Satyameva Jayate or Satya “Meva” Jayate? [why SMJ might not be revolutionary]

In a country where even after reaching the top people continue to do trash, Aamir has set an example. It’s the right line of thought and about time we had a show like this. Now if only, I could be as confident of the intentions behind the show. After all, it’s fashionable to be an activist. It’s so George Clooney…

And what was it about keeping the content a total secret before the launch? If I believe in my content, I want to tell people what’s it about and I expect people to watch the show. I DO NOT want to use the “let me use my star power to bring them to the episode and claim it to be a TRP success” trick. Did Aamir think that if he had revealed the nature of the content, lesser number of people would have watched the episode? I think it would have been the opposite actually.

So why did he hide it? Makes one think that getting a “Aamir Khan is a true star – only he can make a show like this” was higher on priority than a “what a brilliant show – hope more people make shows like this..And there creeps in the fear that Aamir’s Satyameva Jayate is a façade show.

It’s a new genre by itself…its “feel good activism” – activism that makes one feel good about oneself….oh I’m so good…I care.  And nothing wrong with it…it works big time for us Indians. But does that make a concept, an idea, a show historic? The show is full of good claims but falls short of delivering actual punch. Reminds me of the promises of another fine actor – Barrack Obama.

Of course its hugely better to have a show like Satyameva Jayate (Aamir’s self aggrandizing included) than the 8 years of inconsequential duplicates we all showcased and endured. So SMJ is definitely a step ahead…but is it a leap forward? Not so sure….

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3 thoughts on “Satyameva Jayate or Satya “Meva” Jayate? [why SMJ might not be revolutionary]

  1. SMJ is definitely awakening to India. The issues are handled without fear or reservation. The letter to the chief minister of Rajasthan regarding the female killing is truly remarkable. The change has to begin at some point of time.

  2. @Lakshmi Balu . this shows your intensions are greate and adorable but not necessarily the show with same intent. Have you wondered why dowry & DV issues are handled focusing on one side of the story ? Are you aware of the rapant misuses of these laws from the time of its effect on the groom & their family ? Are you aware of the number of husbands committing suicides due to these one sided power ? Senior citizens arrest numbers are 50 times higher than murderers & rapist followed by 98% cases proved false (check Law ministry statistics).
    Do you know giving dowry is also a crime but nobody is convicted (even with false cases) because of a loop hole which nobody wants to talk about.

    About DV, how are we so sure women is doing their job without causing any trouble to the husbands ? If you have two kid, as parent you must have faced situation where you thought the elder one is guilty later realised other way round. Check both side of the coin, husbands are doing household cores along with external jobs & having a homemaker wife. Read about the verbal, mental abuse women do to instigate men (international surveys).

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