“Dil par lagegi to baat banegi” Satyamev Jayate 1st episode reviews and reactions

Sunday’s will never be the same again! Yes we are talking about Sunday and Television. As you are aware “Satyamev Jayate “marks the television debut of popular Indian Bollywood actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan. The promos were all over the print, media, television and Social Media. And finally that day had arrived when the Television Audience did manage to watch Aamir Khan’s show “Satyamev Jayate”. The 1st show was aired today, 6th May Sunday from 11:00am to 12:30pm. iDubba is on a journey to find out and understand from the viewers what did they feel about this show. Has this show hit the audience in their hearts!!! And will this show change the way we think about our very own “SOCIETY”??

Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate’s first episode was based on female foeticide, a inhuman act which is practiced in many parts of the country even as we speak. The show had some Shocking revelations about female foeticide and that it is a bigger problem in urban educated sections of society. The show had 3 stories that were shocking but did hit the hearts, and that was evident by the reactions of the audience in the studios. The tears were just flowing down when they heard the facts and the harsh reality about the victims. I’m sure that you too might have a similar reactions while watching it on your television sets. As the promos suggested, that “Jo Dil Pe Lage..To Hi Bat Banegi” which seems to be working.

We are not here to talk about the TRP’s or the GRP’s about this show. This post is to understand what our viewers think about this show, hence following are some of the tweets that were shared about the 1st episode. Also #Satyamevjayate was top trending topic on Twitter.

The show did present some shocking facts about the Current Sex Ratio in India, about the sting operation that was conducted in Rajasthan by two journalists and the kind of society that is encouraging such acts of human trafficking. There have been a number of News Channels that have been showing similar cases to the television audience. So what is different that this show will do! One great thing about this show is that it will be aired on Doordarshan, and the kind of reach this channel has, no channel can beat it. This show not only talks about the problems, but also talks about the solutions and the ways in which one can stop such cases that have been a kind of trend in our society. The Show is not just a Chat Show where people come and share their problems, but is also a platform that will encourage the youth to open their hearts and minds about such Sensitive topics. Some audiences might find this show a bit to real and violent with the kind of content and social issues that have been discussed. Well, it’s a mirror that we often Dont like to look at, a mirror that cannot be seen “Eye to Eye”.

The show was a mix of video’s and experts sharing their experiences, the kind of research that the team has done for this show, a story about how Julamajara one town in Nawanshahr district recorded birth of 1000 girls for 1000 boys in 2011 and about Mr.Kishan kumar in 2001 who helped Nawanshahr a district of Punjab state to raise its gender ratio by 71 points.  As you are aware there will be16 songs for the 16 episodes and the first episode did end with “O Ri Chiraiya” a heart wrenching and haunting melody by Ram Sampath and Swanand Kirkire.

Do let us know your views about this Show and also do follow us on Twitter (iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.

26 thoughts on ““Dil par lagegi to baat banegi” Satyamev Jayate 1st episode reviews and reactions

  1. sirf hungama khada karna mera maksad nahin, meri koshish hai ke yeh
    surat badalni chahiye, mere sine mein nahin to tere sine mein sahi,
    ho kahi bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye epic!!!! sms Y 5782711


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  4. Perfectionist, yet another perfect Execution….Aamir Khan’s Show has not only raised the existing issues, but given a certain height of TV Reality Show. HatsOff !!!

  5. Really Hats of to you Aamir. kuch bayan karne ke liye shabd nahi he hamare pass, aapse hamesha kukh na kuch sikh milti rahi he. Love You. & About Your Show, Hamne bhi kai bar koshish ki he is bara me logo ko samzane ki, ke ladka aur ladaki me koi bhedbhav nahi karna chahiye.

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  7. Great show with very sensitive issue…………This should be stopped and thank Aamir ” dil pe lagane ke liye”

  8. Isn’t this serial such a perfect antidote to all those patriarchal serials? It has all the drama, tears, sensation, suspense, melodrama, even villains and heroines and heroes – but it also has truth, that is why Satyamev Jayate.

  9. very great job, job nahi ye sachai hai ho dil ko aar paar kara gai. aisay logo ko saja milni chahiye koi bhi ho. hum sab saath hai.

  10. Kaisey kaisey dhukh deytey betiyo ko.hum sab aap kay saath hai. Thanks Aamir for this show….Truth

  11. asi sachai samne aayi ki dil ro padh.dil se awas aayi ki asi dushmano ko saja jaroor mily koi bhi ho like jude,police,doctor………….

  12. It was horrible to hear this. and log itna niche gir sakte hai can’t imagine.. Aise logo ko punish karna chahiye.. jail me daal dena chahiye.. even doctors ko bhi saza milni chahiye..

  13. Topic to be discussed: We should not leave our country in any condition because It’s our real mother, then if real mother beat us it her blessing to us.

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