Will Salman Khan host Bigg Boss 6?

You might wonder that Big Boss just got over sometime back and we have started talking about Big Boss 6 already! Why? Well thanks to the latest buzz, there are reports that Salman Khan might not be hosting Big Boss 6.

Now let’s get back to the chain of events that has forced us to break this news to the audience. As you all know that Salman was the Host in Season 4 and his presence on the show helped the show shoot up its TRPs and the super success of the program incited the producers to rope in the heavyweight for the next season. And they did the same in the 5th season too. But this time he was accompanied by his close friend Sanjay Dutt. And hence Salman made limited appearances giving more opportunity for Sanjay Dutt to make his mark on TV.

Are there any reasons why Salman might not host it for the 3rd time? Well sometime back his name was dragged by the Season 5 contestants into various controversies. It was claimed that Salman showed favoritism with contestant Mahak Chahal which is why she remained in the show till the final episode. To make things worse Shakti Kapoor also had come out in the open against Salman Khan. The final blow was made by Actor Pooja Bedi, who spoke against Salman after the show got over and it added fuel to the fire. And guess what..? She was kept away from the grand finale.

Buzz has it that Salman and Sanjay both earlier wanted to co-host the 6th season of the show but now there seems to be a change in the plan. According to the latest news that is doing the rounds, Salman might not be a part of ‘Bigg Boss’. Rumour has it that the actor has asked his friend Sanjay to take charge as the host of the show. Big Boss 6 will be aired from Oct 1 2012 to Jan 6 2013.

So will Big Boss rule the TRP race without Salman Khan? Can Big Boss run successfully without the “Real Boss”? Time will only tell if Big Boss 6 will be a hit or a flop. Do let us know your views on the same.

Happy Viewing.

Juhi Parmar wins Bigg Boss season 5 (Salman and Sanju entertains)

So finally after two and a half hours long finale Juhi Parmar was declared Bigg Boss Season 5 winner.

The episode was full of all expected surprises and fun. Imran Khan and Karan Johar were present to promote their upcoming film “Ek Main aur Ek Tu”. There were dance performances by Sunny Leone, Pooja Misrra, Malaika Arora Khan, Rakhi Sawant and a final one by all the ex-housemates.

The whole eviction process started with calling that housemate out who got the least votes from audience and the first one to come out was definitely shocking. Sanjay Dutt called Amar out and we could see the shock on everybody’s face.

Dolly Bindra also came who was a participant in the last season. There was another obvious promotion of the new show which is going to air from Monday at 10:30 replacing Bigg Boss. The show Na Bole Tum…Na Maine Kuch Kaha characters gave a brief appearance. Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan performed too.

The third one to come out was Siddharth who was evidently not happy at all and his little smile on the face was enough to prove it. Finally Sanjay and Salman went into the house and got Juhi and Mahek, the top 2 finalists out to declare the winner. Before declaring the winner one things happened and that certainly took me by surprise and that was Mahek’s boyfriends’ proposal for marriage. I wonder sometimes how easy it becomes for non-tv artists to show to do something like this that requires a lot of guts in front of national television.

Finally the moment came and Juhi Parmar (as predicted by many) was announced as the winner of Bigg Boss Season 5. She was congratulated by all the ex-housemates and she was ecstatic and emotional as soon as her was announced.

Pooja Missra ousted from Bigg Boss House

No controversy is less for Bigg Boss house this season. You might have seen the most shocking and unbelievable things happening in this season and that never happened on earlier seasons. However this one stands apart – Pooja Missra was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house at 2 am last night when she physically attacked another house inmate Siddharth apparently after picking up another fight with him.

Today is the eviction day at Bigg Boss house (Apka Farmaan) but it is clear that nobody out of those four nominated for eviction will be sent home tonight.

There are mixed reactions all over for Pooja though as few still favour her saying that she was provoked a lot from the other house mates. While the rest as expected are happy that she is gone. However we do have a doubt that without “drama queen” Pooja Missra will Bigg Boss be interesting enough to watch now?

What do you think? 😉

Porn Star Sunny Leone all set to enter Bigg Boss House on Saturday

Be prepared for all the embarrassment when next time you will watch Bigg Boss show and your parents will ask you “Who is Sunny Leone?”

Yes that’s right because Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone will be seen in Bigg Boss Season 5 house on Saturday. This 30 year old adult film star happily tweeted the news and “Sunny Leone” has been trending on twitter since then. I am still zapped and astonished that what else the directors and producers of the show will do next to gain TRPs as they are ready to grab all eyeballs with this one.

Sunny Leone whose real name is Karen Malhotra has been roped in to be the international celebrity on Season 5. She is an Indo-Canadian pornographic actress, businesswoman and model. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, she has also played roles in independent mainstream films and television shows.

Bigg Boss 5 can’t get more controversial than this with the entry of adult film star. Her entry in the house is going to create too much drama and excitement for viewers and house mates as well specially the three male house mates.

Watch out if your boyfriend/husband has started watching Bigg Boss suddenly! 😉

When Swami Agnivesh entered Bigg Boss

In today’s episode of Bigg Boss (Season 5), Swami Agnivesh, 72 year old social activist entered as a guest to stay with rest of house inmates. He claimed that he decided to take this challenge to aware people about the corruption and sensitizing the women on the pathetic condition of girl child in society.

Pooja Bedi was instructed by “Bigg Boss” to introduce him to everyone and also to take care of him as he was a guest in the house. House mates seemed less excited with his entry as they expected to him to be a guest but not as another house mate.

Swami Agnivesh told Shraddha Sharma that he is working for the upliftment of India and its people. When asked about his marriage he told that he decided not to get married at the age of 28 as he wanted to bring a revolution and work for his country selflessly.

Most of the house mates were seen among themselves discussing rather bitching about him or others. But I was amazed when Pooja Bedi asked Swami that what is happening with Anna Hazare and his team which seemed deliberate. I wonder why it happened knowing the fact that he was thrown out from Anna Hazare’s team.

The good part rather I should say the dull part was there were no fights or arguments after his arrival. His presence definitely gave the house a peaceful atmosphere. He also made them recite chant before having dinner but I have my doubts that how long this peace will remain intact.

Will Pooja Misrra be able to digest attention being given to Swami or will she do something stupid again to get the “footage”? 😉


Bigg Boss Season 5: It’s all about fights and more fights this season

If you have seen recent episodes of Bigg Boss Season 5, you can’t less agree with me that this show shouldn’t come with “Parental Guidance” as a word of caution but “Adult Content” warning. If you ask me to rate this show, then the word is “awful”. I believe, in fact, I am sure that contestants in this season are not 18 years and above. They are worse than 10 year olds. They pick fights on reasons that seem to be completely bizarre.

Before I sight examples of the fights and the reasons behind them, I would definitely like to draw your attention towards the season 1 of this controversial show, where we saw few normal verbal altercations between house inmates that you see happening around you in your regular life as well. However after 5 years it is clearly evident that the show and channel’s producers are so desperate to gain TRPs by hook or crook. So at the end it doesn’t even matter if they are hurting not Indian but “Human” sensibilities foremost.

The last Tuesday’s episode was horrifying to a limit where I just couldn’t hold back my jaw in shock and disgust both. Mahek Chahal was seen poking and irritating Akashdeep Saigal aka Sky and the next moment what I witnessed was far more controversial than expected. Sky just lost his mental control and hurled way too demeaning accusations on Mahek’s character. What followed was obviously Mahek’s retaliation to the comments by passing further degraded remarks on Sky’s character. And since that there has been nothing but characters assassination by those who were involved in the fight and obviously those who weren’t.

These inmates pick fights on getting less or not sharing enough food among each other. They have lost the basic common sense that exists in normal human beings. However I have my complete doubt that they are normal anymore. Agreed it is all scripted and they just do it for the sake of votes, but to this level of insanity!! Those who even try to get in between or sort out the arguments or fights get muddled up in the shit with everyone else.

Sadly the show has completely lost its original touch and concept which initially made it such a popular show.

So next time you tune in to the show, we have our warning sign below for you


What do Roadies, Bigg Boss, Emotional Atyachaar, Spiltsvilla, Comedy Circus have in common?

Whenever I even think about reality shows in India I can only think about getting embarrassed if I have to watch them with my parents. Yes, that is the bitter reality of reality shows and that’s what I’m going to talk about today [I’ll still end up on a positive note about few “healthy” reality shows which are on-air].

The first show that comes to my mind (and eyes, ear, tongue) is obviously Bigg Boss Season 5 as this is currently the most controversial and over-hyped reality show famous for its not-so-famous celebrities (amazing isn’t). The show has recently received lot of flak from its viewers as the 10 days old season have only one male contestant this time with 13 female contestants. Very interestingly one of the female contestants, Sonika Kaliraman recently made a voluntary exit as she couldn’t take the chaotic atmosphere in the show with all the cat fights among other housemates. iDubba also posted a tweet about the same on 3rd October, just after a day Bigg Boss was launched and proved clearly that these shows are indeed scripted to get attention and apparently gain TRPs. The show has now got another male contestant actor Amar Upadhyay to give company to Shakti Kapoor, the solo male member in the house. Of course we can expect more male contestants coming in with its “wild card” entries. The show has always been in debate as they keep or remove any contestant to manage their TRPs.

Emotional Atyachaar is another show that has raised some eyebrows as they have shown adultery and disloyalty to an extent that I can’t remember even one episode where the so called “Suspect” came out clean. It is funny how my couple friends talk about their relationship and say to each other in a rather light manner-

Don’t you dare go anywhere without informing me otherwise I will have EMOTIONAL ATYACHAAR test conducted on you

Roadies (Roadies season-9 coming soon) and Splitsvillaon MTV were few of my favourites that I followed religiously. However these shows have depicted violence, ensuing abuses, inappropriate sexual content so much in the last few seasons that I can’t remember when I switched to MTV Channel last time to tune in to these shows.

Language is another problem that these reality shows have these days. I remember switching to Comedy Circus ka Naya Daurthat is aired on SONY channel currently when I was having a nice Sunday breakfast with my dad. The obscene language and remarks used by the contestants, which is supposedly aim to make others laugh, made me leave the room with a disgust feeling for the show. I missed the clean and wonderful jokes that the original “Laughter Challenge” had, that gave us some incredible stand up comedians like Sunil Pal, Ahsaan Qureshi, Raju Srivastava and Bhagwant Mann.

There was one positive impact that I could find was that there are few dating shows that have helped LGBT community by featuring gay couples and showcasing to Indian society that we need to come out of our mind shackles soon.

In midst of all these shows I could find one show, Axe ur Ex on Channel V that I can enjoy with a great laugh and without worrying about obscenity. This show has concept of irritating (to hell) the ex boyfriend/girlfriend with some great ideas that are harmless and fun to watch.

There are many popular shows that sell and cash on adultery, violence, sex and fraud. Most of the reality shows in India are poor imitation of their foreign counterparts from where the ideas are adopted and used blindly in India. These fail to gain TRPs normally and thus thrive on controversies and scripted plots. However if we look closer we can definitely have shows with less embarrassment for us to watch along with parents or kids.

Any one who wants to play Devil’s advocate here?