What inspires a Startup?

Before I answer this question, I should answer another question first- What inspired me to write this post? The other day I was having a discussion with my Father when I subconsciously asked him about ‘the type of Businessmen’ in this world. I had a doubt about Businesses and their motives when I asked him this- Why is that there are local businesses running well over 200-300 crores but are not very famous or well known? On the other hand why we have some Entrepreneurs who sold there businesses for some crores but are really well known and sought after (especially by Startups like us)? Well, his answer was simple but it fuelled a new thought in my mind. This is what he said to me-

There are 3 types of businessmen in this World-

  1. Those who are intellectually famous but financially not so affluent (not having a 200-300 crore business),
  • Those who are financially very affluent but are intellectually weak (not having an influential friend network) .. [Read full Post here.]
  • What Indians like to watch on TV?

    A comparison of TAM’s rating and what people come on searching to iDubba. A guest post describing what’s best on TV-
    Here is
    iDubba’s list:

    1. Latha venkatesh on CNBC seems to be the most searched for personality among business news editors.
    2. Chriss Angel Mindfreak– AXN (Magic Reality, quite strange :)).
    3. Tech Toyz– CNBC TV18.
    4. I’m too sexy for my Shoes– NDTV Goodtimes.
    5. Jailed Abroad– Nat Geo.
    6. Lapataganj– Sab TV (Comedy as a genre is not found in TAM list)
    7. Starting Up– ET Now.
    8. Do it Sweet– NDTV Good times (It’s also one of the top searched programs on iDubba)
    9. Emotional Atyachar– Bindass
    10. Wipeout– AXN.

    Read full post here.

    Are you against movie censorship?

    If your answer to this question is yes, then you’re thinking is in line with some of India’s cult Movie Directors who think that censorship causes Films to lose ‘real’ touch. Very recently Anurag Kashyap said this- “There shouldn’t be any censorship on making a film. We are still very conservative about the term sex,””I am trying to push my boundaries so that everything in the film looks real.”

    All this looks fine from one angle- “Freedom to speak” is what every publisher, writer, director is looking for in this World. But this world has its own rules, if one is in a Socialist country like China almost everything said and done on media is subjected to Govt’s scrutiny but what if you’re in a democracy like India or US? [Continue Reading..]

    Why In-dian startups stop In-novating?

    Yes, both these words share common initials, but in reality there is huge gap between India and Innovation. In past decade India has become a hub for outsourcing (specially in IT), and has shown some outstanding growth in fields like Telecom. But this post is specially for Internet Startups where all the action is happening today (both locally and Internationally)! I have recently started my startup journey and have experienced some fake expectations and harsh realities in past one year. My interaction with some young entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts forced me to think about one issue- “Why we don’t hear Google/Twitter like stories from India?”

    I have been to several B-Plan contests in India and have attended several other events as TIE-Con, OMCAR etc. These events do help us in creating an initial business network but the problem lies in the seriousness shown from both the startup side and Investors’ side. No, it’s not about the idea, in fact all the ideas are good and promising on paper. continue reading..

    Aamir Khan has a hot shot Resume for Marketing Post

    It looks like Aamir is preparing himself for a top class Job offer after his Bollywood Career. Why? Well, his out-of-box marketing strategies must be catching the eyes of top class media honchos and who knows he might be having some offers already. On this Business Blog it makes sense to have a look at some of the aspects of Marketing and relate it to the skills and strategies of Aamir Khan.

    Aspect 1: Understanding Market

    If Ghajini meant reaching out to all type of Audience and meeting people who are going crazy about Aamir’s looks, ‘3Idiots’ means catching college students who most probably have read “Five Point Someone”.

    That’s a very critical lesson from marketing point of view- Start promoting the product from a small group which is able to embrace the ‘idea’ behind the product without actually getting access to real product. Remember what iPhone did?

    Continue Reading..

    I can be a reality TV Script writer :)

    Okay! You might question me – are you obsessed with reality? The truth is- NO.

    I’m obsessed with the stupidity of people who make us watch reality shows. Well I should not simply bad mouth the word “Reality” here, because there is some good reality content over TV too. Some of the shows which I like in their original form are “So you think you can Dance”, “Chotte Miyan”, “Mindfreak” etc. But, I’m not here to talk about such shows, otherwise you’ll lose patience and browse off my guest author page :-).

    What about shows like “Lux- The perfect Bride”? Or more interesting one “Raaz Pichle Janam ka” on NDTV Imagine? Now, I got your attention, right? I don’t want to describe what happens in such shows, as you’re more educated about these than me. What I want to talk about is “Reality TV Shows”. What exactly is a “Reality Show”? To what extent one can go in the name of Reality? And all this from a very common man’s perspective. continue reading..

    From real hits to fake number game- Bollywood’s new strategy to lure viewers

    Did you read that big Ad on almost every news paper saying “Blue collects 100 Crores in revenue”? And, more importantly did you read the same movie’s review on any newspaper or website? Quite contrasting. Right? Call it a normal phenomena or astute strategy but this has surely taken toll on almost every new Bollywood release! These days movies are known not by their general reviews but by how much collections they are able to make at Box-office.

    I have even seen Directors and Actors trying to prove critics wrong by telling them numbers. I saw one interview of Akshay where he assured “Who says ‘Chandni Chowk to China’ is a flop? The movie was able to recover most of its expenses.”. continue reading..