Are you bored by Celebrity Endorsements?

Dhoni Selling Engine Oil, Sachin selling Inverters, Virat Kohli selling watches and bikes and so on…The list is endless! As you know there are lot of advertisements that are featuring celebrities and to add to it, they are charging crores for the same. Almost every other product is marketed using celebrities and at times it is gets so confusing that you end up thinking who is promoting what.

The most important thing is that the celebrity should be able to connect with the consumer and in this process celebrities’ credibility also comes into picture. The consumer should have a credible belief that the celebrity would be interested in buying and using the product. But there are also times when celebrities distract attention from the message being conveyed. The best example for this is Katrina Kaif in Slice ad, this ad increases the glam factor but the audience hardly focuses on the product and diverts the entire attention on the actress.

Who can forget advertisements, featuring stars like Tabassum (Prestige pressure cookers), Jalal Agha (Pan Parag), Kapil Dev (Palmolive Shaving Cream) and Sunil Gavaskar (Dinesh Suitings). They were classics and one could easily relate these products with the stars promoting these products. A standard example here is Coke, which, till recently, didn’t use stars at all internationally. But in India it was a first for them. The result was a hit where in we remember Aamir saying “Thanda matlab Coca Cola”.

But there are also times when the product suffers due to the actions, behavior or popularity of a celebrity. Everyone was aware of the fact that Tiger Woods was dropped by Nike as their celebrity brand. And the latest one was Saif Ali Khan with the recent punching episode. So when he says “Have I made it Large” the audience will surely recollect his previous acts (misbehavior). In the recent times the market is flooded with celebrities endorsing many products .

Having a new celebrity every few years doesn’t make sense. Not to forget, today’s consumer is well informed and difficult to impress, and they are only influenced by advertisements that are relevant and provide information. Consumers don’t want to have products pushed at them, even if its from a celebrity. So are you bored by Celebrity Endorsements? Do let us know your favourite brand promoted by a Celebrity 🙂

Happy Buying… oops.. Happy Viewing.

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