Satyamev Jayate 2nd episode reviews, reactions and Video (Child sexual abuse)

Sunday’s will never be the same again! Yes we are talking about Satyamev Jayate. It was time for the second Episode and yet another Shock. The audiences were eagerly waiting to know about the second topic and as mention in our previous post “What to expect from upcoming second episode of Satyamev Jayate?”  This episode was indeed about “Child Sexual Abuse”.

The show started with Aamir Khan talking about Parents. He mentioned that our parents are always worried about their kids; they always ensure that we are safe. There was a moment when Aamir’s parents said “You will understand this when you become a parent” How often do we hear this!! I guess most of our parents might have said the same thing to us at some point in time. In the show they had invited Parents who had kids between 12-13 yrs. And soon there was a disclaimer made by Aamir Khan and stated that if parents feel that this show should not be watched by their kids, they must ensure that they are in a safe place. But soon he mentioned that they will hold a workshop for children towards the end of the episode.

As expected the show did move on to the Statistics about Child Sex Abuse.  Based on Indian Child Sexual Abuse report: 2007, 53% Indian children are victims of some form of Child sex abuse.  And soon the 1st story was based on the same topic, as Cindrella shared her shocking story. The reactions of the audience were just too scary. The audience could not believe what they were hearing this. But Cindrella   did show her fighting spirit but she was still so brave while describing the incident in front of whole world. It takes lot of courage to do that. Soon there were more shocking stats that were yet to come. Listen to this “53% of boys are sexually abused which is more than girls” Yes that is actually SHOCKING.Soon the second guest did share his side of the story. Harish suffered 11 years of Child sex abuse in silence. He was talking about the ugly side and also did mention that all he had to do was say NO. But at times it’s too hard to say your first NO.  Harish’s mother also made an appeal to parents to believe their children if they ever talk about Child sex abuse.

The stories did not end there; there were numerous incidents that were shared. Every story was more ugly than before, but the courage that was displayed by the guests made you feel that it takes a lot of guts to stand and share it with the world.  Dr Rajat Mitra did try to explain the mental state of the perpetrators and also made a very valid point that one should respect the behaviours of a person and not the age.   But as they say “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile”  There was also a small ray of hope for the children who are suffering this abuse.1098. Yes this is not a normal number. It’s a Helpline number for kids and as of now they have centres in 200 cities in India. It is a helpline that gets 25 lakh calls every year. So do keep this number in mind and spread the awareness.

As promised at the start of the show Aamir did invite the kids on the show and spoke to them. It was a great joy to watch the kids on the show and talk about their version of the word Safety. The workshop did tell them to ensure that they must try to save themselves and scream when such incidents occur. And when it comes to the 3 body parts they must share it with their parents.  And parents should conduct the workshop with their children every 6 months.

As expected the reactions on Social Media were also all over. Following are some of the tweets that were shared about this issue.

– What is the one thing that you as a parent can do to keep your child safe from Child sex abuse?

– Is it easy to forgive a Child sex abuse perpetrator?

– What is the one thing that you as a parent can do to keep your child safe from Child sex abuse?

Did we forget something…? Well yes, Sridevi was also on the show. As she was shared a testimony of Harish’s story and she was kind enough to come down to meet Harish personally. The show did end on a positive note and there was also a commitment made that Aamir Khan will send across a letter to the government and request them to pass the Law that is pending in Rajya Sabha.

So are you of the opinion that we should all support this cause? More importantly do you feel connected with the show? Do let us know.

9 thoughts on “Satyamev Jayate 2nd episode reviews, reactions and Video (Child sexual abuse)

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  2. I am a father of one beautiful daughter of 3 years old. After watching Amir Khan’s show my wife has become so paranoid that she started looking at the whole male community as pedophile, child abuser and rapist. She is scared if the little girl mingle with any male, include myself, uncle, grand father etc. She does not trust me or any male in the world. Amir, you also need to send the message that all males are not child abuser. There also exists healthy relation between father-child, grand father-child, uncle-child.

  3. I know the truth is always hard to grasp, but we are not aware how will we be able to fight against this, actually the culprit has no different face…………will u wait anebody to do something wrong to its better to protect your child from the whole world……………..think positive but stay aware………………:)

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