was 400% & 800% more than the permissible limits of pesticides in breast milk samples. Soon there was a shocking story of a village in Kerela, Kasargod where such pesticides have been used for almost 25 years for farming of cashew nuts. Now you might ask “Is the government’s decision to spray Endosulfan misinformed and we as consumers are paying the price for it?”

The best people to talk about this poison are the farmers. The clippings proved that most of the times they have to use pesticides for commercial use. There were some who used to do farming without the use of pesticides, but only for their families and relatives. Soon there was one more guest on the show, Kavita who said that there are lakhs of farmers growing organic crops for their own consumption but the farmers cannot be blamed for this. And an astounding list of 67 pesticides used in India have been banned in other countries because of environmental and health concerns. What do you think compels farmers to use pesticides for commercial crops rather than not using any for both consumption & sale?

There was more shocking information when Dr Kabra said, “Certain pesticides result in stunted & deformed growth in children from birth“. To add to this there was a clipping of a farmer from Punjab who had witnessed the changes made during “The Green Evolution “. But do you think The Green Evolution marked the advent of previously unheard diseases in the country? Wait there is more to this drama. Mr Shroff, the owner of the biggest Pesticide Company in India disclosed that pesticides in large doses rather than the pesticide cause problems and also said there is no reason to monitor overuse of pesticides in what we eat. Strange? There was one more survey in Punjab where Gurpreet revealed that the entire food chain is contaminated by pesticides in what we eat. Guess what? High number of cancer patients due to pesticides in what we eat has named the train from Bhatinda to Bikaner as “Cancer Train”.

Depressing? Hang on; there is still some hope left. Dr Ramoo has encouraged many NPM techniques in Andhra Pradesh for cost-effective agriculture. Also he said that the higher the use of pesticides, the more we get to see pests in the area. Soon he also revealed that there are more than 100 techniques to control pests without pesticides in what we eat. So do you think that Safer and cheaper methods of pest control need to be aggressively promoted to create awareness & acceptance? Sikkim is one of the few states that encourage only organic farming for what we eat. Can other states follow this practice?

It must be said that Aamir Khan and his team never fails to impress. Today’s episode too was an eye opener. India has made world record as the highest number of rice and potato production in per acre, and they have been achieved by organic farming. So do you think that we should start having organic stuff? Well nothing can be achieved overnight, but we can all start it and move in the right direction.

Soon it was time for the 8th song of this series and this time it was sung by Krishna Beura. He is a playback singer who has sung songs in commercial Hindi and Oriya cinema.

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“Satyamev Jayate” 7th episode video, reviews and reactions – “Domestic Violence”

Aamir Khan and his TV show “Satyamev Jayate” is gaining momentum week after week.

On iDubba this show has seen Tune ins: 221, Ratings: 5.0 /5 from 135 users, Reviews/Comments: 70+.

Based on the social issues that were raised, many of the state governments have started to implement some of the solutions that were shared in the show. The latest being Maharashtra Government implementing Generic Medicine shops that the common man can afford. It seems that people have started to raise their voices against the basic needs that they should be given by the government. Well now it was time for the 7th episode, and time for a new social issue. The earlier 6 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse , Marriages and dowry harassment , Does Healthcare Need Healing? “Where is the love?”  and “Persons with Disabilities” So what will be the 7th episode about!! Well here you go.

This time when the show started Aamir said that there are only men in the audience today. And the topic that would be raised today as about Women’s Safety. The first question that was asked was “Where do you think Women are more unsafe”. And most of them said that they are most unsafe in public places. But as always we were wrong. They are most unsafe at home, and this was evident when they showed a report about some Hospitals. The govt survey revealed that 40% women are victim of domestic violence.  Satyamev Jayate team also did visit Bhabha Hospital in Mumbai and they revealed that nearly 40% of the women admitted were for cases of Domestic Violence. Shocking!!!  Wait there is more. According to a survey done by Yugantar Education Society almost 84% women are victims of Domestic Violence Is this a shocking figure?

The first story was about Snehalata Jadhav and her life. Her story was an eye opener about the kind of society that is present around us. Snehlata said that today she repents going through Domestic Violence for more than 15 years. She advises women to walk out of the torture. Domestic violence faced by women is yet another reflection of our society. The second story was about Rashmi and the trauma that she had to go through. She says most women don’t walk out because of insecurity & lack of courage. Both the women just wanted to get their freedom, and did not even ask for any money for any financial support. This evil of Domestic Violence is not confined to the poor families only. Writer Rashmi Anand is an example.

Soon there were some video clips that were shared by men who have actually gone ahead and committed Domestic Violence. And some of them were proud of their act. Really shocking to see they talk about it and not repenting about it.  The concept of Domestic Violence is based on the notion of patriarchy, which needs to be converted into equality.  Researchers have proved that Women have the capacity to work for longer duration than men, so one cannot justify that Men work hard and bring home frustration. Dr Kamla says the concept of Patriarchy is dehumanizing the men of this country. Do you agree? There was a very valid point that was raised by Kamla ji that Families should keep a property in the name of their daughter, rather than giving dowry. Also Parents should tell their daughters to walk off from Domestic Violence and not adjust to it.

Mr Balan, SP in Harnaya was also invited on the show to talk about this sensitive topic. Mr Balan did talk about Domestic Violence ACT. It says that no one can throw you out of the house; you have been living in it with your husband after marriage.  But the strange part is that Police & society believe that incidences of Domestic Violence must be sorted within the family. Does this thinking need to change? Some Police say, “Adjust karke raho” when a woman finally gathers her courage to go & file a report. Genetic memory of a patriachal society!

There was a ray of hope when Shanno ji was invited on the show, when she shared her story. Shanno was beaten black and blue by her husband because she took two minutes to open the door. And soon she did try to win back her freedom, the moment she hit back her husband. She gives the credit to her children for new Shanno Driver and her profession and her new strength. Shanno’s daughters worked so that she can train herself as a driver and take care of the family. They stood up against Domestic Violence. Shanno also went on to add, ‘It’s not necessary they should answer violence with violence, but they must stop the Domestic Violence in some way.

It must be said that Aamir khan and his team never fails to impress, today’s episode too was an eye opener.  There is no doubt that it is a clear reflection of the insensitive Indian mental attitude towards the women. Do you think the society is responsible for applauding violence & considering kindness a characteristic of the weak? Masculinity is often measured with three things – risk, violence and performance. Do you think, this is a pseudo belief?

Soon it was time for the 7th song of this series and this time it was the voice of  Meenal Jain and melody of Rama Sampath that managed to take the audiences into a new world.

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“Satyamev Jayate” 6th episode video, reviews and reactions – “Persons with Disabilities”

Aamir Khan and his TV show “Satyamev Jayate” have been dodging the constant bullets from the Doctor’s and the Khap Panchayat too. It seems that both the parties had not taken the issues raised in the right spirit. Well now it was time for the 6th episode, and time for another social issue. There were some tweets about what the 6th episode might be “Is it good looks, talent or something else? Find out what makes you a hero on Satyamev Jayate ” The earlier 5 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse , Marriages and dowry harassment , DoesHealthcare Need Healing? and “Where is the love?”  So what will be the 6th episode about? Well here you go.

The show started with two videos and their touching story. The first one was about a 11yr old girl, Shreya Chaturvedi. She was talking about her sweet relation with her mom and how she calls her as a Friend. The strength and the courage she has, very few of us could have had. Although she is not able to walk and live a normal life, she says that she is really happy with her life, and thanks god for what she is. The second one was about Sai and his life. Even though he could not live a normal life, he is living his life to the fullest. He was among the top 5 of his university. Sai also pointed out that the biggest problem in India is infrastructure for the disabled. Soon it was clear that this episode was about the rights for the Disabled.

Aamir had also invited school teachers and principals to have a discussion about this very important topic. There were some shocking videos about how the disabled were forced to live their life and how they travelled to their offices. The lack of ramps was very evident. And you end up saying “Ramp should be Must in All Buildings”! Schools, Colleges, Offices should introduce basic infrastructure facilities for physically disabled people. What are the fundamental needs of the disabled? Is our infrastructure equipped enough?

The third story was about Krishnakant and his life, how he managed to live his life and live it in the true sense. Krishnakant Mane, reveals, “World is going to be kind & cruel to everyone and that is how it should be for the disabled too“. There was a moment when he said “Call me KK” 😉 It was like AK interviews KK and soon KK was joined by his wife, Sayli. And guess what, KK’s handicap is not at all a handicap; it is an Eyeopener for us, who have almost every facility in our lives.

Now it was time to face more facts and to ask ourselves this question “What about the Right to Free Education act”? The Right to Education ACT says that each and every child, able or disabled has equal rights to get education.  But as this show is always known to surprise you and show you that there is HOPE alive. It was time to take a tour of Amar Jyoti School and the kind of facilities that they had for the disabled. We need more schools like Amar Jyoti to treat every child equally. Is it that difficult to replicate these kind of schools? As they say nothing is impossible, all we need to do is just take the first step. Blindness does not mean end of life but it means beginning of another golden life, says Mr. Kothari.

Aamir Khan disclosed that in the past 12 months, no case of polio has been reported. Well there is still a ray of hope and hope we all make the most of the lives that we have. To take the show to a new level Nisha was also invited to talk about her life. Her parents did say that we also complain about every thing in life, but Nisha never complains. The story of Nisha and her parents had touched the audiences in the show and I’m sure that those watching the show on television too were touched. Touching and unforgettable!

Strangest part is that Disabled people were not even included in census report. Almost 50% of people in India think that people get disabilities because of sins committed in last life. Strange!! Well don’t be, Javed Abib also shared some more shocking statistics such as “The first 10 of India’s five-year plans did not find any mention for the Disabled. Are we wrong in asking for our rights?”  He went on as also said “Just a strict circular from the HRD Ministry can make Universities disabled-friendly”.

Now it was time for a power pact performance by Joginder Saluja who started his own disabled-friendly, inclusive gym. There were amazing visuals of his Gym and soon Aamir Khan too was in action to match up to Joginder’s power. It must be said that Aamir khan and his team never fails to impress, today’s episode too was an eye opener. Satyamev Jayate is no doubt a clear reflection of the insensitive Indian mental attitude towards the disabled. Soon it was time for the 6th song of this series and as always melody of Sona Mohapatra and Rama Sampath managed to thrill the audiences. To add to that amazing melody there were some awesome acrobatic performances by the kids from “Unlimited Ability”.

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Satyamev Jayate 5th episode reviews and reactions – “Where is the love?”

“Satyamev Jayate” episode after episode it’s creating a lot of buzz (on iDubba the show commands 5/5 ratings from 89 users and has received 41 reviews) and audiences have been exposed to the real world out there. The show is almost a mirror which is showing us the bitter truth of the society that we live in and just to take this to the next level, it was time for the 5th episode of “Satyamev Jayate” .The earlier 4 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse and Marriages and dowry harassment and  Does Healthcare Need Healing? So it was time to focus on the 5th social evil of our very own society.

The show started with a famous sher “Ishq Par Zor Nahin Hai Yeh Woh Aatish `Ghalib’”. And to add to that an 82 yr old (young) man did say Mohabbat ki nahi jaati ho jaati hain. Aamir did mention about the films that we watch and the romance that is created. But the main aspect was about the real life romance and love. The first story was about a married couple running for cover despite protection order. The story was a about two families and two people who fall in love. You might have guessed the story as it happens in the movies, but in real life it’s totally shocking.  Lokendra & Fehmida have lived in fear for the past 2 years without support from the police.

You might think that at least these two are alive and living their life, wait till you hear the next story about Priyanka and Rizwan, and their tragic ending. In this case Rizwan was not lucky enough to live with his love. Based on the story narrated by Rizwan’s Aami, you might ask yourself “What is the honor in killing someone..that too for falling in love?” Tears were just trickling down of Rizwan’s mother and from most of the audience in the studio. It is strange that Indian families like all the love stories & all the romantic songs from old movies but they can’t accept love marriage. If Priyanka’s family didn’t have so much hatred, Rizwan’s mother says she’d have her son & daughter-in-law with her today.

The first two stories were of two people falling in love who were for two different cast. But the next story was about two people of the same cast, but Manoj & Babli were killed brutally for marrying within the gotra. And to add more to this pain, Manoj’s family was threatened with death & ostracized from the community for filing a FIR.  But Seema , Chandravati & Jagmati . 3 women have stood against unimaginable odds, Khap Panchayat – HaryanaIs. Is this our real society is!!!

The show always talks about the problems and the evils of the issues that are being raised every week, but as always also talks about how we, we the people can discuss the issues and be a solution to our problems. And soon it was time for Aamir to speak to Khap panchayat members and know their opinions. It was shocking to hear their views and their thoughts. They refuse to believe in the Indian Law and make their own decisions and khap panchayat says that media reports about punishment meted out by them are false. Do you agree??

To have a detailed discussion on this issue, Aamir invited Dr. D. R. Chaudhuri and he was of the opinion that traditions can change with the need of the times. And there was also a shocking statistics that there are 25-30 cases coming everyday for police protection. Based on the stories you might think that such stories mostly happen in and around Harayana, but this is not the case. There are thousands of such cases from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Soon Sanjay ji the founder of Love Commondo was invited and he opened with the statement “Pyaar karna paap nahi hai aur virodhi hamara baap nahi hai“. He mentioned that if a 18 yr old can choose the PM of our country, cant they choose their love !!!! So the question is Do you think inter-caste marriages should be encouraged to prevent the country’s fragmentation? Now it was time for the 5th song of this series and as always some amazing melody by Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire. Do let us know your views about this Show and also do follow us on Twitter (iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.

Satyamev Jayate 4th episode reviews and reactions – “Does Healthcare Need Healing?”

It was time for the 4th episode of Satyamev Jayate and time for one more social issue. The earlier 3 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse and Marriages and dowry harassment. Hence as expected the 4th episode too was about serious issues that we are facing in our daily lives. The audience was eagerly waiting to know about this episode and it was about “Doctors and their intentions”.

The show started with Aamir Khan talking about health and how important it is for us. He had invited youngsters who want to become doctors. Most of them said that they want to serve the people who cannot get quality health care facilities in India. The show started with a shocking story of Venkatesh and Arvind and their story about how the treatment went wrong. Venkatesh lost his toe, more than Rs 2 lakh towards treatment & underwent severe trauma and Arvind developed a fear of doctors due to being misdiagnosed and forced to spend 1.4lac. How often do we hear this? I guess most of us might have heard it from friends or relatives who have gone through this. After hearing this it is obvious that you might ask this question “Has the noble profession of medicine lost its nobility?”

There was a shocking revelation that Doctors were asking for 40 to 50% commission to refer patients to path labs. And Aamir did also share a term called “Basin test”. In this the doctors refer patients for a blood test, even though it was not required and the blood given as sample was literary thrown in the basin. Yes Basin. There was also a story of Dr. Pichad who initially did resort to malpractices to run his lab, but he changed his stance later despite losses. Wait till you hear this “Dr. Pandit says big hospitals encouraged him to scare patients into opting for treatment” and he had to leave India because it was against his ethics to agree to what he was told. Shocking? Once again the audience in the studio was shocked to hear such stories. Are our doctor’s really becoming SICK?

Soon it was time to hit the nail on the head. Aamir had invited ProfK.K.Talwar who is the Chairman, Board of Governors of Medical Council of India. And it was time to ask tough questions and show the real world.

How many licences have been cancelled permanently for medical malpractices? The answer is Zero since 2008. And on the other hand almost 60-80 licences have been cancelled in England. So does this mean that Doctors in England are worst that the ones in India? There was one more issue that was raised “Capitation fees for medical colleges”. Do you think the high amount of capitation fees for medical colleges is responsible for this issue? No wonder Doctors end up trying to recover the money that was invested.

PS: Aamir did repeat many times that the idea is not to defame the doctors but to ensure that the doctors give justice to their profession.

Dr. Gulati says that more government hospitals need to be set up & medical care needs to be given top priority. And soon Aamir was ready with statistics about Medical Colleges in India. Guess What? In 2001 there were 31 Government Medical colleges in India and 106 Private Medical Colleges in India. Strange? 

Dr. Gulati says that 6% of GDP must be spent on health care for medical care to be given to all, like Belgium does. And India spends 1.4% on the GDP on Health Care. Dr. Devi Shetty was also invited to talk about the programs that they are currently running successfully. Dr.Devi Shetty’s Yashaswini scheme no doubt is a super example of coming together and support each other’s healthcare needs.

The show always talks about the problems and the evils of the issues that are being raised every week, but as always also talks about how we, we the people can discuss the issues and be a solution to our problems. No doubt being a Doctor is a very Nobel profession but now a days it’s a business and many are misleading their patients. Now it was time for the 4th song of this series with some amazing melody by Ram Sampath and Suresh Bhatia. I’m sure that the audience who watched the show on their television sets must have gone through some of these cases. Be it visiting the doctor, or buying expensive medicines or paying extra money as donation to the medical colleges. But it is in our hands to stay safe and be aware of the events around us.

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Satyamev Jayate 3rd episode reviews, reactions and Video (Marriages and dowry harassment )

It was time for the entire nation to find out about the 3rd social evil that our society is living with, you can also say that we are used to this issue. As always the suspense was kept till the last minute about last episode of Satyamev Jayate that aired yesterday. There was also a short promo that showed Aamir talking about about the passion of Indians. And then on Sunday he revealed the issue,  Indian marriages and the evils of dowry harassment.

Did you know that the earlier two episodes that dealt with social issues like female infanticide and child abuse, had marked a milestone with 90 million viewer ship, which is the highest ever for any Indian TV Show.

The 3rd eposide was about the custom of demanding dowry from a bride’s family when a wedding is fixed has been prevalent in India for several decades. You might say that is a well know fact and everyone knows that it happens almost everywhere in India. Well this event often takes an evil turn when the bride is tortured or killed just because her family is unable to meet  demands from the in-laws. As shown in the previous episodes there are laws in India about this but this social evil continues to flourish.

In this eposide there was a sense of keeping the shock value down, yet it managed to make an impact on the audience. As you might have noticed that there were a lot of young people in the audience in yesterday’s episode. May be Aamir and team were trying to send a message to the youth about this important issue. The show did focus on the ways to combat this evil and made a lot of emphasis that best way to do this is by empowering women. Also it was evident that Aamir did not want to hold anyone guilty nor did he mention about the Indian Laws unlike previous eposides. But he stronlgy feels that families and the members of each and every community must come together and take a stand against it.

As always the guests and the stories shown in the show are very shocking and one of the guest just kept asking one question “Is this the kind of society we live in?

Every Sunday there is a lot of activity in the world of twitter about the show and the topic. Following are some of the tweets related to yesterday’s topic :

Sagarika Ghose ‏@sagarikaghose

Satyamev Jayate was very good again today. The plight of abandoned NRI brides told sensitively. A true hero @aamir_khan

KABIR BEDI ‏@iKabirBedi

I have never taken, or given, #dowry. But a seismic change in old beliefs must happen for Indians to reject it @smjindia

Satyamev Jayate ‏@smjindia

#RaniTripathi says, she can do everything a man can & more, then why should she pay #dowry?

Satyamev Jayate ‏@smjindia

“No band, no baaja, no baraat”, a Tanzeem Khuddam-E-Millat initiative says marriages should be simple without #dowry

Do let us know your views about this Big Fat Indian Wedding and the ill effects of the same. Also let us know if you felt that the shock value was a bit limited in the 3rd episode compared to the 1st two episodes.