New Channel “History”: Are you tuned in?

If you are bored of regular shows on all other Infotainment channels, tune into “History TV18” for some real whacky and amazing shows. History TV18 is a new channel launched in October owned by a joint-venture between A&E Television Networks, owner of American History and Network 18, Indian media group. The channel is currently available in six languages in full HD across all major markets in India and plans to reach out to more than 50 million households.

Salman Khan has been roped as brand ambassador of the US based factual entertainment channel. It hopes to change the perception of history in India and by choosing Salman as the face of the new channel; they have already taken an imperative step in reaching out to all age groups and gender.

With the new avatar, the channel wants to transform people’s opinion about History. The channel today lays emphasis on people making history every day and trying to make this genre as popular in India as it is around the world.

All the shows on the channel have a different and intrusive trend about them.

– They have a modern feel because of the major theme “How Stuff Works”. This can be    seen in shows like “Food tech“- how technology behind farming/processing works, “Extreme Trains“- how some amazing trains work and run, “Sliced“- how everything works?

– It blends well with historic themes like America- Story of US (again America is very modern society so it’s historic but modern), strange rituals (scientific explanation behind theories like hypnotism, sub conscious mind etc)

– Shows like Ice road truckers, Child Warriors, I’m alive, MonsterQuest etc gives channel a very adventurous theme.

– Hindi dubbing is decent too.

India’s audience has evolved in terms of TV and its daily dose of entertainment. The History channel realized this fact and shows with apt motto-

“Kuchh Naya Dekho, History Bante Dekho” are on air.

So what are you waiting for? Get over the boring soaps, serials, reality TV shows and head for this one!!


Man vs. Wild might be staged but it’s brilliantly awesome!

The new season of this amazingly wild series “Man vs. Wild” premiered a week back with the host Bear Grylls in his usual but much more fascinating “Survivor” mode. The show has been described as the most entertaining and educational one, as it depicts some really basic but great survival tips in any situation that you can or cannot imagine. This intriguing series tells you what it takes to get out alive from some of the most dangerous places on earth and make it for a week of challenges in the sort of places you wouldn’t last a day without the right survival skills.

I find the series too addictive however would like parents to know that this enthralling adventure show depicts a trained survival expert escaping from dangerous natural locations. The host, Bear Grylls, is seen attempting dangerous acts while describing the reasons for his choices, as well as the proper technique for achieving success. He is never reckless, though at times he takes risks to demonstrate some particularly interesting acts. You might find Grylls naked occasionally, but his genitals are always blurred and the nudity is never sexual.

This show is the ultimate place where you can train yourself to survive in life threatening situations. I admit I would have a hard time eating what Grylls eats on the show and also wonder if he ever got sick, but then I think this is the reason he has a crew with him.

One more reason that I love this show is that Bear Grylls is a very charismatic person and he puts you into a totally new dimension. He is dynamic and has great energy that reflects on camera.

The show has received a little negative opinion lately basis the fact the situations shown are not so natural and they are made up/fake mostly. However the reviews have not been able to kill the dynamism and interest in the show.

Do you like the show despite the fact that it’s staged?

Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser for Episode 3

The third episode of Curiosity features the most dreaded question “How will the World end?” Watch Samuel L. Jackson host Curiosity: How will the world end, today at 8pm on Discovery Channel.

Samuel looks at the warning that was given 13 centuries ago by Mayan priests; the world will end in Apocalypse. In this hour long journey he will explore the five most probable ways life as we know it on Earth could end. These Mayan priests calculated time on a grand scale which is beyond belief to other ancient cultures. But after 5,125 years of counting their calendar stops date on a very precise date, December 21st, 2012l. He says surely this is “just a story”.

Remarkably those ancient Mayan legends mirrored the 21st century thinking. The Mayans predicted it and modern day science proves it’s possible. Scientists are constantly alert for new evidence of potential disaster. What the scientists are looking out for are the five events most likely to devastate our world: an asteroid impact, a mega quick, a mega tsunami, super storm or a super volcano.

Figuring out which disaster is coming next can answer the toughest question of all: How will the World end? How prepared will you be when doomsday strikes? Are you ready to believe in this looming disaster? This incredible episode will leave you asking that is the world really going to end in 2012? Will it be a super volcano or a mega tsunami that will take the “Life” from Earth?

Tune into this one to get answer to your questions or rather I will say get your brain flooded with endless questions once you watch it!

As the tagline says – Nothing survives here long; not even us.

The episode airs tonight at 8. You can also give your own review by clicking here.

Curiosity on Discovery- Teaser

Prelude for Curiosity on Discovery: Starting from 17th October

Can you live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Did God create the universe? What lies beneath Egypt? Do you know all about orgasms? Is there a parallel Universe? Why sex is fun? Is death optional? What lessons can we learn from Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.’s success? Do all these questions make you curious or what are the big questions that keep you up at night? Welcome to Curiosity. This television series guarantees to be one of its kinds, with an escapade of discovery and an expedition to unravel the truths behind life’s most simple yet challenging questions.

This hour long journey will take you through a thrilling collection of confrontational and puzzling topics with an unappeasable craving for answers and questions. Celebrity guests and hosts will join in every episode on this ride for truth, the answers that will astonish even the most curious among us.

“Did God create the Universe?” is the premiere episode of the new series “Curiosity” which will air on Discovery Channel from 17th October every Monday at 8PM (India). The pilot episode will have theoretical physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking who segregate critics about this question along religious and scientific lines. Hawking clearly acknowledges the controversy about the rift between two opinions however he gives his strong opinion that “Why he is certain God did not create the Universe”.

So are we wondering that what is Curiosity? What really makes us Curious? Each episode of the show will center around one single question pertaining to countless topics like science, technology, Earth Science, education, computers, arts & architecture, environment, medicine & health, psychology and many more. So tune into this one, every Monday 8 pm on Discovery Channel if you want to know the answers to the most insightful questions.

Don’t forget to Tune in!

iDubba Recommends- ‘Movie Plex’!




1.Valkyrie:  IMDb Rating 7.3/10, Genre: Drama|History|Thriller|War

Awards:1 win & 8 nominations

Personal Recommendation: I was initially extremely skeptical due to the film’s negative reception from film critics. I was also extremely skeptical of Tom Cruise, not to mention the film itself. I was completely turned off by the multiple times this film’s release date was bumped back. This is surely a sign of a struggling, failing film, right? No. I am pleased to report that the film was absolutely fantastic. It completely delivered and left me satisfied – and thinking – for days after the viewing.

Watch this on Sunday, 11 july @6:40PM.

2.Titanic:  IMDb Rating 7.4/10,

Genre: Drama|Romance



Awards:Won 11 Oscars. Another 76 wins & 48 nominations.

Personal Recommendation:Titanic directed by James Cameron presents a fictional love story on the historical setting of the Titanic. The plot is simple, noncomplicated, or not for those who love plots that twist and turn and keep you in suspense. The end of the movie can be figured out within minutes of the start of the film, but the love story is an interesting one, however. Kate Winslett is wonderful as Rose, an aristocratic young lady betrothed by Cal (Billy Zane). Early on the voyage Rose meets Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), a lower class artist on his way to America after winning his ticket aboard Titanic in a poker game. If he wants something, he goes and gets it unlike the upper class who are so concerned with their social worries. The two fall in love and the audience sees the sinking of the Titanic primarily through their eyes.

Watch this on Sunday, 11th july @9:00PM.




1.The Incredible Hulk:  IMDb Rating 7.1/10, Genre: Action|Sci-fi|Thriller

Awards: 4 nominations.

Personal Recommendation:Honestly, as soon as I heard they were making another Hulk movie I was surprised. When I heard they had cast Ed Norton, I was shocked. So going into this movie I had no idea what to expect. Coming out, I feel like an idiot because it was really masterfully done. Lettier does an amazing job, Norton was fantastic, and as far as a comic book movie goes, this one is just about on top with little nods and mentions. If you don’t walk out of this film screaming HELLL YEAAAA, then you are not normal. Far better than Ang Lee’s attempt at the green man and as far as this year, it’s definitely Marvel’s year. No better way to make up for Spiderman 3 than releasing Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk just a month apart. Thank you Marvel for cleaning the mess Spiderman 3 left and clearing your name. This film just makes me thing of one word…AVENGERS

Watch this on Saturday, 10th july @12:00PM.

UTV Action

1.The Fifth Element:  IMDb Rating 7.4/10,Genre:Action|Adventure|sci-fi

Awards:Nominated for Oscar. Another 7 wins & 17 nomination.

Personal Recommendation:The Fifth Element is another fine example of the filmmaking talents of Luc Besson. Luc Besson, a creative genius and the director of classic films such as The Big Blue, Nikita and Leon (The Professional) has returned to the genre that started his filmmaking career, sci-fi. In The Fifth Element Luc Besson realises his life long ambition to make a film based on a story he thought of while still at school, Zaltman Bleros. Writing and directing the film, he skillfully mixes humour with action and amazing visual effects that put The Fifth Element in a class of it’s own. Stunning performances are put forward by Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis, Ian Holm, Chris Tucker and Gary Oldman, who returns to work with Luc Besson after playing Norman Stansfield in Leon. The Fifth Element show us how well comedy, action and romance can be put together. Overlooked at the Academy Awards, Luc Besson won the Cesar for Best Director at Cannes in 1998 for The Fifth Element. Simply, an excellent film, 10/10.

Watch this on Sunday, 11th july @6:45PM.

iDubba Recommends- ‘Movie Plex’!


1.Catch me if you can:  IMDb Rating 7.8/10, Genre: Biography|Crime|Drama

Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 18 nominations.

Personal Recommendation:An FBI agent tracks down and catches a young con artist who successfully impersonated an airline pilot, doctor, assistant attorney general and history professor, cashing more than $2.5 million in fraudulent checks in 26 countries

Watch this on Saturday, 5th June @11:15PM.

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Quantum Of Solace:  IMDb Rating 6.8/10, Genre: Action|Adventure|Thriller

Awards:Nominated for 2 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 4 wins & 20 nominations

Personal Recommendation:Seeking revenge for the death of his love,

secret agent James Bond sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country’s valuable resource.

Watch it on, Saturday, June 5th @9:00 PM

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A Few Good Men:  IMDb Rating 7.6/10, Genre: Crime|Drama| Mystery |Thriller

Awards:Nominated for 4 Oscars. Another 7 wins & 14 nominations

Personal Recommendation:

In the heart of the nation’s capital, in
a courthouse of the U.S. government, one man will stop at nothing to keep his honor, and one will stop at nothing to find the truth.


Watch it on, Sunday, June 6th @2:55 PM

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Paa:  IMDb Rating 7.2/10, Genre: Drama

Personal Recommendation:Auro (Amitabh Bachchan) is an intelligent and witty 13-year-old boy with an extremely rare genetic defect that causes accelerated aging. He suffers from a progeria-like syndrome. Mentally he is 13, very normal, but physically he looks five times older. In spite of his condition, Auro is a very happy boy. He lives with his mother Vidya (Vidya Balan) who is a gynecologist. Amol Arte (Abhishek Bachchan) is young, progressive and a full-of-ideals politician. He is out to prove to the world that ‘politics’ is not a bad word. He is a man with a mission. Auro is Amol’s son

Watch it on, Sunday, June 6th @12:00 PM

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A Few Good Men:  IMDb Rating 6.8/10, Genre: Action|Drama| Mystery |Romance|Thriller

Awards: 3 wins & 10 nominations.

Personal Recommendation: Mumbai-based wealthy Sanjay Singhania is the Chair of Air Voice, lives now as a semi-crazed recluse in Odyssey Apartments in Hiranandani Complex. He was loved by Kalpana Shetty, a spunky and compassionate ad model, who rescued 25 young girls from the clutches of a gangster named Ghajini Dharmatma, but ended up getting killed by him. Sanjay has put together his past life piece by piece through tattoos, notes on his wall, Polaroid photographs, etc.. not knowing that soon he will be investigated by Inspector Arjun Yadav; betrayed by a ‘friend’ named Sunita; while Ghajini and his goons are out to erase every bit of evidence he has gathered in his apartment and thus ensure that he ends up remembering nothing

Watch it on, Sunday, June 6th @5:30 PM

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iDubba Recommends- ‘Movie Plex’!

Zee Studio

1.The World’s Fastest Indian:  IMDb Rating 8.0/10, Genre: Biography|Sport|Drama

Awards: 10 wins & 5 nominations

Personal Recommendation: The story revolves around a bike enthusiast ,Burt Munro and his highly modified  1920 “Indian Scout” motorcycle.Munro’s Indian Scout being only 627th bike to leave  the American factory,which had original top speed of 55mph/89 kmh

This didn’t satisfy Munro, so he modified his beloved Indian.When Burt arrives in Los Angeles, he experiences sceptism,bureaucracy and coldness of big city people.But his blunt but gregarious nature came to his rescue ,to overcome any hurdles.In short a must watch for not only a bike enthusiast but for anyone.

Watch this on Sunday, 2nd May @9:00PM.

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1. Mind Hunters: IMDb Rating 6.2/10, Genre: Drama |Mystery |Thriller

Awards: Nominated for Oscar.Another 12 wins & 20 nominations.

Personal Recommendation: I don’t want to reveal too much  to spoil the essence.So i’ll stick to the basics.A small group of FBI serial killer experts are in atraining programme.Val Kimer is the trainer,an eccentric characternamed Harris.the whole idea is putting them in a situation where they are likely to mess up so that they will think twice before acting too quickly or jump to wrong conclusion in real life.

Watch it on, Sunday, May 2nd @8:00 PM

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Sony Pix

1. Stranger Than Fiction: IMDb rating 7.9/10, Genre:  Comedy | Drama|Fantasy|Romance

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 2 wins & 11 nominations

Personal Recommendation: I saw stranger than fiction , it is one of the most engaging ,funny,poignant movies about writing,the creative process and the human nature i have seen since ADAPTATION

Watch it on Sunday, May 2nd  3:00 PM

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2. The Number 23: IMDb Rating 6.2/10, Genre: Animation | Action |Comedy

Awards: 4 nominations.

Personal Recommendation: The number 23 is a story about a man who starts to read a book called The Number 23 , about a detective who begins to go crazy connecting the number 23 to everything,eventually ending with the detective committing murder.Now this scares the man because he finds the most part of the points in the book mirror his own life.Jim Carrey’s performance is surprisingly very good

Watch it on, Sunday, May 2nd @11:15 AM

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