Twitter may soon become Mobile companies biggest nightmare!

OK. Read this-

@iamsrk tweets to @juniorbachchan- wot r u doing up so late young man…will call paa just now and report you. love u man. last day of shoot tomorrow??

@iamsrk tonight shah. Back home dayafter. Dinner is a must once I’m back. Will tell’s ur riding going?


@Riteishd tweets- There is no truth to the article suggesting that i am getting married. Actually not a single line printed in that article is true.

@juniorbachchan replies @Riteishd you’re getting married???? Mubarak! Who’s the lucky girl? ☺ ……. You know I’m going to rag you about this all day. HAHAHA

@juniorbachchan hahaha hum bhi aapke kisi article ke liye rukenge

shahrukh twitter

On any other day these will look as not-so-important conversations to anyone, unless one knows that the person who are chatting above are (real) Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Desmukh respectively.. now stop reading those conversations again :). Yes it’s a fact that our super famous media people are using Twitter very frequently and the best part is-everyone is saying “I’m Loving it” (Mc Donald’s slogan). But Unlike MC Donald’s burger the tweets don’t even cost a single Rupee and the ultimate thing is that fans get their star’s status messages in real time, and that too…. for free :).

Now twitter unlike other social networking sites works well for famous personalities, as it quickly allows fans to follow the tweets of their favorite star. For businesses and famous people that’s a very good thing as they need not to do anything to market their daily lives or products.

But why I’m saying that it can hurt Mobile companies? “Twitter” is primarily a web tool which can be accessed through Mobile as well. But how it affects Mobile companies? Well the quick answer is- It allows the power to communicate shortest of things at cheapest possible costs, even if Mobile companies start charging you for sending tweets through SMS the number would be very small. As one tweet would be charged as that of one SMS cost but the fact that it’s actually delivered to thousands of followers for free, may hurt any Mobile companies future growth.

Now the biggest reason I put up the conversation above is to prove the point that how often eminent Movie personalities are using Twitter services to converse with each other. Since all the high end Mobile users like Shahrukh and Abhishek contribute significantly to Mobile companies’ revenues, they may take a hit if such users start using Twitter to communicate most often.

  • What do you think? Can Twitter really become a nightmare for Mobile companies, or Mobile companies will find a way to start charging significant fees for Tweeting?

BSNL to provide Free talktime for running ads of your choices on Mobile

In first of its kind of move, BSNL is launching an ad service where Users can choose to run ads over their GPRS enabled phones and can earn FREE talk time in return.


Users just need to dial 51235 or login to BSNL’s website to choose for the ad categories for which they would like to see ads.

This is very much similar to MGinger and other services, but real killer here is the instant free recharge! Users would be more willing to use this service because of direct benefit.

BSNL has a history of taking good initiatives but then losing on the same in longer run. Let’s see how other competitors replicate this idea.