Ignorance is or is not bliss (How to combat global warming).

The famous english poet ,Thomas Gray once said “ignorance is bliss”.One has to wonder if he is right.Ignorance is actually a condition of being uneducated,uninformed or unaware .It follows that being unaware of a particular situation or thing will make a person happier.So how come more people aren’t happier?.
Ignorance is bliss or ignorance is not bliss depends entirely on situations .Suppose in some circumstances its best that we don’t know so much.I guess if we knew about people who hated us and disliked us and wanted to hurt us that would only make us worry a lot and feel unimportant.So its best  not knowing  about these people and their thoughts and feelings ,also if we knew about what some food were made from (like sausages for example) we might not eat them , so in this case ignorance is certainly bliss.
But what if we  don’t pay attention to small things like:-
we should:
Drive smart ,keep our car maintained,avoid excess idling,walk,carpool whenever possible.Invest in power saving devices.Switch to renewable energy and encourage others to do the same.Use less hot water and the list goes on.and on.
if u simply search in google “N no of ways to stop global Warming”.

The main idea is that ignorance is not bliss when you completely ignore your irresponsible behaviour with respect to Global Warming. We are so busy with the flow  and tantrums of our life that  we forget every now and then, that we are creating problems for ourselves by ignoring this issue. I don’t want to list the ways to combat Global Warming ,but would like to emphasize on the fact that its high time time that we had done something, no matter how small the step appears to be.

We can see the shit like Shoaib and Sania’s wedding  umpteen times in news,which celebrity joined twitter that day, but when it comes to see the real issue(the issue that we are disrespecting the gift given by our Mother Earth )we start to look a given horse in the mouth,blaming everyone except yourself.If we don’t curb the climate change and the potential effects that comes with it , we are going to have more problems than Tiger Wood’s marriage.In fact few extramarital transgressions will be the least of our problems because the greatest transgression of all will be too great to reverse -The Pollution of our planet!.

The reason of my not writing ways to curb the Global Warming  is simply because , i know almost everyone of us have read,surfed the net ,watched a fantastic presentation regarding the environmental issue.But the only thing that lacked was the  sustained motivation.

But i found a ray of hope when  i came accross an idea posted by Arog in http://www.creativitypool.com  .he says that

” As trees are one of the most efficient “carbon-storers”, lowering the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, and thereby helping to prevent a global climate catastrophe, federal, state and local governments should give tax breaks to those who either plant and/or conserve trees on their properties.This could come in the form of reduced taxes; perhaps a reduced property tax for homeowners whose property has a certain minimum density of trees per 1/4 acre, and reduced taxes (or even subsidies) to businesses or organizations which own and conserve forested land or grow trees which produce food (fruit, nuts, maple syrup, etc.).”

Yes it would be a good idea if government were to motivate its fellow citizens .Ofcourse it should be well planned, and i see no reason to reject this fabulous idea.If  the government can spend 5.2 crores for Kasab’s security,then this idea is worth implementing.

It is said that ” The pen is  mightier than the sword,but i say the reader is mightier than the lord “

So my friends its a humble request  to you , who are probably reading this ,please promote this article  as much as you can, who knows one day Sonia Gandhi will come to read this by chance and pick up this idea, probably just few days before the election.

Role of Media in Global Warming reduction

Recent spurt in Global Warming related news across media has put it in the limelight! Now everyone in household has started talking about it, and that too in a serious tone. In my opinion this is a very important development, as fight against Global warming can’t succeed unless common people understand the ill effects of same.

For past 12 years (since Kyoto protocol in 1997) Governments from all over the world are trying to blame each other rather than taking any major step to reduce emissions. The choice is difficult- Growth or Climate?

Since for any Government it’s very important to keep the economy stable in short term (5-10 years), it’s not an easy thing to choose climate over growth. No one has understood this yet, and now we are again going to have Copenhagen Summit, which will probably lead to similar results as of Kyoto.

So what’s the solution? Should our Government just sit and watch what’s happening? Well, they still are doing nothing different! My point is Government should take a secondary role here. Primary role has to be taken up by media. There is only one way Global warming can be reduced- by making common people well aware of the situation and taking individual steps to slowly reduce this effect. I know it’s difficult but it seems to be the only logical solution. Because for a Govt to confidently back any major carbon reduction solution, it would need support from its voters.

Recently many news channels have taken up this topic very enthusiastically for various reasons, but results are visible. I met one Industrialist who even wanted to have one windmill setup, as he saw some great future for green energy in India. From India TV (which has large fan base in rural India) to CNN-IBN (best urban news channel) every channel is proactively broadcasting shows which make user aware of Global warming. But I’m yet to find any show which can teach common people how to individually contribute in reducing carbon footprint. Last week’s “Brunch” from HT mentioned some entrepreneurs and talked about their individual efforts and ways to reduce global warming. One of the methods can be to buy Carbon credits and make your small events carbon free.

Other show which is very timely showcased is Discovery’s “Project Earth”. This show describes some of the Geo Engineering methods which can become the ultimate solution to all Global Warming woes. But they can also be hazardous to environment, since they can bring serious environmental changes on a large scale.

Media has started doing its bit to reduce Global warming, let’s hope that this war continues till we see a solution coming or till Carbon burns the whole planet! Choice is ours.