4 days and already 30 TV watchers leading the leaderboards :-)

It’s just 4 days since we launched our new website with the unique concept- “WIN rewards for watching TV” and we already have 30 TV viewers “Tuning in” everyday and getting in to various Leaderboards- check it our here. (Note: You can only see top 5 players but there are 10 players in each leaderboard).

This is going to be very interesting. If you watch TV, you are also invited to discover your favorite TV shows and movies on iDubba and get a chance to WIN TV related rewards every month.

  1. Join iDubba.
  2. Go to a show/movie page. For e.g. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.
  3. If you wish either Set a Reminder or click on “Tune in” button to indicate that you like to watch that show.
  4. Get points for every Tune in or Reminder set.
  5. Based on the genre of Show or Movie get into the Leaderboards to win TV credits at the end of month.

Join now!! 🙂

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Co-founder at: idubba.com "A solution for India’s television industry to get insights and analytics about televised content via the idubba’s social TV platform." rabi[at]idubba.com

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