Bhai, Bhaiya aur Brother – Sab Tv to launch another Cross-Cultural Family Comedy!

Bhai, Bhaiya Aur Brother! The moment we here this there would be loads of memories that you might have about your Bhai, Bhaiya aur Brother. Some of you might have also gone in flashback to relive those amazing moments that you might have had with your brother. SAB TV which is know as a comedy-centric channel, is back again with a Comedy show, a Cross-Cultural Family show to be specific. The Promos are all over SAB TV and looks very interesting as well.

So are you excited to know more about this upcoming serial?

As the title suggests, it’s about a family that unites after almost 20 years. Three brothers , who have been living separately with their own individual families, meet at middle brother’s house in Mumbai. Sounds interesting? Wait till you read what follows next. ‘Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother‘ centers around Vohra’s character “Bhaiya” who is a family man residing in Mumbai with his wife and son. He is a serious and peace loving character, Vohra aka bhaiya will soon find it difficult to retain his composure when his other two brothers come visiting. No prices for guessing that the show is produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Deven Bhojani. And this time they are back with a cross-cultural family comedy and it heavily stresses on the disparities that co-exist in the society. Also it will be interesting to see the chemistry between the 3 bothers and their family as all have been raised in three absolutely contrasting cultures.

Let us now introduce you to the cast of the show. Sooraj Thapar will be playing the character of Chirag Vohra’s Elder Brother in the serial. His role is of person who has been settled in a remote village of Gujarat called ‘Pihurwadi’ for the last 20 years. He is normally very slow in all the matters, even in case of emergency. Vrajesh Hirjee plays the character of Chirag Vohra’s Younger Brother. This is a unique character like the others in the show, as he has spent last 20 years in New-York and is very particular and precise about everything. He always remains presentable, irons handkerchief and socks too.

So are you ready for more characters? Chirag Vohra plays the Protagonist – Narrator who is born and brought up in Mumbai and owns a big super stationary store. As you might have seen from the promos that he is the peacemaker in the family but is usually ‘sandwiched’ between the family members. Dimple Shah who is making her come back will play the character of Sooraj Thapar’s wife. Her character is very hilarious. Shweta Choudhary who has acted in many TV shows will play the character of Juhi, Chirag Vohra’s wife in the show and Muni Jha who was last seen in Dharampatni, will play the father’s role. His character will be shown dead in the show but he will talk to his three sons through his photo frame on the wall. Wait there is more, Swati Chitnis will be playing the role of head of the family, who handles the entire household and brings the family together.

So now that you know about the background and the cast of the show, “Are you ready for a Cross-Cultural Family Comedy – Bhai, Bhaiya Aur Brother?” Well you will have to wait till June 4 to find out this answer.

Happy Viewing – SAB ke Sath 😉

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