Bade Achhe Lagte Hain upcoming story- iDubba predicts

What do you all think of upcoming story in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain?

I’m sure all the religious fans must have had thoughts as well as discussion on the future predictable story of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, after the shocking NUTZ promo!

I’ll tell you what could be the most predictable tracks for the coming week, (THEY ARE JUST MY PREDICTIONS); don’t hit me watching the actual story if it is not similar.

I’ve been personally watching K-soaps since more than a decade now. It becomes an art to decode the story once you know the root of it. Like we all know, one day Ram will definitely get to know about the true colors of his ‘so-called’ step family.  But HOW and WHEN it will happen is to watch out for! We have a real LONG way to go! I’d be pleasantly surprised if this happens sometime soon; like the Consummation night! According to me, it could have waited a little while.

Decoding the Promo:

After the NUTZ promo where she comes all bruised and when asked who did that to her, she said ‘Kartik’, everyone amongst us along with Ram and Priya are shocked! Aren’t you? I will not be surprised even if you aren’t! Because, Indian audience has educated themselves and the story has become so damn predictable. We all know Kartik cannot do such a thing. So, next question is who did it? We are acting as if we do not know what evil trio is up to! This same thing has happened ‘n’ number of times in K-soaps. Am I right? Or Am I right! Definitely Nutz must have hurt her own self to create a rift between Ram-Priya.  As we all have read as well as heard about the ‘much-not-awaited’ separation track, we can guess this much, can’t we?

Drama, Drama, Drama:

And the awesome pre-cap. Ram goes and shouts on Kartik, and he’s silent. Doesn’t know what has happened and why Ram is behaving in such a way. It’s so FUNNY! Ain’t it? TV soaps DRAMA par he toh chalte hain! Kyaa kar sakte hain…Might as well watch and LOL! Kartik might realize that what he did was wrong. He should not have made a mountain out of a molehill! But kyaa karein, who bhi toh insaan hain, roz-roz ke pange se thakk ghaya tha bechara..!! (Oh wait! I did not see much pangas happening, and what they showed was very stupid!) But Ramji ke gusse ke aagey would he survive? He will not be able to utter a single word out of his mouth, right? Let’s see what happens. Be happy, there’s lots of drama which will unfold in the coming week.

Much-not-awaited Separation:

Due to Nutz-Kartik issue or some atrocious reasons…Our dear Ram and Priya ‘mutually’ decide to separate with some blend of misunderstandings obviously. This I can say, by rightly observing their characters right from the first episode itself; how much they love their respective families; more than anything or anyone or even more than themselves or their relationship. Nothing matters to them apart from their families being happy, no matter what! But the point is who wants to watch this? You, you or you? Not me certainly. But sooner or later, this will happen. TV soap hai bhai, varna story aagey kasie badhegi ?? LOL! And once the separation happens, Ram will spend hours and days desperately waiting. And so will Priya, trying to adjust herself in her own drawing room! We will get overdose of 10 minutes of flashbacks daily out of 20 minutes..! But both will think, “jo hua acche ke liye hua, aakhir mera parivaar bhi toh meri zimmedaari hai na.” (What is new in this, can someone tell me?) I’d be more than happy, if I do NOT get to see this and instead get to watch a No-Separation-Track and a fresh transition in the story. What do you feel?

Surprise or Shock:

What if it happens the other way round? What if either Ram or Priya gets to know about the truth of Nutz? If Ram gets to know, I can just think about writing that ‘HE’LL BE ZAPPED” and would not know how to react. He’ll be dying 100 deaths before actually dying. But I can’t see this coming! We have to wait for this! What if Priya gets to know? What will she do then? What should she do?  Should she tell Ram? How? Does she have any proof? Knowing that Ram blindly trusts his family and would not believe anything without proper proof. Even if she proves it, it will eventually hurt him. What if she decides to remain silent? I’ll leave it up to you guys to think and then, let’s wait and watch!

Don’t forget to comment and put your point! Let’s have some cool discussion and decode the next week’s story.

12 thoughts on “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain upcoming story- iDubba predicts

  1. You can surely expect a typical storyline from Balaji. The show has become quite predictive and lacks the shocking element which Balaji offered once upon a time. The storyline of BALH is to dragging and has become quite slow now a days. Before the episode where the leading protagonists took the wedding to the next level, the show was really good and there were typical changes in the characters, but then after that they seem to have come back to their routine behaviors. Also off late the sparkling chemistry between Ram and Priya is lost somewhere, audiences can easily see body doubles being used. Ok enuff of the things said…..its the past.

    Also noted(personal opinion) is that the channel is not promoting the show well in abt last 15days or so, the 10pm show is being promoted out and out. There are no new promos being aired , nor is the social media used as a platform to engage with the audiences.

    I wish Balaji to shock us by not going the typical way and prove to the loyal audiences that BALH is truly a different show then those creepy Saas Bahu Sagas ! Ram and Priya need to trust each other and be there for each other. Also the evil trios truth should be bought into the light asap.. unless something excited doesn’t come up, the trps would not improve.

    A loyal BALH viewer.

  2. A very nice post there with all the possible predictions with keeping BT in mind…lolzzz
    Being the ardent BT serial fan I can very well see all these things happening myself 😉
    Well I think what BT is showing at the moment is very old story and there is nothing new happening as they claimed it to be in the starting of the show,which I must say was very different and was like a fresh breath of air on the TV at that time.

    And about the upcoming story I think that Nutz herself will reveal the truth to Ram n all that’s coz she has been shown to be a grey character and not an outright -ve one.She still loves Kartik and doesn’t wanna see him get hurt. It’s the Sharma Mother and daughter that she is sick off ( so am I :-/…lolzz ) .But of course Nihareka’s secret wont be revealed otherwise it will be the end of the show.So during this whole fiasco there will be rifts between Ram and Priya and they might get separated as well, may be for the time being, which I really don’t wanna see happening 😦 This whole will create drama and hopefully increase the TRP’s of the show,otherwise we will be forced to see some other senseless drama just for the sake of TRP’s :-/

  3. They are ruining a decent show with this typical track. I guess writers are out of ideas so they are falling back on the old safe techniques. A lot of the things that are going on have no logic. Personally I am sick of seeing Priya’s mom & Sister in law’s behaviour, i think that they were both torturing Natasha with their taunting and attitude. Nutz admitted her errors and tries to make amends but the two of them are stuck in their own minds. Anyone would go crazy.
    The show was much better when Ram and Priya were also acting a little more realistic. This attitude of Ram’s towards Priya because she’s trying to support her family/brother is a little extreme. Accusations that she’d rather be a daughter in her own house than a bahu in his, and telling her he doesn’t want her back – i mean come on – it just shows zero care/concern for her, meanwhile he’s supposed to be so in love with her. Can’t he just reflect, as a normal person would, on how much she’s done in the past and give her some credit for that.
    If they do a separation and a time leap forward it will be a real disappointment to many of the loyal fans.

    • Agree to what you’re saying Sam, it’s been more than 3 weeks now these people are dragging the track and it is showing in the ratings as well. I sincerely hope, they do something about it ans shut it asap and we get to watch the realistic scenes of Ram and Sakshi as before.

  4. i will tell you what will happen and i damn bet it would
    priya gets angry with ram
    kills him
    goes to jail
    we all get to sleep
    good night
    i am sure my neighbour mrs malho…a would have done the same had she come to know that her husband is so stupid
    good night

    • LOL! Can feel your disappointment. But, I’d say, let’s all be positive and wait and watch. WHo knows, we might get to watch something really new and fresh (chances are less, but nevertheless).

  5. To begin with BALH was very interesting. But soon it turned out to be the usual Saas-Bahu-Step Mom saga like old wine in new bottle. 😦 It is heartening to see that in spite of everything, eventually Ram and Priya always understand each other. I hope there is never a misunderstanding between them and I also hope that soon better sense prevails and Nutz also joins hands with Priya in teaching a lesson to Niharika. All serials tend to get boring if the plot does not move. BT should not assume that all viewers are ardent fans. Soon the TRP will fall.

  6. I fully agree with all the views. I would like to comment on the scenes between Neha ,her domestic help who looks like a valet in a 5 Star hotel and Vikram. The spying episodes is most uncalled for. Leave a very stupid impression even though it is Soap.

  7. it is said that there will be a 5 yrs gap in the story…..where priya will be staying in australia with her son… And that ram is unaware of this fact….and they meet after 5yrs.

  8. ekta kapoor has again proved the fact that she can make crazy changes to a perfectly nice plot.& is hell bent on lowering the TRP ratings.she will surely go mad.
    once again,a popular serial is being hacked.
    why can she not give normal lives to normal people.?
    her permutation & combination factors with couples is going to go crazy.she is commiting hara-kiri(sucide) of an engaging it dragging or murdering the plot?
    no wonder ,she cannot hold on long to a good story.

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