Will Iron Baby outdo Iron Man ?

After the teetering jumble that was Iron Man 2, this fan-made “Iron Baby” trailer has tottered its way into my heart. I’d rather watch two hours of Iron Baby than another attempt to recapture the first movie’s moxie. (Sorry, Mark!)

James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ blends- ‘Cinema’, ‘Technology’ and ‘money power’ to deliver an epic of sorts


A whooping budget of “1200 Crore” Rupees, A proprietary technology (developed by Cameron Brother duo) and a sci-fi story which took 4 years in the making (forget another 10 years spent in conceptualizing and realizing the idea)- it has all happened for James Cameron which took him 10 full years to come with next movie after super blockbuster “Titanic”!

But what made Cameron take so long to come up with another movie? Any Oscar winning Director would have tried to show his skills in no time at all. But that’s how real thinkers work in this world- they never compromise with original ideas. Cameron conceptualized “Avatar” way before “Titanic”, but the way and form in which he wanted the film to be made was not technically possible 10 years back. Hence he worked like a real hero- he and his brother (who developed the Robotic Camera which was used in Titanic’s initial scenes) decided to develop this technology on their own. The Result was a proprietary FUSION digital 3-D camera developed by Cameron brothers and Vince Pace (Man behind Ocean Odyssey, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over).

“Avatar” has been made in 3D and uses a blend of live-action photography and new virtual photorealistic production techniques where Cameron blends elements of massive spectacle and intimate character to tell a scientific and emotional story.

Avatar’s selected footage screening already created a buzz which was termed as ‘Avatar day’. It’s amazing that such movies are created in this era by people who are more of researchers than ‘Movie makers’. I’m really excited for this one. Are you?

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“Rakhi ka swayamvar”, “Sach ka saamna”, “Is Jungle se mujhe bachao”- shows you hate and watch!

What we are observing lately is extremism of reality TV concept in India. And you believe it or not we are slowly moving towards a point where everything will become meaningless and will still, sell!

When I used to watch original versions of shows such as “Survivor” or“Moment of Truth” few years back, I never thought they would be a possibility in India. But the shows which we see today are much more extreme (rather stupid) than their adapted counterparts.

I analyzed this trend for my blog post as a guest author for trak.in. Read it here.

Niche Radio Stations- An idea for creative programming

While driving and listening to the Radio (just as millions of others do) , a thought buzzed me. There is a time when you are actually bored with all the Channels, listening to the same song again and again, time over! The only differentiator being their RJs blabbering the same stuff over and over again. For a niche music buff like me who doesn’t want to listen to any c*#p but just good Music (be it of any kind- Western, Classical whatever), there exists no solution.

To read my complete idea and how we can go about it. Please Read the full story.