TV Industry mein kab kya ho jaaye.. Koi IMAGINE nahi kar sakta..!!!

Turner Broadcasting System decided to cut down investments into its Hindi general entertainment channel Imagine TV, which it had acquired from NDTV in 2010. April 12, 2012 was the last working day for the channel and then Imagine TV would be airing re-runs beginning April 13, 2012. This also applies to its international feed Imagine Dil Se.

Apparently, there were ‘talks’ which were unheard about this abrupt ending of Imagine TV. But it did not last long; people thought it to be just another rumor and did not pay any heed to it. But the declining ratings did not lie. Imagine TV has been consistently on a decline; it became worse after the launch of Life Ok since December 2011. So, somewhere, someone might have predicted about Imagine biding adieu soon!

Imagine TV has always given some different shows. For example, shows like Dwarkadheesh and Chandragupta Maurya. These shows did better in terms of content as well as ratings compared to other shows. I’m sure the loyal fans would have felt bad because the shows had to undergo sudden ending. For ardent fans, shows very much become a part of their daily routine. Imagine how you would feel, when you daily meet your best friend and suddenly he/she stops meeting you without any news? You have no clue, right? But as they say, “the show must go on”; we follow this, feel sad, depressed for a few days and then move on. Unfortunately, these 2 good shows also, were not able to save the sinking ship of Imagine TV.

I have quite a few friends who were working with the channel. I really feel sad for them. When we happened to talk, one of them mentioned, “nobody had imagined it’d shut like this; without any notice given to its employees.” And I was speechless. I did not know how to react! I feel miserable for the crew associated with the production houses; like technicians, light men, etc. How are they supposed to manage their own household? As we all know, one TV show practically employees 200 people. For the record, 200 households are run by one TV show. And now one whole channel has shut. There were more than 5 on-air shows on Imagine TV. Just imagine, 5 on-air shows shut, more than 1000 people are unemployed. This is a SHOCK!

A shock NOT only to me or you, but to everyone associated with the industry as well as the audience! Actors, producers and even directors are left wondering HOW such thing happened! Everyone is thinking in the same direction – “They should have given prior notice.” But nevertheless, it just happened! I’m proud to be a part of the industry where everybody comes together in crisis. Other channels and different production houses are trying their best to provide jobs to all those who NEED it.

This sudden ending of Imagine TV has made everyone think and everyone needs to buck up. Bhaiyya ratings ka he sab khel hai. Kab kya ho jaaye, kaunsa show bandh ho jaaye, koi IMAGINE nahi kar sakta…!! One week you do not get ratings and imagine channel decides to shut your show? It may happen, it may not! Just work best and get all your crazy, whacky ideas from nowhere and execute them in the best way to run your show.

Let’s pray and wish best for those who are unemployed and hope they get employed again, sooner than soon!

TV channels at your Comfort and Convenienc​e – 515 Channels in India!!

Surprised? So was I when I came to know that there are currently 515 over-the-air and satellite television channels available in India. You read it right,its 515 Channels 🙂 Most of us have grown up watching Doordarshan and few other DD channels as the only entertainment and news source. But as Television started getting popular and became a household necessity, the number of channels have increased drastically. These days its no more just televisi on, it’s satellite TV. Shows at your fingertips as they call it.

So do you think we really need 500+ channels? If there so many, roughly how many channels do we end up watching or for that matter even surfing on a daily basis? Tough question to answer.. Right?

The point that we are trying to make is the more the number of channels you have, the more variety you might end up watching. On the other hand some might say that the more are the number of channels, more option the audience get which leads to more confusion. It’s a key line “If you can’t convince someone Confuse them :).”

For example Doordarshan has show dedicated to Music (Chitrahaar, Rangoli, Ek Se Badkar Ek and Superhit Muqabla ) and mythological dramas such as Ramayan  and Mahabharat. Now a days there are Channels completely dedicated to Music and Drama serials. We have channels separately for children which airs Cartoon shows 24/7. We have educational channel, travel channel, Channel which airs food show. So now if you have to watch music, you have a long list of options to watch out for. Times have really changed to the extent that now you can sit in your home and order movies (Latest). Thanks to Movies on Demand concept. Not only this, regional channels form a big part of this 515 channels. There are channels practically in every language Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and lot more…

Let us try to find out some of the stats that might help you to understand this unique phenomenon

– Did you know that hindi television channels have the highest market share and are available throughout the country

– Presently, Doordarshan operates 21 channels – two All India channels – DD National and DD News, 11 Regional language Satellite Channels (RLSC), four State Networks (SN), an International channel, a Sports Channel DD Sports and two channels Rajya Sabha TV & DD-Lok Sabha for live broadcast of parliamentary proceedings

– There are 13 sports channels that are currently active on Indian Television. Sony Six being the latest entry into this category

– 31 News Channels (Hindi and English) and 18 Regional news… The huge 😉

– 12 Music Channels. Sony Mix being the latest entrant in this category

– 12 Movie Channels

– 12 Channels dedicated to Kids

Well the list of categories is endless and would be difficult to accommodate all of them. From Traditional Antennae to Cable box to Dish TV to now Satellite direct (watch TV from your PC) Television has come a long way. Keeping hectic schedule in mind and also variety of choice of channels in Single family technology is coming up with ways to satisfy one and for all. Now all of us love watching television through the comfort and convenience. How do you love watching television On time shows?? Recorded Shows?? On PC via Satellite or on iDubba 🙂 Do share your viewing mode.

(Source for list of channels:

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain upcoming story- iDubba predicts

What do you all think of upcoming story in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain?

I’m sure all the religious fans must have had thoughts as well as discussion on the future predictable story of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, after the shocking NUTZ promo!

I’ll tell you what could be the most predictable tracks for the coming week, (THEY ARE JUST MY PREDICTIONS); don’t hit me watching the actual story if it is not similar.

I’ve been personally watching K-soaps since more than a decade now. It becomes an art to decode the story once you know the root of it. Like we all know, one day Ram will definitely get to know about the true colors of his ‘so-called’ step family.  But HOW and WHEN it will happen is to watch out for! We have a real LONG way to go! I’d be pleasantly surprised if this happens sometime soon; like the Consummation night! According to me, it could have waited a little while.

Decoding the Promo:

After the NUTZ promo where she comes all bruised and when asked who did that to her, she said ‘Kartik’, everyone amongst us along with Ram and Priya are shocked! Aren’t you? I will not be surprised even if you aren’t! Because, Indian audience has educated themselves and the story has become so damn predictable. We all know Kartik cannot do such a thing. So, next question is who did it? We are acting as if we do not know what evil trio is up to! This same thing has happened ‘n’ number of times in K-soaps. Am I right? Or Am I right! Definitely Nutz must have hurt her own self to create a rift between Ram-Priya.  As we all have read as well as heard about the ‘much-not-awaited’ separation track, we can guess this much, can’t we?

Drama, Drama, Drama:

And the awesome pre-cap. Ram goes and shouts on Kartik, and he’s silent. Doesn’t know what has happened and why Ram is behaving in such a way. It’s so FUNNY! Ain’t it? TV soaps DRAMA par he toh chalte hain! Kyaa kar sakte hain…Might as well watch and LOL! Kartik might realize that what he did was wrong. He should not have made a mountain out of a molehill! But kyaa karein, who bhi toh insaan hain, roz-roz ke pange se thakk ghaya tha bechara..!! (Oh wait! I did not see much pangas happening, and what they showed was very stupid!) But Ramji ke gusse ke aagey would he survive? He will not be able to utter a single word out of his mouth, right? Let’s see what happens. Be happy, there’s lots of drama which will unfold in the coming week.

Much-not-awaited Separation:

Due to Nutz-Kartik issue or some atrocious reasons…Our dear Ram and Priya ‘mutually’ decide to separate with some blend of misunderstandings obviously. This I can say, by rightly observing their characters right from the first episode itself; how much they love their respective families; more than anything or anyone or even more than themselves or their relationship. Nothing matters to them apart from their families being happy, no matter what! But the point is who wants to watch this? You, you or you? Not me certainly. But sooner or later, this will happen. TV soap hai bhai, varna story aagey kasie badhegi ?? LOL! And once the separation happens, Ram will spend hours and days desperately waiting. And so will Priya, trying to adjust herself in her own drawing room! We will get overdose of 10 minutes of flashbacks daily out of 20 minutes..! But both will think, “jo hua acche ke liye hua, aakhir mera parivaar bhi toh meri zimmedaari hai na.” (What is new in this, can someone tell me?) I’d be more than happy, if I do NOT get to see this and instead get to watch a No-Separation-Track and a fresh transition in the story. What do you feel?

Surprise or Shock:

What if it happens the other way round? What if either Ram or Priya gets to know about the truth of Nutz? If Ram gets to know, I can just think about writing that ‘HE’LL BE ZAPPED” and would not know how to react. He’ll be dying 100 deaths before actually dying. But I can’t see this coming! We have to wait for this! What if Priya gets to know? What will she do then? What should she do?  Should she tell Ram? How? Does she have any proof? Knowing that Ram blindly trusts his family and would not believe anything without proper proof. Even if she proves it, it will eventually hurt him. What if she decides to remain silent? I’ll leave it up to you guys to think and then, let’s wait and watch!

Don’t forget to comment and put your point! Let’s have some cool discussion and decode the next week’s story.

“Breaking News”- Is it really BREAKING?

BREAKING NEWS!!! What comes to your mind when you hear these two words? These are not just words but Powerful Words because the moment we hear them our eyes, ears & mind are all focused towards “What is it NOW”.  Just like a coin has two sides, these two words also have inverse effect. Thanks to our Indian Television News Channels that managed to completely change the sense of these words. Today every other news is a BREAKING NEWS. Be it a “Mika kissing Rakhi Sawant” or Train accident – Both are shown on same platform and with equal importance. So friends, the so called latest BREAKING NEWS is Actor Saif Ali Khan arrested for assault. Even your favorite English Channel is airing it under BREAKING NEWS section.

It was so surprising to see almost all news channels showing this as Breaking News. Reporters were asking the camera man to show the fans who had been waiting to see the star at the police station. The irony was that in current scenario when we have a burning issue about NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) where at least 13 chief ministers voicing concerns over, don’t this powerful media need to focus on the REAL news. Don’t worry, we will not be getting into any political debate, but the point is should Media be selling “What is just another entertainment “or news on burning issues “Which is actually a BREAKING NEWS”.

“Some of you might say that News Channels are doing their Job and just covering the event. Well no one is stopping the media to do their job, but I guess they are smart enough to make a differentiation between a Breaking News and News. Labeling news like this (Actor Saif Ali Khan incident) one as Breaking New- is NOT justified. Won’t you agree that the media is giving too much of footage to such events? No doubt there are loads of News Channels that are covering Serious News and are actually showing the viewers the truth but also there are actually loads of such examples that might make you wonder if they deserve to be titled as Breaking News. Just a Food for thought, there are loads of Entertainment Channels that can telecast this so called Breaking News like ZOOM or UTV Bindas (after all they are full time Bollywood devoted channels).”

This is not the first case where a celebrity has been caught in a legal battle. Who can forget the chain of Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan Cases that’s been the benchmark of celebrities being caught up on the wrong foot? But the surprising aspect is that such news over powers the real news that is important to the nation.  Do you think the news channels should be wise while flashing the word “Breaking News” in their respective channels?? Or do you think they should have the liberty to sell anything and everything as news?

Remember- “Media is one the strongest tool India has which can change Lives which has the power to change Nation”.

As Spiderman once said “With great power comes great responsibility”. Hope the media also understands their responsibility while using their power.

Television Commercials – It’s War time!!

The concept of comparative advertising emerged in the nineties. The nineties era witnessed the PepsiCoke war which was followed by ComplanHorlicks tug of war and the latest in the basket is the RinTide war. Not Long ago the television audience witnessed the Advertisement War between the two giant companies – Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and Hindustan Unilever (HUL) where both were trying to promote their products – Tide and Rin respectively. There was a lot of hue and cry by both the companies and the matter was taken to court. However this Comparative advertising, in recent years, has become a multibillion dollar business and has challenged courts with new, complex legal issues related to the rights of consumers, advertisers and their competitors.

It’s evident that these companies are pushing their advertising and marketing team to innovative strategies to promote their products. But do you think the comparative advertisement is fair where you directly bully your competitor on television?

Well many experts might end up saying “Everything is fair in Love and War”. This is truly a war on television. It’s been long now those television audiences have not seen much of a war between the companies. Don’t worry as there have been two new ads that have brought back the so called fun aspect for the television audience.

The latest war has started between “The Times of India and The Hindu“.

In the ad the interviewer asks a few questions to some college students / professionals. Following are some of the questions that were asked “Who will succeed Ratan Tata as head of the TATA group?”, “What did Dhyan Chand play?”, “Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?”, “Paul McCartney was a part of which band?”, “What does ATM stand for?”. To one’s surprise none of them knew the right answer. Strange right!!. Wait tell you hear the next question – What is actor Hrithik Roshan’s nickname and which actress is associated with the size zero. Guess what…The respondents had no trouble answering these. Soon the Final question was presented “Which newspaper do you read” and almost all the respondents said “The Time of India”. Although there was a Beep effect while they were answering this important question, but it was clear. They said TOI.

The second ad involves two major giants in the motorcycle industry – Bajaj and Hero Moto Corp. The advertisement in controversy goes on like this, three men owning different bikes say they always desired Discover 125, but settled for something lesser to satisfy father or wife, or to avoid annoying boss. They sound apologetic about their bikes. When they name them, a bleep sinks their voice, but it leaves enough for viewers to guess they are referring to Hero’s Splendor or Passion. “Discover nahin hai, par chalta hai,” each of them says.

So it seems that the war of visual ads is back and surely the television audience will have a great time watching these creative ads. Some of you might think that this is just publicity and one must not end up promoting products in this manner. Well, the competition is tough out there and everyone is trying to gain attention of the consumer. At times in this process the war gets a bit rough and then they cross the limit. Hope that this war and future wars don’t end up taking the consumer for granted. As they say…at the end Consumer / Audience is the real King

Looking forward to your comments on this interesting topic and also whether you would like to see more ads of this kind on Indian Television.

West meets East – I Love My India

I Love My India 😉

Yes it’s the latest show on Sab TV and it’s set to knock on your television sets from 20th Feb. SAB TV is already well known for the comedy shows such as “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah”  “R. K. Laxman Ki Duniya” “Lapataganj” “FIR” and Chidiya Ghar. But now they are planning to rope in a bit of International flavour ie when “West meets East” 😉

It’s a story of an NRI Punjabi family living in London.  You might wonder what happens when an NRI family that has been far away from Indian culture and India is suddenly forced to come back to India and adjust to the Indian Culture. You can very well imagine amount of chaos in this entire backdrop. 

The star cast of the show includes actress Dilnaz Irani, Anjali Mukhi and actor Rohan Tiwari. Dilnaz Irani will be playing the role of Imran Khan aka Ravindar’s wife, and Vinny Sethi who will be the elder daughter-in-law of the family. Her character will portray her background of being born and brought up in UK. Hence she will be unaware of the Indian culture. On the other hand, gracious actress Anjali Mukhi will be playing the role of younger daughter-in-law of Sethi family as Sinni Sethi. Her character in the serial will portray her side of behaving and talking like a foreigner.

You might agree that somehow all of us have some relatives or friends living abroad and who have to adjust to situation in India when they are here. These circumstances entertain us and we cherish the memories forever. The show is making an attempt to remind us of our cultural values in an amusing way.

So do you think this new show would be able make a special place amongst the existing comedy shows? Hope that I Love My India story will might touch the heart of every Indian family because the story makes proud every Indian. So, get ready for 20th February, 2012 to watch I Luv My India on SAB TV.

Happy Viewing

Would you like to be a Gadget Guru….

Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, MP3 players, CD players, LCD, LED and so on…. The list of Gadgets is endless. Every week new gadgets make way to the market and one is tempted to try them out & buy them too. At times, it gets confusing and one just can’t decide what to buy and what to pass on. Well, don’t worry, Indian Television has some amazing shows that are here to solve this issue & help you decide on the best ones.

These shows are here to help and make life easy by offering you the reviews about the latest tech toyz that have been launched. They give you a first hand information about these new products and also ensure that they have tested the product before they rate them. These shows also try to give pros and cons about the gadgets and the technology used in these products. And the best part is that they also compare the gadgets with the closest competition in its category, which might help you to decide between the various options available in the market. So are you ready to enter the world of Gadgets and more 😉 

Following are the 3 shows that are currently running successfully :

Tech Toyz (CNBC)
Tech Toyz is a weekly show on personal technology on CNBC-TV18 and CNN-IBN. The show is anchored by Suresh Venkat, Ankit Vengurlekar, and Shruti Rajkumar. It’s high on entertainment quotient and pleasantly low on geeky jargon. The show offers a candid review of gizmos and gadgets and also gives a verdict on whether the technology is worth the consumers money. The humor and the strange choice of locations sets the show apart from other shows .They end up anchoring out of pubs, bars, mills, beauty salons, and even  swimming pools. Well to experience this, you will have to watch the show. 😉

Mobiles & Gadgets (Zee Business )
This show is very much for you if you are not a techie. No jargon’s, No complicated words. It makes you understand the most complex gadgets in the simplest terms. It makes sure that you are updated with all the latest releases in the world of gadgets. There are neither fancy locations nor fancy hosts. And hence somehow it seems mundane and also the humor quotient is missing.

Gadget Guru (NDTV)
It is one of the longest running and the most popular gadget shows on Indian Television. It has been on air for the last 3 years and takes a look at the coolest, funkiest gadgets out there, and gives a detailed insight into the world of gizmos. With Vikram Chandra and Rajiv Makhni as the anchors of the show, this show is highly enjoyable and informative. It covers what’s new in the world of gadgets, product tests, reviews, comparisons, shoot-outs and gadget gyan to use gadgets and technology better. The show has a great fan following too.

So are you ready to enter the world of gizmos? Are you ready to pick your favourite gadgets?  If yes, do watch these shows and as always looking forward to your views and reviews about these shows.

Happy Viewing.