Is “The Dirty Picture” too Dirty for Indian Television?

“For unavoidable reasons we regret to inform that the film ‘The Dirty Picture’ will not be telecast today. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted’.  This is the ticker that was being aired by SONY Television for the audience. Is Dirty Picture too dirty for Indian Television? Well let’s find out the exact story and the real issue for this mess.

The much-awaited television premiere of “The Dirty Picture” was scheduled to be aired at Sunday noon and 8 pm on SONY. But the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting asked for the telecast timing to be revised to a slot after 11 pm. Well The Dirty Picture, which is reportedly based on the life of southern actress Silk Smitha, had undergone 56 cuts before being issued a U/A certification by the censor board. And the irony is that this move by the government comes even as the channel had secured a clearance from the Bombay High Court on Saturday for the airing of the film. Strange, right?

This movie was advertised for close to a month prior to its telecast on television, but it seems that the movie is too dirty for the Indian Television Audience. Did you know that Sony had made 36 voluntary cuts and 26 compulsory cuts to make it suitable for broadcast on television and had obtained a U/A certification for broadcast? So do you really think that the India Television is not yet ready for such a bold movie? Well not long ago there was a lot of debate about “Sach Ka Saamna” and this was made into a political debate. And the channel had to shift the show to 11pm slot. So this might not be new to the audience, and one might have started to live with the fact that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has the final say in any matter.

You might find it ironical that “The Dirty Picture” has won 3 National awards, Yes 3 National Awards. Best Make Up Artist: Vijram Gaekwad, Best Costume Design: Niharika Khanand Best Actress: Vidya Balan. And one fine day you hear that this movie is not fit to be aired on National Television!! Amazing right!!! Well time will only say who will win this strange battle.

So what do you think about this unique decision and would you like this movie to be aired at Prime Time slot?

Happy Viewing 😉 (Not “The Dirty Picture“)

2 thoughts on “Is “The Dirty Picture” too Dirty for Indian Television?

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  2. The I and B ministry is confused itself.. every time somethings like these come up, the first question raised is “Is the Indian TV audience ready for this 😛 ?”..the last time a huge cry was made about #BALH episode involving Sakshi Tanwar and Ram Kapoor.. it wasnt vulgar, and was shot in a very aesthetic way.. i mean grow up.. there are comedy shows which openly show double meaning vulgar content as part of the comedy series.. and still we rofl and lol at that.. shows like crime patrol cover issues of rape, murder and other gruesome violent acts.. there is no censorship coz thats not fiction..

    At one point we talk about India shining and progressing and competing with the western countries and things like this wrongs your belief that are we truly liviing in this age..

    Also there is a remote control, parental locks available.. if u think , its getting steamy on Tv and you cant watch it with your family, bloody just flip the channel..

    When the movie was already given a censor certificate, and on top of that the production house had made additional cuts to suit the TV audience, why the hell did I&B stop the broadcast…

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