New trick by TV Channels- “We will be back in- 2:00 minutes”

Have you lately seen almost all Movie channels including this small text (just below the logo), as soon as Advertisements start- “We will be back in 2:00 minutes” or “Time remaining: 1:39 minutes”? This trend started with Movie channels but was seen as a latest edition by Star Plus during the telecast of Movie “Rockstar”. As far as I remember UTV Action was the first Channel to introduce this (although this is based on my experience and not a confirmed data) and then almost all channels started showing this. HBO has been doing a similar but not exactly the same thing- “Harry Potter (Or some movie) starts in 1:15 minutes”.

Now I don’t know who actually thought about this idea but this seems to be catching up with everyone. Including this small text as soon as advertisement starts triggers two kinds of behavior

  1. If Ads are less than 2 minutes, viewers become too lazy to switch the channel in fear of missing out the Movie.
  2. If Ads are of larger time period viewers comfortably switch the channel without the fear that they will miss out the movie.

For e.g. in UTV Action the ad slot is around 5-8 minutes but I can easily switch the channel because I know they won’t start the movie before letting me know- “2 minutes to start”.

You might not have noticed but this makes your silly idiotic TV- “interactive“. It’s a very basic form of interaction but none-the-less it’s an interaction. Other intelligent thing movie channels did some time back was including Movie name when the movie is playing.

These small things make TV viewing fun to watch, as it makes us feel important and smart.

As a viewer, do you think this has made you to watch more movies on TV off-lately?

5 thoughts on “New trick by TV Channels- “We will be back in- 2:00 minutes”

  1. They have also started the concept of ONE BREAK MOVIE 🙂 This is a real welcome change and surely the audience will be the real winner and end up glued to the television sets. ZEE Cinema also has a particulat slot where they show ad-free movies.

  2. They sure are clever! And yes, the addition of the movie title is good because a lot of people still don’t have the DTH technology where the program title pops up.. real good stuff! Nice observation.

    • Not to mention subtitles too! But sometimes they kill the originality and fun.. I’m not in very strong favor of subtitles but I’m sure it helps Indian audience 🙂

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