Satyamev Jayate 5th episode reviews and reactions – “Where is the love?”

“Satyamev Jayate” episode after episode it’s creating a lot of buzz (on iDubba the show commands 5/5 ratings from 89 users and has received 41 reviews) and audiences have been exposed to the real world out there. The show is almost a mirror which is showing us the bitter truth of the society that we live in and just to take this to the next level, it was time for the 5th episode of “Satyamev Jayate” .The earlier 4 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse and Marriages and dowry harassment and  Does Healthcare Need Healing? So it was time to focus on the 5th social evil of our very own society.

The show started with a famous sher “Ishq Par Zor Nahin Hai Yeh Woh Aatish `Ghalib’”. And to add to that an 82 yr old (young) man did say Mohabbat ki nahi jaati ho jaati hain. Aamir did mention about the films that we watch and the romance that is created. But the main aspect was about the real life romance and love. The first story was about a married couple running for cover despite protection order. The story was a about two families and two people who fall in love. You might have guessed the story as it happens in the movies, but in real life it’s totally shocking.  Lokendra & Fehmida have lived in fear for the past 2 years without support from the police.

You might think that at least these two are alive and living their life, wait till you hear the next story about Priyanka and Rizwan, and their tragic ending. In this case Rizwan was not lucky enough to live with his love. Based on the story narrated by Rizwan’s Aami, you might ask yourself “What is the honor in killing someone..that too for falling in love?” Tears were just trickling down of Rizwan’s mother and from most of the audience in the studio. It is strange that Indian families like all the love stories & all the romantic songs from old movies but they can’t accept love marriage. If Priyanka’s family didn’t have so much hatred, Rizwan’s mother says she’d have her son & daughter-in-law with her today.

The first two stories were of two people falling in love who were for two different cast. But the next story was about two people of the same cast, but Manoj & Babli were killed brutally for marrying within the gotra. And to add more to this pain, Manoj’s family was threatened with death & ostracized from the community for filing a FIR.  But Seema , Chandravati & Jagmati . 3 women have stood against unimaginable odds, Khap Panchayat – HaryanaIs. Is this our real society is!!!

The show always talks about the problems and the evils of the issues that are being raised every week, but as always also talks about how we, we the people can discuss the issues and be a solution to our problems. And soon it was time for Aamir to speak to Khap panchayat members and know their opinions. It was shocking to hear their views and their thoughts. They refuse to believe in the Indian Law and make their own decisions and khap panchayat says that media reports about punishment meted out by them are false. Do you agree??

To have a detailed discussion on this issue, Aamir invited Dr. D. R. Chaudhuri and he was of the opinion that traditions can change with the need of the times. And there was also a shocking statistics that there are 25-30 cases coming everyday for police protection. Based on the stories you might think that such stories mostly happen in and around Harayana, but this is not the case. There are thousands of such cases from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Soon Sanjay ji the founder of Love Commondo was invited and he opened with the statement “Pyaar karna paap nahi hai aur virodhi hamara baap nahi hai“. He mentioned that if a 18 yr old can choose the PM of our country, cant they choose their love !!!! So the question is Do you think inter-caste marriages should be encouraged to prevent the country’s fragmentation? Now it was time for the 5th song of this series and as always some amazing melody by Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire. Do let us know your views about this Show and also do follow us on Twitter (iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.

8 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate 5th episode reviews and reactions – “Where is the love?”

  1. i am always with you aamir bhai
    but this society is very dirty
    socity never accept love marriage becouse only ego and inter cast problem
    but i want to finish that issue in our country
    god blessed you

  2. I am 19 year old. I dont believe in love n all that. Because I believe, my parents who gave me birth, have full right on my life. Only because of them I am alive. They always took care of my necessities & luxuries, & I am sure whatever decision they will take about my life partner will be the perfect.

    • u mean parents are giving birth to their slaves , no they chose partner for you because of such thought from u guys which made them think we are too incompetent to chose our partners here i just want to say IF WE CAN CHOSE OUR FRIEND WHY NOT LIFE PARTNER imagine ur parents choosing friends for you think of it. u just give a silly excuse i hope u need love go and fall in a good one and i wish u will come out of this crap

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  4. i watch all ur episodes without missing the final song of each episode touches my heart each episode teaches me something helpfull
    my all support for you aamir


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