What makes FIR so special?

FIR…These 3 letters are known as “First Information Report” which the Indian police prepares for each case to be investigated. But the Indian Television audience might disagree with this. For them FIR is a super hit serial that has been aired on SAB TV since 2006. Yes it’s been on the television screen since 2006. And guess what? This sitcom was also nominated for the “Best Sitcom/Comedy Programme” category at the Indian Telly Awards in 2009.

Let’s get back to the main characters of the show that make it successful. Chandramukhi Chautala role played by Kavita Kaushik, the moment you take this name there is a sense of a no-nonsense cop. Well she is actually a no-nonsense cop but manages to play this fun-loving, romantic Haryanvi cop. She is young, educated, informed and well-built and not to forget beautiful. She plays the role of a police sub-inspector in the Iman Chowki and has a central role in solving the cases. She is known for her manly nature and bossy attitude towards her colleagues. Did you know Kavita Kaushik’s father was a police officer in real life? In the serial she is from Haryana who speaks with a Haryanvi accent.

The best part is that she never fails to solve a case. And does not miss a chance to boss around with her 2 juniors and not to forget her boss, the police inspector. This character is played by Aamir Ali who is known as Inspector Bajrang Pandey in the show. This character was earlier played by Ali Asgar for last 2 years. This character has a unique role as he is one who is interested in girls, but has to stay away from them as his guru told him that he would die if he got married. The police inspector’s role is later played by other actors as the inspectors keep on getting transferred to other police stations.

Who can miss the 2 craziest characters in the serial ie Gopinath Gandotra played by Gopi Bhalla. He plays the role of an aged constable and rarely plays an important role in solving the cases. He is often scolded by Chandramukhi upon his silly comments and mistakes while he tries to speak in very bad English.

Some of his most used phrases are-

Ya this one”, “carry on” 🙂 Following are some of his crazy dialogues: “What is the problem is the, Delhi me airport palam is the”, “What is the matter is the, can I send you letter is the”, “Hame karni chahiye iski sahayata is the, warna phail jayega raita is the”, “What is the name is the, Kanpur me traffic jam is the” and many more.


The second constable is Mulayam Singh Gulgule, played by Kiku Sharda. He is the one who always ends up being slapped by Chandramukhi Chautala. As and when the serial progresses there are some of the most rowdy characters that enter the show and this in turn ensures that the audience have a laugh riot.

So what makes FIR so Special? Is it Chandramukhi Chautala or Inspector Bajrang Pandey or the 2 constables or the rowdiest characters? As always looking forward to your views on the same.

Happy Viewing!!!

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