A detailed Report on who watches IPL- An iDubba exclusive

About iDubba: (www.idubba.com)

iDubba started with an intention to revolutionize the way Television is watched in today’s hi-tech, technology driven World. It’s an online and mobile platform to help users get instant information about what’s happening on TV based on their profile, geography and behaviour. Our aim is to become one stop platform to satisfy all TV related needs of today’s modern man. We are working to build a new generation TV guidance system, recommendation platform and information source specifically targeting Indian users, media, broadcasters and advertisers.

About Special IPL feature:

With the start of IPL we launched some very unique features like allowing users to set ‘Team’ Specific and ‘Player’ specific alerts, so that they need not to worry about missing their favourite players batting or bowling on Pitch. So, whenever their favourite teams or players are on TV we send them SMS alerts. This feature quickly became very popular and we received thousands of requests for same.

Another feature is an IPL prediction game, where users can predict which team will win and who will score how many runs or take how many wickets. This prediction game also became very popular and we have seen users getting engaged into this almost every day.

About the Report:

Since we have very detailed data about user’s behaviour, their choices, preferences and alert timings we thought of creating this report. The report gives various important details like which is the most watched team in IPL 2010 or what is the time when viewership of a particular IPL match increases (based on which player is on crease or how many over are remaining etc). It also contains details like which cities are most active in watching IPL Vs the teams they like to watch on TV.

Who can use this Report?

1. Broadcasters- Set Max gets all the attention these days because of IPL and other Broadcasters are worried about their falling TRPs. They can use this report to understand the downtime in viewership on Set Max, and can showcase their own special programs or features based on the data we provide.

2. Advertisers- They can understand the popularity of particular teams and players which may help them in targeting their advertisements better and to the right audience.

3. Media- Can use this report to publish in their network. IPL has become huge in India and everyone wants to get an insight into it, simply because of the kind of money that go into this. Feel free to use this report in any form you like.

What this Report contains?

1. Popularity of IPL teams with Indian users- Details about which team is more popular than other versus the most popular player of that team.

2. Popularity of individual players- A comparison of the most popular players playing in IPL. Understand what makes a viewer watch a particular match. Our statistics reveal that more than teams Indian viewers are biased towards individual players unlike English Football League.

3. Which is the favourite team for winning IPL- With our special IPL game feature we were able to get an insight into user’s predictive behaviour. The data of users whose predictions have been correct most of the time was used to get this analysis.

A synopsis of Report-

1. Percentage of SMS alerts set for various teams on iDubba:


In the above graph Y-Axis is the percentage of alerts which were set for individual teams on iDubba.

2. Percentage of SMS alerts set for individual players on iDubba:


This Pie-Chart has top 10 players against whom SMS alerts are set on iDubba (i.e. whenever they play on field, iDubba sends them an alert).

3. Users bet on:


On our special IPL Prediction game, we saw the activity biased towards ‘Mumbai’ team again. However the difference is not much since people wanted to take part in as many games as possible.

To get the detailed report, leave a comment here with your mail id and other details.