Bade Acche Laggte Hain – Ek Saal Baad, Ek Nayi Shuruwat!

“Kehte hain na, har kahani ke 2 bhaag hote hai. Pehla aur dusra. Pehle mein sab accha hota hai. 2 log milte hai, pyaar hota hai, phir shaadi. Dusre mein sab kuch  jo kahani kabhi kahi nahi  jaati and in the end they live happily ever after.. Har kahani wohin khatam hoti hai… Aur woh kahani ka beech ka hissa hai.. wahan se kahani actually shuru hoti hai..

Confused? You should be not! Bade Acche Laggte Hain completes a year today; it’s time for celebration, to revive old cherished memories and to take a positive step forward to welcome the LEAP! 🙂

Happy 1derful B’day to Bade Acche Laggte Hain – The most popular and most talked about show on Indian Television since its inception till date! Party hard peeps! Big shout out for the entire Bade Acche Laggte Hain cast & crew- for making it possible, for the viewers- for watching it, loving it & admiring it and also for all analyzers and critics – for selling it in your own way. 😉 Well, it’s a collective team effort and everybody deserves a pat on their back. Where is the CAKE? 😀

Let’s go down the memory lane. 30th May 2011, Ekta Kapoor, Balaji Telefilms and Sony TV collectively came up with one of the most promising shows on Indian Television, Bade Acche Laggte Hain. The name soon became a household one with the promos itself. When it started, everyone was going ga-ga over it. Who thought Ram & Sakshi would make an awesome and a beautiful couple? Surely ‘K’ween of Television did! Her vision could never be questioned! Atleast, I’d never do that. Sincerely, adore her just too much for that. With every show of hers, she sets a higher bench-mark not only for others, but for her own self too. Today, Ram and Sakshi are better off known as Ram and Priya too or as fans like to call them “RaYa”. Yes, this is how fans are attached to the show. It promised to be different and a mature love story and obviously lived up to the expectations.

First took place the takraar, then engagement, then shaadi, then honeymoon, not to mention, our dear RaYa enjoyed the most Rayalicious honeymoon in Australia for good 2 weeks. It was such a delight to watch them in the beauty of Aussie. Ain’t it? Post this; their aesthetically shot consummation sequence followed by Holi and finally Priya calling her husband by his first name and not “Mr. Kapoor”! Kween Kapoor gave us almost all the fruits on the platter and now we are waiting for the cherry on the cake.

But, wait a minute; I guess the fruit platter just got over before anyone could put a cherry on it. Yes, call it a buzz, rumors or whatever, now that it is confirmed, the cat is definitely out of the bag. iDubba predicted RaYa separation which audience will see happening soon enough. But, LEAP was something which we were not expecting!

But as Harivansh Rai Bachchan has quoted “Mann ka hua toh accha hai aur agar nahi hua toh aur bhi accha hai…” Well, we should go by this, and positively accept a change with broader minds and keeping aside our wishes. If we have adored a show for a year, why not give it a second shot? Why can’t there be “ek nayi shuruwat”?

Well well well, the promo is so adorable; one can’t just get enough of it! The little baby is a complete replica of a chotu Ram Kapoor. Cuteness personified. ‘Ek Nayi Shuruwat’ is what we should be waiting for now! The storyline seems to be interesting as well as mysterious. It has definitely created an anxiety among the fans. Loads of discussion has been happening on various Television sites as well as social networking sites. The promo is a complete HIT with more than 80,000 views in less than 4 days! Do I need to say more?

Fans, be positive and enjoy a new joy ride with a new storyline and new characters. I’m sure, after seeing it, you’ll say to those adorable kiddos “Bade Acche Laggte Hain with your own RaYa…” 🙂

Cheers !!!! Happy Viewing!

17 thoughts on “Bade Acche Laggte Hain – Ek Saal Baad, Ek Nayi Shuruwat!

  1. BALH what initially attracted me to this show was larger then life hoardings of ram and sakshi across mumbai and the awesome track… i am a fan oof this show from day one.. i mean it just feels like it was only yest that the show started.. i have had a wonderful exp during the last one year, yes rightly said the takrar shaadi n pyaar..
    yes as fans we arent happy with the way the current track is going, i am positive that theywill not show some crap recycled track..

    so instead of cribbing n ranting .. i wish balh a very happy bday, hope yeh ek nayi shuruwaat kuch di ke u taar jod jaye, ke di wakahi kahe, aji huzoor bade achche lagte hai yeh dharti yeh nadiya yeh raina aur àaap ….

    let the myster unfold . FAITH or FATE let the viewers decide.

    awesome post ruchi, keep writing cheerz

  2. When Ekta Kapoor takes things in her hands, it shows. The show has been a winner, right from the start. The concept, the promotion, the story development… It’s been terrific. Looking forward to the Nayi Shuruwat. Also, well written post.
    God bless! 🙂

  3. Another wonderful blog by you…love reading you’r articles 🙂
    I was a lil skeptical about the post leap story and feared of loosing the Balh which I adored and get excited watching it.But after your blog and the promo’s aired, which are too cute and the only ray of hope for the post leap, I think I would just give it a second chance and hope that the BT doesn’t ruin the only show I’m watching these days.

  4. No doubt Ekta starts with a very good story line but never continues to do so till the end of the serial.She has already changed the story line.In a interview by SBS in Agra Sakshi says bahot se log hain Jo 40 years old hoge aur 33 years old hogi ladkiya Jo aise situation se identify karegi,i hope is show ke jariye,Jin logo ne maan liya hai ki ab kaya shadi hogi ab kaya pyar hoga, unki jindagi mien phir se kuch umeed ki kiran …….. BALH SE UMEED KI KIRAN TO JAGI,(serials do effect the people’s thought) par Jo 40-35 ke hein Soch samaz ke umeed jagiye ga BECAUSE BIGGER PAIN THAN NOT MARRYING IS THE FUTURE OF BALH SPERATION.

  5. If you say there are two parts of a story a can agre to that but in Ekta’s all serials always the husband wife relation is effected in the second part of the story why? especially in BALH the second part is totally contradict to the first part.The way Niharika’s truth is being revealed is a typical Hindi movie kohra style.hundred presently the truth of Niharika could be revealed more intelligently without the separation of Ram Priya & made the second part of story more interesting & kept the viewers glued to BALH.ANYWAY IT’S EKTA BABY HER WISH TO RUN THE SHOW WITH THE VIEWERS OR WITHOUT THE VIEWERS.

    • Agree, you are very disappointed with the current story line. See, what happened, has happened. We cannot change it now. But what could be possible is, to have faith and a positive approach towards ‘ek nayi shuruwat’. Keep watching the promos, they are darn adorable and will definitely bring a smile on your face. 🙂

  6. Hi am new to your blog but am am ardent fan of BALH from day one and a die hard fan of Ram kapoor. while I am not against the nayi shuruaath, i am really feeling a lot of angst at the butchering of the lead characters… there were so many ways that the separation could have been shown… character assassination was not one of them …

  7. Hi i am totally new to this block , in the serial niharika’s story couldn’t able to reveal, as we guessed.. bcoz ekta kappor serial she never shows happily moving story some big mysteries will be there. now ek nai shurvat please don’t separate RAYA please by any mean, viewers feelings are there with them. so please consider our felling also make story line. Becoz of this seria after long working day we can enjoy serial out of that saas bahu serials. so don’t turn it in to sadline of the story. BEST OF LUCK RAM AND PRIYA. Love you guys…:) 🙂

  8. hi, i am new watcher of this site………….i really liked this………………BALH is my faverite show………………. actually i hate dailysoaps..but BALH ki toh baat hi kuch aur hai………………….

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