Indian TV Screen coming off age – Really?

Were you ready to watch your first ever lip lock scene on Indian Television? Honestly I wasn’t, may be because I was watching it with family. Also it wasn’t just a lip lock but almost a 20 minute ‘love making’ scene which was way too bolder for Indian audience. Yes we are talking about the much hyped “love making” scene between Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar, the lead pair on a popular soap ‘Bade Ache Lagte Hain’ currently aired on Sony Entertainment television.

Sony tv had been airing steamy promos of this episode since last 2 weeks before they actually aired the episode and gave a shock to the ‘regular’ people, and by regular I mean family who sit together to watch something sensible and definitely less controversial. Many of you might not agree with us and call us hypocrites for not accepting something which is so natural. However I would definitely want to ask this question to our loyal audience that was it really necessary to show the on screen couple consummate their wedding by showing what actually happens between two people when they have sex. And that too with complete 20 minutes (that is whole one episode minus the advertisements) coverage just to show that how happily they accomplished their marital relationship. What are the channel’s producers exactly trying to prove here?

We really believe in progressing and strongly believe that Indian television is certainly coming off age breaking the shackles of monotonous soap opera concepts with same old saas-bahu sagas. But there are many other sane ways to do it rather than showing something on tv which puts you in an embarrassing situation in front of people with whom you watch it.

I have nothing against the show and definitely want to mention it that I follow the show ardently because of the freshness it brought from the usual soap operas of Indian television. Also I am not condemning the idea of showing ‘love making’ between the on screen couple, in fact I agree that it was the requirement of script and the show to take a major turn now. But what I am trying to prove here is that it could have been portrayed in a way which was more aesthetically comfortable for the audience.

As soon as the episode was over the next thing we knew was that the lead couple Ram and Sakshi were trending on the social networking site ‘twitter’. Mostly made jokes about the weight issues of Ram Kapoor which is more disheartening to see. Many poked fun asking for the link for the video of ‘Ram and Sakshi having sex’. Do we really need all this cheap drama or a good show which was admired anyway before this over hyped scene?

We will leave you with this thought and would definitely love to know your opinion about the same.

10 thoughts on “Indian TV Screen coming off age – Really?

  1. Well, Audiences in India need to really grow… why make such hullaboo and rant abt it, At one time you openly watch Hollywood movies which are way to bold and then you criticize about the same stuff…

    Would have appreciated if you could have talked about the Protagonists performances.. Its time we open our tabooed mind and come out of the space and be mature enough to accept this, Must say it was a very gutsy decision by the production house. I wouldn’t say it was Cheap.. yes for a television audiences it was sensuous, but then, when one can watch Big Boss and all those gali galoch and abusive stuff, i don’t think there should be any problem in accepting this.

    • hmm.. on the contrary my view is people know what to expect from programs like Bigg Boss or Roadies. But something like this on a show which families watch sitting together is a bit odd and looks like a publicity stunt. It’s like Ekta Kapoor suddenly got this idea and experimented it overnight!!

    • well agreed that audience in India need to grow but our only point was that taking such bold steps only portray it as a publicity gimmick. Also if it would have been shown in a more subtle way even then it was fine. otherwise even we agree with you that the lead actors have given good performances not just in the scene but in the whole show.

  2. Mehak, I completely agree with the point you’ve raised. I follow this serial ‘coz it was very different, lets say realistic in its approach, its characterization. Specially considering that it portrays the mind-set of 2 30+ people the age group i belong it – it was a reflection of how independent a thought my generation holds.

    I think its not just about getting uncomfortable while watching with the entire family. Its also about – do we in our lives believe in public display of intense affection, i mean love making and sex? No right?

    I knew what was coming, not that i watch all episodes, but i skipped watching this episode – mainly not to lose my respect for this production. Also, if Ram and Priya sound so bloody responsible wrt their families, otherwise – how can they have sex while Priya’s sister just had a wardrobe malfunction? Lame no?

    • completely agree with u Nandini on almost every point…and yes there are in fact a lot of lame instances on the show just like this wardrobe malfunction. also i just had one strong point that we as Indian audience are yet not ready for public display of affection, love making or sex!!

      • Isn’t it possible that you represent a select portion of the Indian audience? There may be several others with an opposing point of view. I am not being dismissive of the fact that perhaps some of us are uncomfortable watching or engaging in public display of affection. But for those who complained about how uncomfortable it was watching this episode with their family (kids/parents) after it aired I respectfully ask: Didn’t you guys watch the promos that had gone viral for almost 2 weeks before this episode? The channel and the producers of the show even told you WHEN the scenes would be aired! Knowing your own sensitivities, why in the world would you watch it in a setting that would cause you to be uncomfortable? And then complain about how it offended you; that, I truly don’t get.The show didn’t create that uncomfortable situation for you; you yourself did by choosing to watch it in a setting that wasn’t ideal for you. It isn’t fair to expect that every show you like will cater to your particular preferences when there are plenty of people out there with a different point of view; people who thought there was nothing vulgar about the love-making scene between Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar -that it was beautifully, aesthetically shot. And this comes from one who is not an overly ardent fan of either the channel or the producer!
        Bottom line: I don’t think it is fair for either faction of the audience to ‘admonish’ the preferences of the other. It is wrong for folks who were comfortable watching the episode to tell others to “simply grow up”. It is equally wrong for people who were uncomfortable watching the episode to expect it to be toned down to match their sensitivities when they had plenty of warning that it was coming and could have avoided creating an uncomfortable situation for themselves.

  3. This was certainly done to gain all the attention & set a new trend on Indian tv. They knew a big hype would be created & they were successful in doing that 😛

    Newspapers, twitter, fb – everywhere it was just the show that was talked about. Also Ram Kapoor even trended worldwide on Twitter 😛

    So no matter we call it , the show makers were successful in getting what they wanted.. At the end , it is about how many viewers watch the show ;). And trust me, people who didnot even have a clue about the show tuned in that day !!

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