Satyamev Jayate 4th episode reviews and reactions – “Does Healthcare Need Healing?”

It was time for the 4th episode of Satyamev Jayate and time for one more social issue. The earlier 3 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse and Marriages and dowry harassment. Hence as expected the 4th episode too was about serious issues that we are facing in our daily lives. The audience was eagerly waiting to know about this episode and it was about “Doctors and their intentions”.

The show started with Aamir Khan talking about health and how important it is for us. He had invited youngsters who want to become doctors. Most of them said that they want to serve the people who cannot get quality health care facilities in India. The show started with a shocking story of Venkatesh and Arvind and their story about how the treatment went wrong. Venkatesh lost his toe, more than Rs 2 lakh towards treatment & underwent severe trauma and Arvind developed a fear of doctors due to being misdiagnosed and forced to spend 1.4lac. How often do we hear this? I guess most of us might have heard it from friends or relatives who have gone through this. After hearing this it is obvious that you might ask this question “Has the noble profession of medicine lost its nobility?”

There was a shocking revelation that Doctors were asking for 40 to 50% commission to refer patients to path labs. And Aamir did also share a term called “Basin test”. In this the doctors refer patients for a blood test, even though it was not required and the blood given as sample was literary thrown in the basin. Yes Basin. There was also a story of Dr. Pichad who initially did resort to malpractices to run his lab, but he changed his stance later despite losses. Wait till you hear this “Dr. Pandit says big hospitals encouraged him to scare patients into opting for treatment” and he had to leave India because it was against his ethics to agree to what he was told. Shocking? Once again the audience in the studio was shocked to hear such stories. Are our doctor’s really becoming SICK?

Soon it was time to hit the nail on the head. Aamir had invited ProfK.K.Talwar who is the Chairman, Board of Governors of Medical Council of India. And it was time to ask tough questions and show the real world.

How many licences have been cancelled permanently for medical malpractices? The answer is Zero since 2008. And on the other hand almost 60-80 licences have been cancelled in England. So does this mean that Doctors in England are worst that the ones in India? There was one more issue that was raised “Capitation fees for medical colleges”. Do you think the high amount of capitation fees for medical colleges is responsible for this issue? No wonder Doctors end up trying to recover the money that was invested.

PS: Aamir did repeat many times that the idea is not to defame the doctors but to ensure that the doctors give justice to their profession.

Dr. Gulati says that more government hospitals need to be set up & medical care needs to be given top priority. And soon Aamir was ready with statistics about Medical Colleges in India. Guess What? In 2001 there were 31 Government Medical colleges in India and 106 Private Medical Colleges in India. Strange? 

Dr. Gulati says that 6% of GDP must be spent on health care for medical care to be given to all, like Belgium does. And India spends 1.4% on the GDP on Health Care. Dr. Devi Shetty was also invited to talk about the programs that they are currently running successfully. Dr.Devi Shetty’s Yashaswini scheme no doubt is a super example of coming together and support each other’s healthcare needs.

The show always talks about the problems and the evils of the issues that are being raised every week, but as always also talks about how we, we the people can discuss the issues and be a solution to our problems. No doubt being a Doctor is a very Nobel profession but now a days it’s a business and many are misleading their patients. Now it was time for the 4th song of this series with some amazing melody by Ram Sampath and Suresh Bhatia. I’m sure that the audience who watched the show on their television sets must have gone through some of these cases. Be it visiting the doctor, or buying expensive medicines or paying extra money as donation to the medical colleges. But it is in our hands to stay safe and be aware of the events around us.

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10 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate 4th episode reviews and reactions – “Does Healthcare Need Healing?”

  1. We cannot achieve that level of healthcare services just by pressurizing government or by speaking and show of.We have to come forward as Dr. Shetty came.Only then we can imagine a healthy India.

  2. Unless people know that there are Dr lik eDr Shetty, how can we go ahead. I really wonder how many of us knew about Dr Shetty…but now we know…hence speaking in media is MUST. Also exposing MCI’s chief as TWICE currupt….was an eye opener…and people must raise voice to dump such Human Drohis into Jail.

  3. Something i git on my email snd i think should reach Mr amir khan as it id the truth

    Dear Mr. Amir Khah,
    I have been a big fan or your work, life and principles. I am also a fan of
    ‘Satyamev Jayate’. But I was shocked to see the episode on 27th May,
    2012. You are an Icon. You should have thought well and done the
    homework before doing such a biased show. There are only two people in
    the film industry that are being taken seriously by the thinking class of
    society, You and Amitabh Bacchhan. So, when you give such a biased and
    one sided version of a story, it hurts. Speaking about such a thing on a
    “commercial” TV show is bad. (I am sure you have taken a big amount, only
    doctor are supposed to do charity and social work, not actors!!! Right!)
    I want to highlight few important points here. And yes I am qualified to
    make observations as I am a medical student.
    1. Your guests and audience (the words were almost put in their mouth)
    said that private colleges charge a capitation fee of 40 – 50 Lacs for MBBS,
    you should have also produced some evidence of such practice. Like you
    call a victim in all your episodes, why not here? And do the same story
    Engineering, Architecture, Law and MBA colleges, do you think they are
    clean? Why target doctors alone?
    2. You said Since 2001, government opened 31 medical colleges and 106
    private institutes were opened. – Please note that today in India, there are
    a total of 181 Private and 152 Govt Medical colleges. So the number is not
    as bad s you projected. Don’t project only the time period which suits your
    story. Either give a complete picture or do not give a picture at all!
    And also, please find out how many of these private colleges are owned by
    politicians? 95% of Private colleges in India are owned and run by
    politicians. It is a bloody nexus between politicians and MCI. The corruption
    by politicians is to blamed for the mess, not doctors!!!
    3. One of your guest (Dr. Gulhati) said that doctors ask for 30%
    commission from Pharma companies to write their drugs. That is baseless,
    over-the-roof and sensationalizing the matter. That is as true as “Most
    Leading actors ask newcomers to sleep with them” or “Lawyers take
    money from both the sides in a legal battle” or “Most chartered
    accountants teach their clients how to save tax and also pass info to
    taxman on where his client saved tax”. I know all of you will shout “Where
    is the proof?”. So are doctors!!!
    I am not trying to sensationalize things as you did on your show by
    shading those fake tears, but just trying to project that allegations are easy
    to make. I know you will say that this was the opinion of our guest, and not
    yours. But you provided a platform for these fake allegations.
    4. You compared the numbers of Licenses cancelled in England and in
    India. I must say your team is quite resourceful and please collect and
    compare following details also –
    a.Number of doctors beaten on duty by goons from various political outfits
    in government hospitals in UK and India in last 10 years, and also the
    number of people convicted for such crime.
    b.The Stipend (Salary a post-graduate trainee doctor/intern gets) or Salary
    and accommodation facilities provided to the doctors of the two countries.
    c.The duty hours and working conditions of the doctors of the two
    d.The academic and research infrastructure being provided to the medical
    5. You said that the most brilliant students who take up medicine, should
    take it only for service to mankind, they should go to other fields if they
    want to earn. Why? Are we living in imperialism? Are doctors not allowed to
    earn and spend a good life? You were asking Dr. Devi Shetty whether he
    can do humanitarian work and Earn at same time? This is like asking
    Amirkhan or Shahrukh-khan their income and generalizing it for every actor
    in the industry (Even junior artists). Sir, just as there are only few Khans
    and Kapoors, There are even fewer Devi Shetty and Naresh Trehan who run
    their chain of Multi-specialty hospitals spread all over the country. See
    what it takes to become a doctor and then give such “Geeta-Gyan”.
    a. 5 and half year of MBBS training and 1 more year of Compulsory Rural
    Internship at Rs. 15000 – 20000 per month. (Any other field eg.
    Engineering, Management, a person would become Postgraduate in this
    much time and start earning double the amount.)
    If one doesn’t study further, the pay at this step is 22,000 per month.
    b. After above 6 and half years of Graduation, 3 more years of
    Postgraduation, followed again by compulsory rural / Government job for 1
    year or pay Rs. 25Lac bond.
    If one doesn’t study further, the pay at this step is 40,000 per month.
    c. After this above 10 and half years, 3 more years of Superspeciality,
    followed by 1 year of Govt job or a Bond of Rs. 2 Crore.
    And the seats are so few with tough competition, there tends to be a gap
    of a year or two in preparing for various entrance exams.
    6. Why only Doctors are being forced to work in rural and government
    hospitals after their study? Why only we should pay government if we
    don’t want to do it?
    The rural/Govt sector needs help of Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered
    Accountants and MBAs also.
    Why aren’t the Engineers sent to rural areas to design and monitor roads
    and industrials development?
    Why aren’t the Lawyers forced to work as Public prosecutors before they
    can join some big foreign corporate firm?
    Why aren’t the CAs asked to work in CAG office and various other
    government financial sectors before joining Multinational Giants?
    Now government wants that doctors should not immigrate to other
    countries without asking them. Why? Are the IIT/IIM students stopped
    before they flee to foreign countries for big fat salaries? So, why us? What
    is it that government of society has done for doctors that they should
    repay? They bloody can’t even protect them from goons while on duty.
    7. You say that doctors are writing unnecessary and costly medications. Do
    we decide the price of a drug? Do we manufacture or give license to drug
    manufacturers? Controlling the price of essential drugs is a government
    job. We are helpless.
    Sir, its easy to point fingers. We don’t say that all is well. But all is not well
    anywhere. Its a different thing creating awareness about dowry or female
    feticide. But its entirely different to comment on such a technical and
    complicated issue without getting into the details of it.
    You have maligned the entire medical fraternity. For every 10 doctors who
    are doing wrong, there are more than 1000 healers. You owe us an
    apology!!! This issue is not as simple as you think it is! Please show stories
    which are unbiased and straight-forward. You cannot do justice to such an
    issue, especially after charging a whooping amount for creating
    (We hear that Amir has charged 3 crores for episode of satyamevjayate in
    which he spreads the message to doctors that they should not make
    money and do social service!!! How sacred!!! I don’t know if its true, but
    well, it’s the season of allegations!)
    “We Doctors may be doing little social service, But at least we are not
    charging for it!”
    – Doctor 

  4. Dear Doctor,
    All parents of the female child do not kill their daughters, all adults do not sexually abuse children, all in-laws do not burn their daughter-in-laws…. but it does happen, and that is a fact we have to face.
    Place your hand on your heart and say again that NO DOCTORS indulge in the deeds mentioned in the show? : You probably know a few who do, yourself…I think the incidences of Doctors malpractice far exceed (in number) the crimes shown on the other 3 episodes.
    I do not think the message from the show was that doctors should not earn, it was only that they should earn from respectable work: and then again it was only directed to those doctors who do dis-respectable work.
    No doubt the overall corruption (all sectors including govt. and politicians) and the poor work-compensation structure (vocational snobbery) in our country is responsible for the rot… but that does not mean we do not talk about it. Education has suffered the most, and as you rightly said in all sectors.
    Yes probably Aamir did get 3 Cr. per episode, but I am glad that he got it for bringing social issues to the forefront and making us talk about them… the fact to remember is that he would have got 3 Cr. for ANY TV SHOW that he agreed to host!!!!! Such is the system of work-compensation in our country!!!

  5. Surprised to see reactions from doctors here.
    The episode is appealing to the doctors to

    1. Not charge for referrals and medicines in the form of commissions,

    2. Not over do the procedures with an idea to charge more.

    Doctors are aware that this is happening in the market. Difficult to nail the percentage but true. Those who are true to their oath need not be outraged. Instead they need to work towards cleaning up the mess.

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  7. the doctors telling that Engineers should also go to work in rural areas’This is due to lack of knowledge.Engineers work not only in rural but in remote area to create infrastructure.

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