Would you hire KD Pathak for your Court Case?

Those who are watching this show will surely say “YES”. And those who are not, well do try to watch the show! Did you know that KD has not lost a single case .. Till Date. You might ask who is KD !! He is better know as ‘Advocate K.D Pathak’. You might recollect him as Mr Rishabh Bajaj and Mihir Virani. He has also been referred as the Amitabh Bachchan of small screen. Adaalat is a show about KD Pathak, a sophisticated, witty and yet unconventional lawyer as he can get his clients out of the tightest of situations. But most importantly KD stands not for his client, but for Justice. Did I mention that he is a quick thinker as well…!!!

Well he has this habit to get into cases where everyone has given up on the accused and when all the doors are shut. He has an amazing eye for detail and an never ending thirst for knowledge. He always seems to know enough about every profession, and what he doesn’t know he covers up with his smartness.

They say that KD can do the impossible as no one can see the case from the angle KD does. He has managed to win most complex of all cases and with every new case the interest level of the audience also rises. He manages to dig for loopholes in the prosecution’s and manages to turn the entire case around. The show had started back in November 2010 and has recently completed 100+ episodes. It is getting popular amongst the audience who have glued on the some amazing cases. And the writers of the show have managed to bring in interesting characters episode after episode.

So are you ready to get on with the court proceedings? Don’t worry, all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the show. Do let us know your favourite cases and your favourite characters in the show. Watch Adaalat on Sat and Sun at 8:00pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

Happy Viewing.

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