Pritam has done it again…”Got Inspired”

Pritam Chakraborty, better known as Pritam is a music director and composer. He is known for his contribution in the music of bollywood movies. And also know as someone who copies (gets inspired) from several other hit tracks. Pritam has been constantly involved in Copyright violation controversies and has been accused of plagiarizing most of his popular tracks.He was recently accused by an Iranian band Barobax Corp for copying their song  (‘Pyaar ki pungi’ ) and using it in his latest releases of the movie Agent Vinod.  And as always Pritam states that his work is “inspired” from the works of other composers and artists.

He has produced musical hits like Life In a Metro, Hat Trick, Just Married, Bhagaam Bhaag, Dhoom 2, Bas Ek Pal, Woh Lamhe, Apna Sapna Money Money, Naksha, Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Ankahee, Gangster, Fight Club, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Garam Masala, Chocolate: Deep Dark Secrets and Agent Vinod being his latest success.

Interestingly we have a list for you of some of the songs he has got inspired from aka Copied 😉 


1. Shikdum (from movie Dhoom) – Original source: Turkish singer Tarkan’s ‘Sikidim’

2.Dhoom machale Dhoom (from movie Dhoom) – Original source: Fusion of two songs Jesse Cook’s ‘Mario takes a walk’ and Egyptian singer Amr Diab’s Enta Ma Oltesh Leh

3.Janm Bhoomi pe jaan lutate hain (From movie Agnipankh) – Original source: Abrar-ul-haq’s ‘December’


1. Zahreeli raatein (Chocolate) – Original source: ‘Aadat’ from Jal

2.Bheega bheega sa ye (Chocolate) – Original source: Abrar-ul-haq’s ‘December’

3.Halka halka sa ye nasha (Chocolate) – Original source: Jesse Cook’s ‘Breeze from Saintes Maries

4.Dil samundar (Garam Masala) – Original source: Turkish singer Tarkan’s ‘Kuzu kuzu’

5.Chori Chori dil le gaya (Garam masala) – Original source: Dr Zeus/ Balwinder Safri’s ‘Hai rabba’

6. Ada janlewa ada (Garam masala) – Original source: Amr Diab’s ‘Ana’

7.Falak dekhoon (Gram masala) – Original source: Fusion of two songs Amr Diab’s Wala Ala Balo (prelude) & Sadda’ny Khalas (main tune)

8. Jhoom (Ek khiladi ek haseena) – Original source: Britney Spears’ commercial for Pepsi, ‘Joy of Pepsi’

9. Akhiyaan Na Maar mere yaar (Ek khiladi ek haseena) – Original source: Waris Baig’s ‘Challa’

10. Jal Jal Ke (Ek khiladi ek haseena) – Original source: Yuri Mrakadi’s ‘Arabiyon Ana’.


1. Chhoren ki baatein (Fight Club) – Original source: Ali Zafar’s ‘Channo ki aankhen

2. Joshilay jawan ho (Fight Club) – Original source: Egyptian singer Ihab (Ehab) Tawfik’s ‘Allah alek ya siedi’

3. Bheegi bheegi (Gangster) – Original source: Mohiner Ghoraguli’s ‘Prithibi’

4. Lamha lamha (Gangster) – Original source: Waris Baig’s ‘Kal shab dekha maine’

5.Tu hi meri shab hai subah hai (Gangster) – Original source: Oliver Shanti & Friends ‘Sacral Nirvana’

6.Ya ali (Gangster) – Original source: Guitara’s ‘Ya ghaly’

7.Ankahee (Ankahee) – Original source: Boney M’s ‘Somewhere in the world

8.Is this love (Pyar ke side effects) – Original source: Paul Anka’s ‘A-mi-manera’

9. Kya mujhe pyar hai (Wo lamhe) – Original source: Indonesian band Peterpan’s ‘Tak bisakah’

10.Hai ishq (Bas ek pal) – Original source: Yuri Mrakadi’s ‘Arabiyon Ana’

11.Tu jo Nahin hai to (Wo lamhe) – Original source: Sunny Benjamin John’s (SB John) ‘Tu jo Nahin hai to’

12.Dil mein baje guitar (Apna sapna money money) – Original source: Middle Eastern group, Miami Band’s ‘Sheloha shela’

13.Aa paas aa (Ankahee) – Original source: Ottmar Liebert’s ‘Starry nite’

14.Signal pyar ka signal (Bhagam Bhag) – Original source: Trinidadian Soca’s ‘Signal for Lara’

15.Afreen (Bhagam Bhag) – Original source: Cheb Mami’s ‘Viens Habibi’

16. Jaane kya (Pyar ke side effects) – Original source: Hadiqa Kiyani’s ‘Mahi’

17.Chal chale (Wo Lamhe) – Original source: From bandThe Seekers ‘A World of our own’


1. Jaane kaise (Raqeeb) – Original source: Amr Diab’s ‘Allem albi’

2. Channa ve channa (Raqeeb) – Original source: Rahim Shah Channa ve

3. In dino (Metro) – Original source: Waqar Ali’s ‘Mera naam hai mohobbat’

4.Oh meri jaan (Metro) – Original source: Amr Diab’s ‘Ba’ed el Layali’

5. Tikhi tikhi (Speed) – Original source: Tarkan’s ‘Dudu’

6.Hare ram hare ram (Bhool bhulaiya) – Original source: Bill Hailey’s ‘My lecon’

7.Baatein kuch ankahee si (Life in a Metro) – Original source: Korean song, ‘Ah Reum Dah Oon Sa Ram’ by Seo Yu Seok’

8.Aao milo chale (Jab we met) – Original source: Peterpan’s ‘Di Belakangku’

9. Yeh ishq hai (Jab we met) – Original source: Anggun’s ‘Être Une Femme’

1.Pehli Nazar mein kaisa (Race) – Original source: Kim Hyung-sub’s ‘Sarang hae yo’

2.Zara zara (Race) – Original source: Lee-Hom Wang’s ‘Deep within the Bamboo grove’

3.Haanji (Kidnap) – Original source: Sukshinder Shinda’s ‘Punjabi Clap’

1.Hai junoon (New York) – Original source: Indonesian band Samsons’ song, ‘Naluri Lelaki’

2.Haughty Naughty (De dana dhan) – Original source: Haryanvi song, ‘Hat ja tau’ by singer Vijay Dahiya.

Well as we all know his songs are normally a hit but do you think this is the right way to get the love and affection from the audience? Do you care that he copies music from other artists? Or are you more keen to just dance to the tunes that he makes? The real irony is that he is still part of the industry and also gets movies after movies to showcase his copying talent. Hope that some day he actually gets inspired with himself and comes up with a original number soon.

Happy Listening and Viewing 😉

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