iDubba beta user: Join us if you are a TV addict!

Are you Addicted to TV i.e. watch it daily? If yes, iDubba can give you free DTH recharge every month.

Details: Watch TV programs anytime, then visit to Tune in to those shows. Discover interesting new shows and share them to help others. Get free TV recharge every month (also a chance to WIN DTH connections and LCD TVs).

What you need to do:

  • You are expected to use the website at least 3 days a week (15 minutes every day), the more you use better are the chances of Winning rewards.
  • You also need to report bugs in case you find any.
  • Get directly in touch with iDubba founders in case of any feedback and give reasons if you don’t feel using iDubba any more.

What will you get?

  • Personal assistance and tips to understand how to use iDubba to WIN free recharges every month.
  • A go ahead in the game being an early adopter.
  • A strong community of 30-40 beta test users. We will also organize free lunches for you 🙂
  • A sneak-preview of what’s ahead. Hint: we are going to launch a path-breaking product which will change how you experience TV.

Send your email ID and/or phone number to rabi[at]idubba[dot]com if you want to join as a beta test user. Or please share this with friends who you think would like to join 🙂

Thanks everyone…

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Co-founder at: "A solution for India’s television industry to get insights and analytics about televised content via the idubba’s social TV platform." rabi[at]

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