Announcement: Best of iDubba is here- now rewards you for watching TV!!

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Fall in Love with your TV. Again!!

Yes, that’s the premise with which iDubba is revealing it’s new avatar today. And boy, are we happy? Well, getting super enthusiastic and positive feedback from our early beta users has certainly made us excited. At iDubba we have been continuously trying to launch smaller versions with various features which TV viewers might like, collecting feedback and gaining experience in the process. Last year we were inducted by “The Morpheus” in their startup accelerator program where we learnt more about user experience and how users might like to see our product. A group of Angel Investors invested in iDubba at start of this year, reinforcing our belief in the product we were making. Then started the big task of putting all of this together and finally after 3 months and 10 days we are presenting to you- The best version of iDubba, yet!

We have cracked many amazing things during these 3 months (one of this is a revolutionary idea which we’ll release in coming days). There are few super cool things about this new product:

  1. It allows you to discover programs based on easy pictorial browsing. Go to the “Guide” page and checkout how much fun it is to browse through more than 11000 programs (English/Hindi) running on TV.
  2. Check out our star feature- iAlerts. One of it’s kind feature which gives you the flexibility to set intelligent alerts for TV programs. For e.g. You can set an alert for any Aamir Khan movie on TV or any movie with Rahman’s music or any Movie with IMDB rating greater than 8.0 or whenever Live Soccer happens. Possibilities are endless here.
  3. And yes! We now reward TV addicts for watching TV. Don’t believe us? Well check out this reward page. This is fun and competitive; every month you watch TV, Tune-in to programs on iDubba and get on various Leaderboards (yes, we have leaderboards for different genres so that everyone can play and win). At the end of month all 90 leaders (10 leaders from each leaderboard) get redeemable TV credits.

In addition to these features you can get cool TV program suggestions, watch Videos of your favorite programs right inside the show page, search programs using Tags, share on Facebook/Twitter, check out Channel schedules, check out activities done by other users and their profiles. And yea, Rajnikanth might greet you as well, after you login 😉

So what are you waiting for, check out the new version and tell us if it’s the BEST or not? 🙂

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