Rourkela’s Rajasmita is the new DID Girl

As they say during Oscars “And the Oscar goes to……… For Dance India Dance too there is a moment when you hear “And the winner is………” Well for all the dance lovers and DID fans out there, the moment has finally arrived. And it was time to announce the winner of the all important ” Taqdeer ki Topi ” No point keeping the suspense on, as you already know the Winner of Season 3. Yes as the title suggests ” Rajasmita” is the winner of Season 3. This post is about the journey of the winner of DID Season 3.

As you all know from the previous post “What to expect from D.I.D Season 3 Grand Finale !! iDubba has the answers”  So let’s go back in time and find out more details about Rajasmita’s  journey.

This Odisha Girl started her journey on Dec 25th at Kolkata auditions and got selected among the top 36 contestants, Soon on Jan 7th auditions her luck and hard work got her selected to top 18. And after this there was no looking back for the girl from Rourkela. During her journey we have seen her performing almost every dance style, right from Contemporary to Lyrical Hip Hop and from Aerial act to Free style and acrobatics. Did you know that she is just 21yrs of age and has recently finished her 12th standard? Amazing isn’t it. The moment you look at her on the screen it reflects from her personality that she is someone who has grown from ground, I am sure that most of you must have noticed she being very down to earth and a very honest and hard working girl. Well it is this dedication and passion for dancing that helped her win this prestigious dance competition.

This is also for the first time that Geeta Ma’s team mate has won this competition. As you might recollect that the winner of season 1 Salman was from Remo’s team and Shakti the winner of season 2 belonged to Terrence Lewis’s team. It was 3rd time lucky for Geeta Kapoor. A mentor is one who is most happy when his/her Mentee’s dream come true, this was quite evident from the tears of joy in Geeta Maa’s eyes when her Nandu’s name was announced as Winner of DID3. You would also agree that Rajasmita was one of the most consistent performers during the entire season and she always managed to stay in the top 4 even during the usual public voting.

iDubba and team does take this opportunity and wishes Rajasmita an amazing career ahead and also wishes the other finalists all the best for the future. Hope they keep dancing and make India Proud.

So hope you had a great time watching the Grand Finale.

Happy Dancing.

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