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Now win bonus points everyday and rewards everyweek :) [Daily tips]

Within just 2 months of launch (our beta version) we have seen so much excitement on iDubba. People are discovering new programs, setting up iAlerts, getting reminders and doing social Tune ins. And to top it all- 110 users have won Free DTH recharges in 2 months which makes the whole process so engaging and fun.

To excite our loyal users even more we have spiced up the game- Now you can win “Bonus Points” (which help you to get into leaderboard and win TV credits every month) everyday on iDubba and to top it all, you can WIN amazing rewards every WEEK.

Here is what you need to do:

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  1. Here is today’s TIP for 750 bonus points– Fill this Survey on “Do you think the content of Hindi TV serials is deteriorating?
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Remember to do this everyday to-

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Are you excited :-)?

The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse [Indian version]

I recently saw many TV industry people tweeting about this article“Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse”. When I looked at the article I thought it made sense…. but only in America. If you try to analyze each point which is being written there and compare it to the situation in India, you will not be able to relate it. et all.

First of all it talks about how newspaper industry (in US) was so wrong in forecasting the trend and how fast people switched their preferences. It also says people stopped using classifieds and started using Craigslist over internet. Hmm.. this sounds true in our country too as most of us have switched to Shaadi.com or Justdial for our classified needs. But have we dumped our newspapers yet? I don’t think so…

So as per the article the newspaper industry in America saw a sharp decline in revenues during past 5-6 years and that was a sudden change which forced many companies to either exit or get acquired. In our country things are quite opposite (as if now). Today, India is the TOP country in the world by newspaper sales and the newspaper even tops the advertising revenue pie (whopping 47%) second only to Television [Here is the detailed news].

The author goes further and adds some startling facts like- they never watch TV shows when they are broadcast, any more and they rarely watch shows with ads.


So it’s apparent from the article that “internet” is the single biggest culprit behind demise of “newspapers” and (as forecast) “Broadcast Television” in US. And speaking about internet we (Indian people) have barely learned to find friends over Facebook- we still read few steamy articles over internet but when it comes to getting daily dose of news, I have seen majority of people switching on their TV set or grabbing the newspaper with a cup of tea. And internet TV? God, are you talking about some alien thing or what? I still can’t watch a full HD video streaming effortlessly on my 2MBPS internet connection (which downgrades to 256Kbps if I consume my free quota :P) yet. Boxee, Tivo, Netflix, Hulu are alien concepts to us. And to add to my amazement, the author says-

Our kids see TV ads so rarely that they’re actually curious about and confused by them: “What is that? A commercial?”

I bet our generation is yet to see any such change. I’m not saying we lag behind when it comes to TV content consumption, I bet we consume more.. only fact is that we are still very much into real-time TV consumption. Also, the ads help us know more about what’s happening in the internet world. I bet many of us didn’t know about Flipkart until the ads featuring cute kids hit our small screens. So in our country the story is opposite- you need to reach out the your audience, they won’t come out and search for you over Google (mostly).

I know many of you might not support my views, but this is what I think about the majority of TV viewers in India. TV business (i.e. charging advertisers for showing ads) is not going to die in India for another decade or so (although advertisers will get smarter). Channels will close down for sure (because there are too many) and consolidations will happen, DTH will emerge and with HD content people will watch more content with less advertisements, but majority of us will watch the Television content the way it is today! Hail TV!!

Why History TV is my new favorite channel & what shows I like on it?

Well I must say I was compelled to write this post! Yea, this is my job too.. but then who has the time to praise a TV channel and write a whole blog post on it :-)!

But History TV 18 is different and fresh and exciting enough to make me fall in love with it. The day it started, it caught my attention. It had powerful dubbing (I watch it in Hindi) and Salman as a brand ambassador created good hype. Theme music is awesome too!

Here is how I felt in love with this channel-

  • America- The story of the US: When I first saw the trailer of this show, I was surprised that no one has ever told me the history of World’s most popular and powerful country. I was excited to know more about US and the show didn’t disappoint me at all. It was a series of I guess 12-15 episodes (BTW it’s still being aired on TV, you can set reminders on iDubba website) but the story was really engaging. Again dubbing was flawless. Here is more about the show from channel website- AMERICA THE STORY OF THE US tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented, leading from the frontier to 21st Century cities, from the Mississippi to the moon, from colonial Jamestown to 9/11 up to present day. From the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental roads and railways, to triumphing over vertical space with steel skyscrapers and space travel, the series examines how technology overcame the environment
  • Targeting Bin Laden: A meticulously made documentary which closely depicted killing of Osama Bin Laden by American Navy’s SEAL Team 6. The show was gripping, akin to a blockbuster Hollywood action Movie. It was a 2 hour show but was very informative unlike other attempts to catch the same event by other channels
  • Extreme Trains: I like this show because it makes me curious to know more about how Trains and railway system works. It also gives a feeling of taking the journey of beautiful landscapes alongside best locations of USA. The energy and passion of host Matt Bown is super, and his love for trains is apparent from his presentation
  • Food Tech: Bobby Bognar looks one hell of a Foodie. There are numerous food shows telling us about the preparation and stuff…but nothing like this. This show specifically tells us about the technology which goes behind processing, manufacturing or even packing the food. I personally love the way Bobby puts anything in his mouth and gulps it 😉
  • Pawn Stars: This must be one of the funniest series on TV today. More than their job it’s the clashes among father, son, grandpa which are hilarious. For e.g. one day Grandpa says “Ye tum log kitni gaali dete ho a**h**** (beeped off-course). Aaj se haar gaali pe 1$ fine bharna padega” Interestingly the box for collecting fine gets filled with dollar notes in first half of the day. LOL...This family lives and breathes the pawning business, using their sharp-eyed skills to carefully assess the value of items their colorful customers bring in, objects ranging from the obscure to the truly historic
  • Recently loving Heavy Haulers: Seriously speaking I never knew such a company ever existed or such things were ever POSSIBLE!! Man, shifting house in our country means we shift taking our luggage, but how can this company literally SHIFT A HOUSE? or a CHURCH or any darn BUILDING??? You must see it to believe it! (set reminders on iDubba now)
  • Recently loving Invention Intervention: Americans are MAD! No I mean it!! You can never guess that a person working in his backyard can invent something which can be sold for millions. The hosts are inventors themselves and bet big on backyard inventions and inventors inventing them. They fund from 100,000 to 300,000 dollars to inventions they like. It’s a must watch show for startup lovers and innovators 🙂

So here is the gist- The channel has unique content, it primarily showcases lives of Americans (which in itself is fascinating), it has passionate hosts for every show, shows have humor as well as dramatic quotient, dubbing (in Hindi) is great!!

So try to watch some of these shows and let me know if you liked them too 🙂

iDubba new version and Angel funding [Press Coverage]

iDubba was covered on major Indian blogs today notifying its new version release and Angel funding it secured.

Here are the links-

We will keep on updating this list. Thanks to these blogs for posting the news and thank to our viewers for reading and joining iDubba 🙂

Taare Zameen Par on TV, sparks off thousands of tweets [Trending]

Today was one of the moment every Social TV website waits for-

“Thousands of people tweeting about a Movie being telecast on TV”

Here is the thing-

The Movie “Taare Zameen Par” was showing on Zee TV from 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM. And we soon started receiving tweets about it- 


And soon after Twitter-verse started tweeting about the movie being telecast, about their favorite scene from the movie and whether it deserved Oscar or not. This triggered off thousands of Tweets and “Taare Zameen par” started trending on Twitter-


This has happened for the first time in India (apart from IPL matches and other Cricket matches) that a running program on TV has started to trend.

Here are some of the Tweets-


This indicates that Indians have now started watching and talking about TV programs simultaneously. I’m also very sure that this will show a TRP jump for Taare Zameen par movie. Let’s wait and watch! But overall, a happy day at iDubba’s office 🙂

Analysis on TRPs and GRPs starting this week on iDubba

We at iDubba are always striving to bring some really cool analysis on TV programs and viewership data. In an approach to take it further in that direction we are starting a special section on our blog today which will be authored by Ruchi.

Let us give you a back ground in same context-

TRPs & GRPs – Numbers do Wonders !!

The Target rating point (or TRP) is an audience measurement criterion of rating points that indicates the popularity of a television channel or program. The TRP measure helps advertisers decide which TV channels and programs to place their advertising in.

The TRP is a measure of the purchased points representing an estimate of the component of the target audience within the gross audience. Similar to the gross rating point (GRP), it is measured as the sum of ratings achieved by a specific media vehicle (e.g. TV channel or program) of the target audience reached by an advertisement. For example, if an advertisement appears more than once, reaching the entire gross audience also, the TRP figure is the sum of each individual GRP, multiplied by the estimated target audience in the gross audience.

The TRP and GRP metrics are both critical components for determining the marketing effectiveness of a particular advertisement.

TRP suggests which particular show is on number one position, while, GRP suggests which channel is on number one. There might be just one show of a channel in top 10 shows, but still it could be on number 2 position, as its over-all GRPs are high.

Collection of TV audience measurement data in India

Presently, INTAM (Indian television audience measurement) is the only electronic rating agency functioning in India. INTAM uses two methodologies for calculating TRPs.

The first is frequency monitoring, in which people meters are installed in sample homes. People meters are electronic devices, which continuously record data about the TV channels watched by household members. The ‘people meter’ is an expensive piece of equipment and is currently imported. It reads the frequencies of TV channels, which are later decoded into the name of the channels. INTAM prepares national data on the basis of these sample homes readings. There is a drawback in the technique, as cable operators frequently change the frequencies of channels before sending signals to homes. It may be very misleading to read a channel according to a particular frequency even if the down-linking frequency is same all over India.

The second technique is more reliable and relatively new to India. Via a picture-matching technique, the people meter continuously records a small portion of the picture that is being watched on that particular television set. Along with this, INTAM also records all the channels’ data in the form of the small picture portion. Data collected from the sample homes is later on matched with the main databank to interpret the TV channel name, in order to produce national ratings.

Why are these numbers so ‘important’?

WEDNESDAY!!! The day the Television industry gets its results for their last week’s performance. The day can be termed as terrific or a terrible for any show based on its performance. It makes us realize about the role TRP’s play in the decision making of the show.

The above ratings are a help to many people. Firstly, it gives an idea to the Producers as to how many people watch their shows. Secondly, it defines which slot works best for a particular TV channel. Thirdly, analyzing this information helps advertisers to market their products on the ‘perfect’ timing to hit their target audience. To viewers, these might be just numbers, but to media professionals, these numbers are an integral part. These numbers can actually make or break a show. Channel these days, do not believe in experimenting for a long time. It changes a particular track if the ratings for one week or maximum two weeks are declining. Everybody involved in the making of TV shows are working round the clock to deliver their best and every Wednesday when the ratings are out, few are happy, few are sad. But that’s the way industry functions. If the TRPs increase, there is profit to the channel as well as the producers and if it declines, it’s otherwise.

Don’t mistakenly think ratings are everything. At times, there are shows with high ratings but hardly people around you know about it. And there are shows with not so high ratings, but everybody around you is talking about that show. So, there is a difference between ‘the-most-viewed-show’ and ‘the-most-talked about-show’. According to me, Diya Aur Baati Hum and Bade Acche Laggte Hain, respectively, are the best examples to describe this!

And I’m sure, all the ardent fans of the show would be very curious to know how the show is doing TRP wise. It’s of course good to be updated.

The ratings are never dormant and there are unexpected changes every week. Let us see how the graph changes every week.

Stay tuned, we will bring you weekly analysis on this!!

[Note: This blog is co-authored by Ruchi, who will start writing a series of Blogs on iDubba from today onwards]

4 days and already 30 TV watchers leading the leaderboards :-)

It’s just 4 days since we launched our new website with the unique concept- “WIN rewards for watching TV” and we already have 30 TV viewers “Tuning in” everyday and getting in to various Leaderboards- check it our here. (Note: You can only see top 5 players but there are 10 players in each leaderboard).

This is going to be very interesting. If you watch TV, you are also invited to discover your favorite TV shows and movies on iDubba and get a chance to WIN TV related rewards every month.

  1. Join iDubba.
  2. Go to a show/movie page. For e.g. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.
  3. If you wish either Set a Reminder or click on “Tune in” button to indicate that you like to watch that show.
  4. Get points for every Tune in or Reminder set.
  5. Based on the genre of Show or Movie get into the Leaderboards to win TV credits at the end of month.

Join now!! 🙂

Announcement: Best of iDubba is here- now rewards you for watching TV!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fall in Love with your TV. Again!!

Yes, that’s the premise with which iDubba is revealing it’s new avatar today. And boy, are we happy? Well, getting super enthusiastic and positive feedback from our early beta users has certainly made us excited. At iDubba we have been continuously trying to launch smaller versions with various features which TV viewers might like, collecting feedback and gaining experience in the process. Last year we were inducted by “The Morpheus” in their startup accelerator program where we learnt more about user experience and how users might like to see our product. A group of Angel Investors invested in iDubba at start of this year, reinforcing our belief in the product we were making. Then started the big task of putting all of this together and finally after 3 months and 10 days we are presenting to you- The best version of iDubba, yet!

We have cracked many amazing things during these 3 months (one of this is a revolutionary idea which we’ll release in coming days). There are few super cool things about this new product:

  1. It allows you to discover programs based on easy pictorial browsing. Go to the “Guide” page and checkout how much fun it is to browse through more than 11000 programs (English/Hindi) running on TV.
  2. Check out our star feature- iAlerts. One of it’s kind feature which gives you the flexibility to set intelligent alerts for TV programs. For e.g. You can set an alert for any Aamir Khan movie on TV or any movie with Rahman’s music or any Movie with IMDB rating greater than 8.0 or whenever Live Soccer happens. Possibilities are endless here.
  3. And yes! We now reward TV addicts for watching TV. Don’t believe us? Well check out this reward page. This is fun and competitive; every month you watch TV, Tune-in to programs on iDubba and get on various Leaderboards (yes, we have leaderboards for different genres so that everyone can play and win). At the end of month all 90 leaders (10 leaders from each leaderboard) get redeemable TV credits.

In addition to these features you can get cool TV program suggestions, watch Videos of your favorite programs right inside the show page, search programs using Tags, share on Facebook/Twitter, check out Channel schedules, check out activities done by other users and their profiles. And yea, Rajnikanth might greet you as well, after you login 😉

So what are you waiting for, check out the new version and tell us if it’s the BEST or not? 🙂

New trick by TV Channels- “We will be back in- 2:00 minutes”

Have you lately seen almost all Movie channels including this small text (just below the logo), as soon as Advertisements start- “We will be back in 2:00 minutes” or “Time remaining: 1:39 minutes”? This trend started with Movie channels but was seen as a latest edition by Star Plus during the telecast of Movie “Rockstar”. As far as I remember UTV Action was the first Channel to introduce this (although this is based on my experience and not a confirmed data) and then almost all channels started showing this. HBO has been doing a similar but not exactly the same thing- “Harry Potter (Or some movie) starts in 1:15 minutes”.

Now I don’t know who actually thought about this idea but this seems to be catching up with everyone. Including this small text as soon as advertisement starts triggers two kinds of behavior

  1. If Ads are less than 2 minutes, viewers become too lazy to switch the channel in fear of missing out the Movie.
  2. If Ads are of larger time period viewers comfortably switch the channel without the fear that they will miss out the movie.

For e.g. in UTV Action the ad slot is around 5-8 minutes but I can easily switch the channel because I know they won’t start the movie before letting me know- “2 minutes to start”.

You might not have noticed but this makes your silly idiotic TV- “interactive“. It’s a very basic form of interaction but none-the-less it’s an interaction. Other intelligent thing movie channels did some time back was including Movie name when the movie is playing.

These small things make TV viewing fun to watch, as it makes us feel important and smart.

As a viewer, do you think this has made you to watch more movies on TV off-lately?